Aberfan: The Green Hollow

Oct. 24th, 2016 12:43 pm
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CW Child Death.

The Green Hollow

Presented without comment, as no comment would be sufficient.
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So we have any number of huge societal problems going on. The one I'm immediately addressing is the lack of a decent health-care system in the United States; the audience I'm talking to is one of the directors of Health Care for All Oregon, a statewide activist group. We've already talked about this informally and he emphatically agrees with me that HCAO needs to recruit a lot of grass-roots-level activists, and that we're currently having trouble doing so because our approach to getting things done isn't exciting to them. We need to build coalition with other groups dealing with other aspects of the same problem; as I put it to him in our recent conversation "It doesn't matter whether you're driven out of society by poor health care, employment issues, housing issues, or environmental degradation, any route to the poorhouse is a bad one." He agreed.

So *one* of the things I'm doing is preparing a list of the current issues -- already done, I find 16 so far -- and the activist groups that are doing something about each issue. I haven't prepared that latter list yet, but I've volunteered for the majority of those groups and know who they are. But the standard organizational approach of going to each of those groups and proposing coalition with them would have horrible results even if it succeeds.

HCAO is trying to get people to do some specific things -- call their legislators, ask candidates to take positions, things like that. The boots-on-the-ground activists they want to recruit are mostly just as motivated by all the other issues on the list, and are more likely to get excited about building relationships with their neighbors and co-workers if they are aware of an underlying central organizing principle for all this activity -- or, at least, such is *my* belief.

I'm running out of attention; this ain't done yet but I'm going to post anyway.


Oct. 19th, 2016 05:00 am
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I've got several friends who are trans activists, who are generally amused by my efforts at trying to understand this element of their identities. I also have an ex-boss who identifies as trans, whose existence would give most of said friends severe problems if they had to interact with it. And as they are *extremely* activist, this is likely to eventually occur. ("They" here refers to the ex-boss, not the friends, as they have expressed a profound preference for plural pronouns, and I place a high value on being polite even to people whose deservedness of such politeness is dubious.)

See, trans people are first and foremost *people*, and people come in an endless variety. And the reason said boss is an *ex*-boss is that their primary characteristic is amoral opportunism, which I object to sufficiently strenuously that I felt I had to quit that job. In fact, their "all for one and I'm the one" behavior leads me to believe that they opted to identify as trans for no reason *other* than political expediency -- to have another 'victim' card to play, so that any argument could be turned into "You're only disagreeing with me because I'm trans and you're a bigot!" instead of "I'm disagreeing with you because I think your opinion is incorrect."

I am endlessly and deeply fascinated with the workings of human identity. I observe me to be me, and I have a lot of data as to how I got to be that way, but I don't have nearly as good data on how *you* got to be *you*. Since some substantial parts of me came into existence as the result of conscious and deliberate decisions on my part, I see no reason why my ex-boss's trans identity should be considered 'un-genuine' or contrived simply because they came into being due to a conscious decision based on personal advantage. Or, to speak more accurately, if their identity *is* contrived, so what?

Gay folks have already had to deal with this enough times that we can generally and culturally accept that some gay people being jerks doesn't mean that other gay people are jerks because they're gay. Or black people, or non-theistic people, or what have you. But for newly-emerging identities, this is a real risk.
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Monday was a quiet day. I had dinner with Purple. It was unremarkable, other than the way I was a little sneezy.

A little sneezy turned into explosively sneezy and then my sinuses were an impassable wall of woe. I got approximately three hours sleep, out of 7+ horizontal.

Tuesday was not a great day. I realized that I should not be driving anywhere. I also had a care package to send, a package to pick up, and building plumbing problems. I made the best of it, and walked to the post office to grab a shipping box.

On the way there, the sleep department in Oakland called me to let me know that they saw that I had an appointment in SSF, did I want to take that appointment in Oakland too? I wasn't near the computer, so I had no idea; I wasn't expecting the call, and I had three hours of sleep. I had no idea, and very little vocabulary to put things together. I informed them to email me.

I sent a care package of old tech off to my Gentle Caller. The great thing about flat rate boxes is, it's the same price to send a small box with three bits of old electronics as it is to send that same box with three bits of old electronics, two plastic bracelets with a plastic recorder and a plastic maraca each, a baggie of glitter, and a handful of dark chocolate.

And that was only Tuesday. )

State of many things

Oct. 15th, 2016 01:29 pm
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State of the Writing:
I posted a bunch of fics, but have a few more that only need a little bit of work. (Sanctuary wing-fic, this one X-Men/Sanctuary fic I've had hanging around, that Warehouse 13 fic that I thought was finished but actually had [put kiss here] in the body of the text, ffs.)

I'm going to try for a finish-a-thon this Nano. I just totted up my works in progress:
- Post-Winter-Soldier Save Bucky fic now jossed by, I think, four MCU movies, 55K
- Person of Interest 5 Things, with 3/5 of the things done, 15K
- Person of Interest post S5 fixit, 36K
- Person of Interest Sentinel/Guide fic I should never have started but it's so addictive, 5K
- Dracula 2013 Lucy/Mina/Grayson fic 6K
- Original fic, Boarding House of Together They Solve Crime, 50K

That's 167K of unfinished business, holy shit. That's not right. Something has to change here. I think I'm staging an intervention on myself.

Yuletide assignments were super early this year, huh? Mine is great - I'm excited about getting started on that, plus the letter reads like I wrote it. We're obviously very in sync, my recipient and I. For myself, I got my letter in right on the buzzer - Dear Author.

And I have a pinch hit for [community profile] femslashex that I absolutely need to get cracking on. Now.

State of the Garden:
- celery going strong
- snow peas starting to take off
- weird crinkly spinach in that stage where the more you pick, the more grows
- broccolini is down to one plant, but it still has... brockles?
- bok choy gone (it was a really good winter crop though.)
- seeds for button squash, butternut pumpkin, green zebra tomato, apple cucumber and leek are tiny but strong
- 2 zucchini seedlings are in and planning their strategic advance on the house
- coriander is going
- we put in some beetroot seedlings, mostly because apparently the greens are nice in salad? IDK.

State of the Me:
- I hurt my shoulder and the physiotherapist uttered the dread incantation 'rotator cuff'. It's not too bad, just inflamed, definitely not torn, but I'm being extra careful. I feel like I'm in a bad Victorian novel, always checking that my shoulder blades are down and back.
- The plebiscite on same sex marriage went down in flames, thank goodness, but that and world events in general have left me feeling fairly hopeless about the future. I'm still trying to get over the discovery that I live in a world where #nottheonion is a thing we need when reading news.
- I'm feeling generally flat and uncommunicative but I am trying to push out of it. I have NaNo write-ins I want to attend in Geelong. I've scoped out the locale, it looks nice and fairly accessible. I'm still nervous about it. Socialising is nervewracking, even when I want to do it.
- Pokemon Go is giving me life. Even though fewer people are playing, it takes the edge of my anxiety when I go to a new place, because I can scope out the poke-landscape.

State of the Cats:
Spring is here and we opened a window )
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It's a standard SF time-travel trope; go back in time and kill Hitler, make the world better.

Spider Robinson, in the story "the Mick of Time," does it differently. His character goes back in time and hires a hooker for the evening, thus taking her out of the way of a police raid and saving her from serious injury.

What changes of history could we implement by being *nice* to somebody? Instead of shooting Hitler, get him into art school. 1933 rolls around, instead of being a political rabble-rouser he's a moderately successful artist.

I'm interested to hear y'all's thoughts. What other point in history could be deeply remade by being nice to somebody at exactly the right time?

Yuletide 2016 Letter

Oct. 11th, 2016 10:41 pm
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Dear Author-

First, I'm going to apologize, as I should have put something up in my sign up. But I didn't. So feel no guilt if you ignore all of this.

On all fandoms: I'm really easy to please. I'm happy to get a story. I love crackfic, crossovers, and weird and wacky hijinks. Write to your strengths. I've loved deep and sincere and heart breaking stories. I've loved creative media stories. And 10 years later, "To the rape rack Cheer Bear" is still a catch phrase.

In order:

1. Dark is Rising. I requested Will and Merriman Lyon as characters, but I welcome anyone else showing up, and any relationship that you want to put together. The central question of the series to me is that of a lot of epic fantasy: When you save the world at 11, what else is there for you to do?

Or what are you doing during the gaps in the story?

2. Whybourne & Griffen: The ladies of a creepy little murder town are generally all awesome, and each specializes in something unique. I'm excited to see what happens with them. Does Persephone and Maggie's slow motion romance happen? Can Christine be tutored in the use of underwater spears? Will Heliabel ever figure out how to get water proof storage for books?

I'm open to any thing, any pairing or none.

3. Lively St. Lemeston Series. Please don't split up any canon pairings? Other than that, what happens when Ash starts to get involved in elections, how does the political fate of the village change in the years after the events of the books. Excellent chance for something fluffy.

4. Tingleverse-Chuck Tingle. I feel that this is anything goes time. Also an excellent chance for a crossover of any sort. 20k hard core serious epic of pounding in the ass?


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