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It's amazing how much time I have in a weekend, now that I'm only asleep for 33% of it, not 50% of it.
I can, in fact, survive (computer-wise) for an entire weekend on only mobile devices, provided that one of them is an iPad. Although technically a laptop is mobile.
D is a precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. I fear for her. #BSG S1
The Jacket of Holding will not pack itself. There are things that go in its pockets.
Don't forget to take or bring your pills in the morning, despite the presence of that pill fob on your keychain. That's there in case you actually forget, or get stranded overnight somewhere.
We already took out the trash, but it wouldn't hurt to put a bag in the kitchen trash on the way out.
The envelope is in your bag; please try to go to the bank if you're up early enough.
Check outside the door, to see if there are any other suspicious-looking spiders trying to take up residence.
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Thursday night: poodle. He's malfunctioning slightly (being 10 by now) and is now on 4x daily pills.
In the middle of the night I woke up with sensory hell due to my hands itching, enough so that I went home to get a pair of gloves to deal with it.

Work was somewhat surreal. lb got the new IRC server set up under his desk, and a few of us poked around on it and made sure it was stable before inviting everyone over. He sent messages in all the channels about what was up, and prepared to do the swap after lunch.

Since I'd been in early, I opted for earlier lunch, and with lb's table. I advised Purple of my plans, and he thought that sounded like a good idea, and decided to join as well.

Mr. Wizard Beard had been at lunch also; afterwards, he offered to show Purple some hardware in his server room, and asked if I'd like to come see as well.

This was my first time inside a full-blown server room. I'd peeked into a room in which there were a few racks which housed some of before, but that was a room with a couple racks. This is a room with rows and aisles and at least three ginormous cabinet air conditioning units. Mr. Wizard Beard explained some of the provenance of the servers: this one is from that vendor, the other one is from the other one, and they wanted to do X but then plans changed, and now they're doing Y, and we had to do something else with X hardware...

The door has a sign on the outside: NO FOOD. NO LIQUIDS. Read more... )
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The internet is out at work, which is bad because I can't order more yarn have ready access to important medical information that could potentially save a life.

It's a paradox: on the one hand, I have no distractions and can write this post, but on the other hand, I don't know how I can post it. [ETA: Answer: briefly tethered to phone, and wow, is this novelty wearing off fast.] But I have four fairly long fics open in tabs which was pretty clever of me. And not at all because I hoard tabs.

In other news, Australia launched a satellite this morning to improve internet access to rural areas. Climb, little satellite, climb! (Actually, we are apparently in an area that's going to get the cable, so it probably won't help us much. But still! Internet from the sky!)

Five things about Blindspot 1.01 )

Agents of SHIELD is back, and my [ profile] marvel_bang fic was both jossed and kripked, which was interesting and a little bizarre.

Five things about Agents of SHIELD 3.01 )

It's such a beautiful day. Too beautiful to have no internet. I have linkspams, but they are lost, lost to me. /maximum dramaz. Oh, man, the dispense computer is down now. I will have to handwrite the labels for a while. *cracks knuckles*
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The guys came and fixed my stove while I was at work yesterday.

Caller: Azure Lunatic
Priority: High
OK to enter? YES
Category: Appliance
Access notes: I'm unlikely to be awake before 10 or 11 am.
Problem description: The breaker for my stove tripped while I was baking.

Technician Notes
Time: 2:00 pm
Date: 9-29-15
Material: Replaced bad oven receptacle light (shorted) and reset breaker

The weird thing is, this exact same stove had this exact same problem several Novembers ago.

Work IRC

Sep. 30th, 2015 01:12 am
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I have advanced from a little shaky to tired and somewhat headachey, but!

I am yet again the person who stuck their neck out about infrastructure stuff. As the somewhat inevitable result, I have been voluntold as the person who is now responsible for the workplace IRC server.

Mr. Wizard Beard has been involved, to find a corner on a box. (Mr. Wizard Beard is the person who will stab you if you drop one crumb in the server room that lives in the back corner of the office building that lb, Purple, and radius are all in.)

There are several retired IRC admins who spend time on the server, who might be bribed out of retirement with chocolate and/or jellybeans.

The existing VM has been up for nearly 2 years now with scarcely a bobble, so that aspect of it seems least likely to attract trouble.

Schedule, and writing

Sep. 29th, 2015 03:26 pm
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So because I'm super terrible at doing things with no deadline I've been contemplating making myself weekly schedule of all the things I want to do and keep failing to get to. It's funny because when I was a kid somebody told my parents I needed more structure, apparently it's true, except that with externally imposed structures it's too easy for me to see the arbitrariness and refute them. I apparently need internally imposed arbitrary structures, I guess. The current iteration of weekly schedule I'm contemplating looks something like:

Sunday: relax, read fanfic
Monday: bake or batch cook (to be replaced by jobhunting after I have done the schedule a week and am okay with the idea of the schedule) (cooking tends to happen on its own, I do get sufficient satisfaction from it to compel myself to do it without a scheduled day)
Tuesday: writing
Wednesday: vidding
Thursday: quilting
Friday: alternate between mending day and cleaning the bathroom top to bottom
Saturday: Knitting for me (there was a knitting for other people item on Friday, but knitting for other people tends to happen without the schedule because those have holiday deadlines mostly, and this list is for items that I want to do but I'm not getting done)

So I looked at the list today to see what I was going to be doing and trying to figure out writing freaked me out and I wanted to switch the days around to do quilting today or something. I think it's okay to alter the schedule for like, workflow reasons? Like I am considering making Saturday the relaxing day and putting a doing something item on Sunday because Saturday my roommates are home from work and I am likely to hang out with them and not do Things, versus on Sunday they are at work and some of these items I feel more comfortable doing without other people around. However I don't think it's okay to change the schedule because on a particular day I don't want to do to thing that's on schedule because if I give into that I will just constantly move the things that I don't want to do into the future and they won't get done and it will thus defeat the purpose of the entire concept.

So even though it's not what I originally meant by writing (I was thinking narrative fiction, probably fanfiction, maybe eventually in the future pro writing, scripts for things I want to produce, when that concept terrifies me less) I decided that writing this entry that's all meta about writing would be my stab at writing for the day. Yay success.

Part of the reason writing narrative fiction caused me to freak out was that I can't pick which story to write. And then part of it is I have notes for different stories, disorganized, stashed in years' worth chat logs, and occasionally I start the project of sorting through chat logs for all the stories or a specific story but it's such a gargantuan project and it doesn't feel like actually writing, prose is not produced. I think it's okay to write a story out of order (although I've never really done so) so I'm going to try to give myself permission to, if I find a scene notated in a chat log that grabs me, translate it into the narrative prose on the spot without finishing the gargantuan project of sorting all the chat logs because I can't finish that project first and then start writing, even though I feel like that's the right order to do things, because doing that just puts off writing indefinitely.

The other thing I want to do today is pick a limited set of all the stories I'm interested in writing, with and eye to limiting how many years of chat logs I need to sort through to get my data. My most recent plotbunny-generating fandoms are Teen Wolf and Cherryh's Foreigner series, and my participation in Teen Wolf extends back a sufficient number of years that I'm not willing to put all of my plotbunnies for that show on this limited list, there's too many, there's too much volume of chat log to go through.

So the stories I'm willing to look at and work on are:

–Wolf wife, a sort of fairytale deconstruction I was working on at the end of last year/beginning of this year which I actually wrote a few thousand words of narrative prose for and planned out to the actual ending. That's only about two months of logs to look through and the existing readable prose might encourage me to write more.
–Bren-daja, an AU of the Foreigner series in which the protagonist is female instead of male, featuring menstruation in science fiction, cross cultural discussions of queerness with aliens, and chocolate smuggling. I don't believe I wrote any narrative prose on this but it's a plotbunny I had this year so all the chat logs should be like January through May, and I think I outlined it all the way to the conclusion as well.
–The Yes Story, a magical allegory on consent and also one manifestation of an archetype of a story I have had plotbunnies for across multiple fandoms, and also a wallow in whumping and hurt/comfort for when I have depressive moments and need something external to be sad about (this happened last month when I was having my downswing, I started thinking about this story and poked chat logs, and had the funny realization that it was much less distressing to focus on the terribleness of Stiles under a curse than to feel like everything in my life was terrible. Especially when I had crying for no reason days. Crying over a story feels much less broken than crying for no reason because depression. So I don't want to focus on this story all the time but I sort of want it to be there when I need it, and to be on this list of stuff I can poke.) These logs go back to April 2013 so that's a longer chunk of data and will be intermixed with other stories like Magic Rituals that I might also get distracted by, but at least this one is also outlined beginning to end. (It actually came into the world fairly fully formed, the first scene I thought very much about was the end when Stiles and Lydia are burning the body and breaking the curse. I was driving from LA to Phoenix and that scene playing in my head was sort of an odd companion, yet still better than when I let my brain wander down dark depressive holes, which it can do when I'm on a long drive alone at night--I need to keep a better collection of audiobooks and radio plays and maybe podcasts for that drive, they're the best distraction from the inside of my own brain.)
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Snake inna box!

Sep. 27th, 2015 03:41 am
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"Yes, I see you have a snake. That's not my snake. I don't have to handle that snake. It doesn't match any of the pictures on my snake box. You shouldn't be handling that snake either, so why are you asking me to build better snake gloves for you? Maybe you should give it to the guy with the box that has the matching picture? I searched through the snake intake logs for snakes matching that picture. I found four of them. None of them were in the right boxes." ... "Oh, I see. When you did put the snake in the box with the matching picture, the guy in charge of that box dumped the snake back on your head? Several times? Perhaps I will go speak with him."

Sometimes I go back through my old locked entries. Sometimes I find things that merely happened on the same day as something sensitive, which got thrown into the locked entry merely based on timing. That was one.

Yuletide Nominations

Sep. 26th, 2015 04:34 am
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... are open.

I have nominated:

Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes
* Narrator (The Pina Colada Song)
* Lady (The Pina Colada Song)

The Changeover - Margaret Mahy
* Laura Chant
* Jacko Chant
* Sorensen Carlisle
* Winter Carlisle

Dwellers in the Crucible - Margaret Wander Bonanno
* Cleante al-Faisal
* T'Shael
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To do:
* Take out trash from little bins
* Take out the Very Large Bag
* Take the bag of bags to the car and put it in the boot
* Vacuum the hall leading into the bathroom
* The sex toys are sufficiently hidden, I think
* tidy the bed so it looks like a bed and not a heap of something
* there is laundry everywhere. make the laundry be only somewhere.

(Tomorrow "the investors" are coming through. I can't wait.)


Sep. 23rd, 2015 10:35 am
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[personal profile] alierak posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
Please accept our apologies if the site was down or responding slowly while you were trying to use it earlier. Several of our servers rebooted unexpectedly, and I've opened a ticket with the hosting company to ask what's going on. As best I can tell everything's working normally now.

Betrayal in the weirdest places

Sep. 23rd, 2015 03:05 am
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In 1999, I was trying college for the first time. (It wouldn't end well, but that was another story.) I was still a Duct Tape Sword Guy, so I had a smallish duct tape sword. It had become a little battered, but my dear friends BJ and Shawn had given it to me, so it had sentimental value. One night I was up late, hanging out with the midnight crowd down in the lobby. I had my duct tape sword with me.

"Hey, can I see that?" some guy asked. He seemed friendly, I'd seen him around, and some of the other guys had had a go with the duct tape sword. I handed it over.

He snapped the duct tape sword over his knee and walked off.

In 2003-ish, I'd broken up with a boyfriend but we were still on good terms, and I'd made friends with lady he was seeing off and on. He babysat for my roommate's kindergarten-ish age kid when there weren't any adults of the household available. He sometimes played around on my computer while he was over.

One day his lady friend IMed me to let me know that while he was on my computer, he'd seen a chat log between her and me that I'd saved to my journal (as was my habit, since I made up for a somewhat flaky memory with electronics, and my journal was the least likely to die a horrible electronic death). He'd read the chat log, broken into her journal, given himself access to a filtered entry of hers, left a wounded comment on the entry, and showed himself out again.

Some years ago, I was having a casual conversation with a close friend. The topic of a mutual mentor came up. "Do you think he's a good man?" they asked me out of the blue. I replied, hedging slightly over a particular character flaw, but I eventually said that I thought he was a good man.

My friend sort of drew up short. "... You don't know," they realized.

At which point I learned some things about this mentor which I will never unlearn.

I thought the social contract would protect my sports equipment. I had no clue that my ex-boyfriend would betray my trust to betray his girlfriend's trust in that way. I had never dreamed that this mentor would have done anything of that sort or to that scale.

I was looking, just now, for the account that someone I know wrote about a conversation she tends to have with friends with kids. The toddler is reluctant to interact, and the parent encourages, apologizes. "Oh, no need to apologize, it's healthy." "Oh, it's not like you're a stranger..." "Fun fact-- ... oh, you didn't know..."

Humans tend to hold on hard to the idea that since you can spot some untrustworthy dickweeds from a mile away, it follows that you should be able to spot most untrustworthy dickweeds with enough observation and vigilance. Never mind that false positives crowd the field, and people are quick to reassure you: Oh, he's fine, he's my friend, he's okay, I'm safe around him so you're safe around him. Never mind that sometimes it's just chance, and a disinclination to carry textbooks, that keeps you from being alone and unobserved in the presence of the wrong person.

Every assessment of trust I make carries two values: my trust of that person on that axis, and my confidence in my assessment.

I trust that this dude will not be extraordinarily reckless with my sword; he probably won't use it to stab passing strangers, but he might whack at me or these guys a bit. Confidence: well, I've only seen him in passing and for a grand total of about 5 minutes, but he doesn't look like a jerk. Call it 60%?

I trust that my ex will take good care of my nephew, and won't allow the apartment to get trashed while I'm gone. I trust that he won't install malware on my laptop. Confidence: we were together for a couple months and I still wanted to keep him as a friend even though the spark wasn't there, so 95%.

I trust that this guy will be a good mentor and teach my group lots of important things about technology. He will probably not straight-up murder us, if the class pisses him off we'll have enough warning to get out of there. Confidence: there have been no previous reports of murder, and he seems friendly when he's having a good day. 80%.

I was right. He didn't stab anybody with my sword. He didn't neglect my nephew or let the cat trash the apartment or install malware. He did teach us a lot of things, and he didn't murder anybody. And I never saw any of it coming.

There have been plenty of people who showed obvious warning signs, and some of them, I never offered the chance to betray my trust. Dude with a history of cheating, perhaps we should not date. Dude who is making various generally violent comments and leering at me on the bus, maybe I'm not going to show you what my actual bus stop is. Girl with the history of bullying, like hell am I going to tell you something personal about myself just because you asked me.

It's the ones who surprise you that you worry about, after.

So there I am at work, and there's a thing and it looks like a little red flag, waving in the breeze. Not a big one, not the sort of banner that you can grab a handful of and wave it at all your friends and say "This is a flag, it's made of nylon or something, it's really shiny and thin and bright red and it will wave in the breeze if you can find a pole to run it up. This is a flag, and it's red." Just a little one. It might even be orange, or brown. You can't quite tell.

What if he turned out to be untrustworthy? says the back of the head, listing off the times that someone with no apparent red flags fucked up your life, for hours or days or years. What accesses does this guy have? What are his powers? How easy would it be to defeat him? You discount the protestations of trust from people who know him, even if they do have a pretty convincing reason for that flag to be there legitimately. You once defended someone who proved themselves unworthy of it. Some people may hide the flags around their friends, and the ones who hide it are more dangerous, because they know what they're doing.

What's the realistic worst-case scenario? the little voice presses. How screwed are we?

Random things:

Sep. 23rd, 2015 01:17 am
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When I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out over Something Or Other, I now have the energy to get up and start Doing Things. This is not always the greatest move. However, when I do start doing this, it does sometimes effectively call my body's bluff on whether this was a good idea, and I find myself going back to bed in short order instead of lying awake freaking out for an hour or two.

Last night's freakout was approximately:
* I am slowly recovering from a pretty gnarly low point, in which I was basically functional enough to go to work, but nothing else.
* For about a month, subsisting on frozen, single-portion-no-prep, and takeout while at home, has meant that my kitchen sink has seen little to no action.
* For the past week-ish, I've been doing enough cooking to wash/rewash a plate and a fork, although not particularly address the forest floor coating of forks in the bottom of the sink.
* Running water in a sink means that whatever's gone down the drain starts to take notice.
* And then there was The Stench.
* An unused garbage disposal, in want of a good hard kick, sits there and hums.
* Reset did not do the job.
* Somehow in some previous cleanup effort, I had put away or recycled all my IKEA hex-keys.

So in the middle of the night I got it into my head that there was no way I could make the kitchen look presentable at *all* (in order to be able to summon the maintenance guy to get the disposal functional to make the smell go away) before my neighbors wound up having the smell get into their apartments (via the kitchen and bathroom vents, which are all connected, so this isn't 100% paranoid fantasy) and complained and of course I would be immediately evicted.

Therefore I got up and about 2 minutes into tidying some of the most obvious kitchen stuff my body realized that actually sleep was a really excellent life choice and I went back to bed. And in the morning I did feel better.

I had a disturbing dream in which I found myself dream violence and dysphoria )

Lunch involved the usual suspects shoving two little round tables together, since there were no available big tables. Conversation started somewhere around The 300 and wound up at the Winchester Mystery House, having detoured through war and armies, Nepal's relationships with India and China, Switzerland's military force and neutrality, what sort of weapons the Swiss army had, and whether the "oh, everyone has their gear at home" meant an airplane in someone's garage, whether or not Winchester made ammunition (yes) and were they still around (yes), and the nature of the Mystery House, and how it's better than the Mystery Spot, and a few other bits and bobs.

At work, I am somewhat waiting on an install of the new version of the database tool to get all up ins and yell about. My aspirational duties also involve a certain amount of Research Logistics Yelling, which is part of the Plan.

After my 1:1, I opened up my email to find that locked entrythis guy will be in my building sometime in the near future. I will make a point of poking my face in with jellybeans during a coffee break or something!

Tomorrow is radius's 40th birthday. Since it was already tomorrow in Australia, we wound up at the cafe (the closer one) in search of ice cream. I looked tragically at the bins with their delicious delicious carbohydrates, and allowed myself a half-scoop. (Upon which Purple did the *facepalm* "Sorry I forgot!" thing. He is a good Purple.)

Mid-evening, I looked back at my personal email and discovered that I was in receipt of a 36-hour notice to enter (24 hours, but they'd been somewhat generous and sent at the end of the previous day rather than the beginning of the next day) because there are Investors, and they are Visiting, and They Will Be Poking Around. Upon which I decided that I was going home at a sensible hour and not attempting to wait up for Mr. Deadline, though I would wait for traffic to die down.

In riveting Helldesk Software news, the team that's to fix the fucker has had a strategic meeting (the recording was posted to not!Facebook) lasting about 2 hours. I pulled up the viewer, popped on my headphones, and started sorting through my mail backlog. The conclusions involve ripping off the terrible front end and just going with the base SaaS package, which is in fact configurable, and they have no fucking reason to be developing bells and whistles on top of it. It also sounds like there are a few departments which may be getting some percussive maintenance in order to conform to some standard of service.

On the one hand, there are departments that really need it. On the other hand, I hope it doesn't interfere with departments which are functioning well.

I wandered over to say goodnight to Purple, with a butterscotch candy and some Mountain Dew. I eyed his whiteboard. I understood the 'It'\''s' and the It's in contrast to it, but what in the name of all *fuckery* was the 'It'"'"'s' ?????????!?!?! He explained. (His whiteboard writing does not differentiate particularly between double and single quotes, so it looked like a line of single quotes.) I got a hug goodnight and headed out.

bluetooth drama )

I picked up a $5 pack of hex keys (including the vital 1/4" one) at Home Depot, as it was cheaper than the manufacturer's $7 single 1/4" hex key, and grabbed dinner on my way home.

Presented with overriding force in the person of someone mechanically turning the wedged-in-place blades, the garbage disposal whirred into action, and the ambient scent in my apartment improved notably. I shall sleep in peace.

Tidying continues. It may not reach a point that I'm actually comfortable with by Thursday, but it's already improved over yesterday, and there have been incremental improvements over the last few weeks.


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