Lemon-flavored cheer

Sep. 16th, 2014 02:36 am
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Work involved minimal direct fuckery, although I anticipate a debriefing which may be *epic* from some of my colleagues in the project of Keeping Shit Less Fucked. There was also a really delicious lemon and raspberry cupcake on my desk, which was good because the ones on the collaboration table had nearly all vanished by the time I came in, and the last few evaporated by mid-afternoon to many exclamations of delight from the team. "These muffins are REALLY GOOD!" -Researcher Carmageddon's ex-officemate

I need to start pinging Purple before wandering over, in case there's just a little bit more to do before it's possible to head out. Heh. Although we fairly well erased the advantages of getting out at the time we did by accidentally spending two and a half hours talking in the parking lot. Oops. (There was a lot to talk about.)

In the portion of the discussion about childhood adventures with names (and how my wallet name really isn't the one I answer to), he mentioned that one of the lovely fun things his elementary schoolmates had tried was calling him by the feminine equivalent of his name. I cocked my head at him. "You've always looked more like a [different name] to me," I said.

So then we had to get into *why*. Back in February, Purple had occasion to check the office mailbox, and saw my name on a couple envelopes. This resulted in the use of the phrase "mail fairy." Which got hilarious. In the intervening months, the costume in my head went from a not particularly flattering purple getup to a really rather nice green satin bustier with a dense netting skirt, with the obligatory matching wings and toe shoes with long, long ribbons. From there we got onto the topic of Second Life...

There was a certain amount of security presence in the parking lot. If That Security Guard was among them, I hope he came to the entirely wrong conclusion about the nature of my relationship with Purple. While it is shitty and patriarchal if a guy attributes more weight to "woops, she is the property of some other guy" than to "actually she doesn't seem that into me", if That Security Guard decides to drop the matter with no further conversation, then we will not have an awkward conversation about the matter. And while he has brought the awkward to the conversation and all I would be doing is hanging a lampshade on it, it is still not an exchange that I relish. (I do thrive on a certain kind of Potential High Drama, but thaaaaat's not one of the ones I signed up for.)

Purple and I compared some scars. I didn't pull down my shirt to show him the scar from the hot soup. It's not really a great one to show in a work parking lot, even if it's something I'd show in a tank top.

We got on to the topic of lettuce. Purple is adamantly against iceberg lettuce in nearly every particular. I believe that it has a place, and in addition to the wrapping-for-real-food that Purple allots it, it is decent in burritos, where it is less wilty and also less strongly flavored than some other lettuces. This resulted in some happy chatter about delicious, delicious salads, and the party broke up in favor of dinner.
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There is a thing that sometimes people do, to be funny or for emphasis or whatever. It is the thing where they substitute the letter L for R in words, such as "VICTOLY" for "VICTORY".

There are many possible places and reasons to have picked up doing this, including the ever-popular "somebody I know was doing it and it seemed like fun".

The roots of this substitution is making fun of people with no distinction between R/L sounds, which is common when people whose first language is Chinese learn to speak English.

Which is why I cringe every time I encounter it, and would prefer that people not do this around me.

Savory snacks with Sharkface

Sep. 15th, 2014 01:51 am
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Yay family!

This weekend has involved some pretty wacky sleep schedule things, although I have also managed to catch up somewhat on dishes, take out some trash, do some laundry, get a little bit of vacuuming in, and modify a skirt which really required a slit up the side in order to be wearable.

There was also the S-themed family dinner, featuring Guide Dog Aunt, Woodworking Uncle (who has located a distinguishing hobby in addition to the fishing, skiing, and tangoing), Tay, Tay's Young Man, and a cameo appearance of Infamous Cousin. The poodle and Sharkface also attended, with the guinea pig wheeping from his enclosure. The menu wound up including, among other things: salmon, strawberries, sourdough, soft cheese and savory snacks, squash, salad, soba salad, and satsuma marmalade. (No soft meat crowns.)

Since dinner involved cooked salmon, Infamous Cousin scrammed before it went in the oven, but not before happily bonding a bit with Tay's Young Man about delicious sushi.

Tay has been back in town about a week, and is happy to have hit at least the end of tomato season, though sad to have missed the local avocados.

I realized that Tay has not yet met JD and Teshi! At some point we must fix this. I also mentioned that a few of my #cupcake crowd from work are musical and it would be nifty if they happened to get along with the musical members of my family. Purple is a synthesizer kind of guy. phone does computer stuff and plays live bass. At this, Tay's Young Man did a bit of a double-take. Apparently there are not that many people in the world who go by phone. They are vaguely acquainted. And I realized that I sort of register #cupcake as family now.

Guide Dog Aunt let in Sharkface, who was very happy to see everyone. Since everyone did not make much of her (as we'd been warned) she kenneled up and settled down quickly. After a while she came out and flopped on her mat next to the couch.

The evening's entertainment, after dinner, was baking crackers. Guide Dog Aunt had mixed up the dough before dinner, but hadn't prepared all of them by dinner time. So there were shenanigans involving the pasta-roller, which is also useful for crackers. I sang the roller song, which surprised Tay. (There are a lot of little songs from our childhood, and shared context makes them hilarious. Perhaps I will get around to recording some of them at some point, just for history's sake.)

Sharkface decided that my hand was delicious and licked me and my cardigan sleeve all over. Sharkface is a guide dog puppy. This means that her come-when-called is a little different from most dogs. Most dogs will stand in front of you and look at you expectantly. A guide dog needs to do something else to make sure that their person will realize they're present and waiting. A guide dog sticks their head between their person's knees, generally. One of the things that Sharkface will grow out of is the tendency to wallop people in the crotch a little bit. This head-knee training also sometimes results in a phenomenon that Guide Dog Aunt calls "up-skirt nosing". That was about when Sharkface decided that the backs of my knees were delicious. Since she was not sharktoothing me, this was fine, if tickly.

Next time there will be another lettered theme, which should be delightfully wacky. At some point I'm to hang out with Tay and Tay's Young Man up in the city. He'll let me know when they're playing the tavern, also.
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I love it how when Snape draws out his wand there are audible gasps but when Mcgonagall draws her wand there people are screaming out of the way.

They just know better.


I will stop reblogging this when it stops being awesome.

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Our new game, in the courtyard.

Sep. 13th, 2014 07:25 am
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It was, yet again, beer bash day. I don't much care for beer. I have a large box of hard hard lemonade left over from OS Bridge, which I'm slowly making my way through. Having done the same once previous, to excellent success, I decided that I was not going to count on the sangria being drinkable, and unceremoniously grabbed carefully brought two random flavors out of the box, to spend some time in my work fridge before bash.

After being advised by Gaff himself that not having yet watched Blade Runner was a Fault, I asked around a bit about who else might be interested in a movie night. And it turned out that the Dean was interested in making it happen. Plus he knows which meeting room has the best sound system.

In search of some better information than those punks at the helpdesk were capable of giving me, I tried googling some of the information I wanted to know about the helpdesk software. This turned up the manufacturer's wiki. Read more... )

Sadly, the first date that the Dean proposed for Blade Runner Night is up against something else. He's thinking again about it.

The beer bashes are often themed. Today's beer bash was themed for that SaaS upgrade initiative. The name, of course, has nothing apparent in common with the actual effects. We wandered out to find that there were piles and piles of branded bottle openers on all the tables. Sort of nicely themed for a beer bash, but we actually don't have beer bottles at the beer bash (having long since reached the keg stage) so it all seemed a little futile. I grabbed some nachos and sat primly down at an "I don't know you personally but I'm sort of with your group at lunch and we nod and say hi in the halls" distance from some of Purple's teammates. There was a band, but they weren't amplified past hear-myself-think stage.

Purple and lb emerged and spotted me. They went after refreshments. As I sat there waiting, I saw the Dean. I had been mulling over a few more thoughts, and felt I should share. So I headed over to where he was, and pitched: "You Haven't Seen This Yet?!?!!" -- the movie night series. Just then Purple showed up over one shoulder and lb showed up over the other, for all the world like an angel and a devil. (Purple gives me the bad ideas, so he was appropriately on my left.) Read more... )

Purple's rule for me has become an in-joke: No more blowing bees in the courtyard! (It was not that I was previously actually allowed to blow bees in any location, courtyard included, but that now there has to be a specific rule about it.)

lb likes to program language games. And "no more" "blowing bees" "in the courtyard" has somewhat the same ring of "Brad" "with BML" "in his dorm room" -- the savour of a really satisfying Clue answer. He's going to toss the idea around in his brain for a bit and see if it's possible to come up with a three-card mix-and-match form of shenanigans which involves a modifier of some sort, an action, and a location, or things that swap in and out well enough.

A navy-blue shape snapped my brain's attention, and I pointed my chin across the party. There was That Security Guard. The guys looked. I moved nearer Purple. lb: "How about that local sports team?" I unwound a little in the presence of trusted friends.

The party cleared out some. The band ceased performing and began to clean up. Things got more quiet.

Everybody had been playing with the piles of bottle openers from the start. Purple stared at the stack on our table, and aired a thought which had clearly been nagging at him all evening: WTF does a person in today's world need with that many bottle openers anyway; are there really THAT MANY BOTTLES TO OPEN IN THIS MODERN WORLD??!!?

-- And because sometimes life is just really that great and presents opportunities that great, I reach my hand in my tote bag and slam a hard hard lemonade down on the table in front of him. Everybody cracks up.

lb: "I don't drink things I can't screw off with my hand."

Azz: "In the courtyard." (again with the laughter)

Purple reads the bottle: "HARD Blood Orange", and that reminds lb of a certain Japanese celebrity. Pro wrestling characters are wacky and arguably embarrassment-squick when doing Reality TV Stunts in every culture! ~Hoooooo!!!!

Eventually it was time to go. Purple stopped by my cube and we headed for the parking lot. This time the chatter was mostly about our respective levels of general functionality in the morning, with bonus Shawn trauma )

I now know what I want to be for Halloween. This is a change from the previous several years, where it was a last-minute effort. This one is going to involve a shawl, a necklace, a hat, and a whole bunch of white buttons.
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We’re brothers and no matter how bad it gets, that doesn’t change.

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37 inches of trolling

Sep. 12th, 2014 03:37 am
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The switch in my head is not in the position that I previously put it. This is not optimal.

Things are returning to, if not normal, than at least sensible, with the return of my manager. She simultaneously creates motion and stability. She is our rudder. She is also simultaneously trying to be both herself and my grandmanager, because he is out sick and basically won't be back until November. (I don't have details.)

Today I sent a bug report to Office Depot, about their website. It's just a corner case, and technically it's already being caught by their thingies, but it could be handled better.

Read more... )

Today is my virtual nephew's birthday. Congratulations, dude!

It's starting to feel like fall, which means I'm starting to feel acutely alive again.

Purple still has his beard. I am pleased. I attempted to explain the current state of my brain. I am moderately faceblind: it takes me a certain amount of concerted study to learn someone's face (and match that face with a name). Read more... )

There was some disagreement about whether the TV/monitor belonging to my department and plugged into a dubiously tethered Mac Mini is a bigscreen or not. My line for "bigscreen" is, of a flatscreen, whether or not I can reasonably carry it by myself. I cannot with this. So even though it is only 37 usable inches, I think it big. Everything I can carry is small. I don't have a "medium" range. Purple, with his "60 inches of fun" tv, disagrees with me. :-P

I brought up the matter of the nightshift security guard who had alarmed me by greeting me with "hey, beautiful" two weeks ago at my 1:1 with my manager. She immediately went facepalm-equivalent. Having talked it out some previously, I went on to detail that an engineer or someone doing this, I would feel much more comfortable about going "hey, handsome", or "no thank you". But in the case of a security guard, exactly who you gonna call?

I mentioned in #cupcake; lb evidenced relief. Purple sent me a vaguely baffled PM. He trusted that the security guard factor made it worse because I said it was, but he still didn't understand why.

We talked about it for a while. For me, the horror strikes at the "Who you gonna call?" moment. There were, I said, a lot of different shades of discomfort. (And simultaneously, Purple and I both arrived at the number 50 just out of the grey blue, though he was the first to say it. Bonding moment over our terrible, terrible senses of humor.) Read more... )

Later, there was a conversational reason to mention power dynamics, and Purple mentioned that some people discovered that they had a kink for same (having observed some of the people he knew saying "ugh power dynamics bad" and then ...) and I mentioned that this was one of the factors in my thing for Shawn. "But that would mean that you ... looked up to him?" Purple said in deep bafflement. And a new take on the air taser incident. )

From there we digressed into my dad's taser binder, and his dad's acid-tipped darts. These men should never meet.

I realized I should probably hit the restroom before hitting the road. (Insert digression about fruitless hobbies involving punching the wrong things.) When I came back out, Purple was milling around my team's lobby like an aimless pinball, and the drawer adjacent to the big uncomfortably large to move by yourself screen (currently showing the Non-Boring Manager's choice, our standards page) was a little more ajar than I'd left it.

"Fuck single-sign-on," Purple declared, and began to castigate the new helpdesk software in stronger terms than I'd heard him complain about it previously. It was terrible! You had to sign in to even see the front page!

I looked at the monitor, looked back at him, and began to snicker.

"You'd have to leave yourself signed in if you wanted to leave it up there!" he complained. "You could at least go to the front page on the old one!"

Dear sweet Purple. I went over, fiddled about with the keyboard a little, and re-arranged things so the drawer would close better. (And if my fingers happened to hit command-T, http://[oldhelpdesk.dept.virtualhammer.biz], enter while I was fumbling about with it, well, that was just an unfortunate coincidence, eh? How clumsy of me.)
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okay but derek being able to shift into a full wolf right

obviously he doesn’t shift back and forth with clothes on. obviously. so can we talk about how exasperated scott and stiles get.

like they’re in the middle of this huge fight, guns are firing probably, people are dying, blood’s everywhere, wolf!derek comes in and helps to save the day (naturally), but then after everything calms down derek shifts back to human.

and he’s completely naked.

and scott and stiles are so sick of it.

so they start to keep robes with them, random shirts and jeans. scott steals a few of his mom’s nightgowns as a joke until derek immediately shifts back into a wolf and tackles him. but stiles has a few robes (they were on sale he got a good deal it was a good investment) in the back of his jeep, okay, so whenever derek comes in to help them save the day, stiles can roll his eyes afterward and walk over to the back of his jeep and grab one of the robes in the back and throw it at derek’s head like, “dude, we get it. your dick’s great, you don’t have a single ounce of body fat anywhere. start bringing your own fucking clothes to change back into i can’t afford this shit.”

(scott’s eyebrows draw together and he mumbles, “wait, why did you look at his dick”)

but derek doesn’t care. he’s a werewolf, being part of nature is just part of him, and it’s entirely natural for him to be naked. it doesn’t bother him, he’s not ashamed of his body or anything (who would be amirite), but stiles is pretty much the only one who keeps whining and complaining after the hundredth time it happens.

so when derek’s shifted back, letting scott deal with the witch behind him as he walks over to stiles, he asks, “do you have a problem with me?”

"i have a problem with your dick," stiles replies, and then immediately turns around and pretends that he didn’t answer at all. maybe if he ignores derek, derek will forget that he even tried to speak.

derek has a great memory. he does not forget.

"you have a problem with my dick," he echoes.

"yes. yes, i do," stiles answers, storming over to derek a very naked derek wow he looks even better up close the world sucks."you’re just flaunting yourself around while the rest of us are trying to save the world. you’re welcome, by the way."

derek sighs. “i don’t even shift back until the bad guys are dead. i make sure to do that.”


"because you always stop paying attention to the bad guys," derek answers easily. "as soon as i’m naked, that’s what you’re focused on."

stiles pauses.

derek does, too.

and then - “well, maybe if you were to show me your naked body in the confines of my bedroom, i’d get used to it and wouldn’t be so distracted all the time.”

"solid hypothesis. we’ll test it at 9 tonight."

(for the record, stiles is even more distracted after he knows what derek looks like when he’s naked and shuddering through an orgasm.

derek continues to shift back after the bad guys are dead.)

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So say all but six of us.

Sep. 11th, 2014 02:18 am
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11:14 Wednesday, 10 September, 2014
So far as I know, there is no viable user-facing tool which tells a regular worker at my workplace who the manager of a particular person had been, after that person has left.

01:32 Thursday, 11 September, 2014

Guest speaker day!

Had a slightly contentious conversation with someone from helpdesk (I suspect that he's a goon from the helpdesk software place, not an actual internal helpdesk worker) about the behavior of the This Shit Got CC:ed To Me sub-tab. I say sub-tab, because it's a tab within a tab, and my tolerance for whatever fancy-ass website shenanigans they have going on all up in that bad boy is dropping by the day. This is the horrible fucking front end they've got put on it all special-like for us.

First I had to argue him out of his misconception that the page refreshed when you clicked the CC: tab. It does not. I explained steps to prove that it did not (steps which I had already included in the ticket). "Do you have dev server access?" he asked me hopefully. I did not. He went and did the thing and came back to explain to me that no actually, the contents of the CC: tab were cached until you refreshed the page. WHICH WAS THE POINT WHICH I WAS TRYING TO CONVEY TO HIM.

I explained that my demand was that clicking on the CC: tab should refresh the goddamn contents of the page like any sensible fucking designer would do. He had further questions, but those had to be put on hold until later as I had "a 4pm meeting".

In the gym. With a few hundred other co-workers, some of whom were in full BSG flight suits. I queued up for refreshments, and spotted my friend the admin who'd been on the other end of the lab shenanigans, who spotted me. He came over and gave me a hug and asked whether I was the one who'd left chocolate on his desk. Indeed I was. Read more... )

There was no time for the second audience question after that, but that was a deeply satisfying story. Mr. Sub-tle wrapped him up, and we gave him a standing ovation.

Mr. Sub-tle made some administrative announcements, and then Mr. Olmos had a few last words. If you have never been part of a crowd caught up by strong emotion, it is quite a thing. "So say we all!" he concluded.
"So say we all!" we chanted back.
"So say we all!" he called.
"So say we all!"
"SO SAY WE ALL!!!!!"

Mr. Sub-tle called the backstage pass people together, and we began streaming out the door. All throughout, I had been wondering if there were a better recipient. It wasn't that I was opposed to participating in the meet-and-greet, but I figured if there were someone who would appreciate it more, then it should go to them.

It so happened that one of our former teammates had come along with his wife (currently on staff in another department) to this. He is one of the guys for whom the "no major workplace events during a geek magnet special event" rule had been put in place. And he was watching the trail of backstage people wistfully. I knew what I had to do.

Later, Rocky stopped by my cube and told me that it was really nice what I'd done; someone else had been one of the aisle people and had given their button to Rocky's daughter, who got to go back as well. Yay! We had a great chat about classic SF (in which I avoided saying "I just love Dick!") and drinking from the flamethrower (about a work product, the new helpdesk software, and LJ).

Since I have to see Blade Runner fairly soon to renew my geek card *grin*, I knew I'd need to get the current top of my stack popped. So I settled down with the laundry that needed sorting and popped Donnie Darko into the DVD player. That is a weird movie, yep. I am sure that Purple will tease me for taking three months to watch it. I will point out that it is not quite three.
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Well of course it is, for valid and just reasons.


When Bilbo was a tenderling, she used to have a horror of her parents leaving her behind (and her mother often left her behind). She’d feign sickness or injury, swear up and down her stomach was going to explode or her eyeballs were going to pop out of her head. It worked, sometimes, but as often as not they’d laugh and pat her on the head and leave her behind all the same, in the care of a nurse or an aunt. They always came back, but somehow she couldn’t bear the sight of them leaving.

Dwarves, she realized, did the same thing. After a fashion.

Ori broke his foot closing it in a door; then Dwalin broke his nose (“Seventh time!” he’d roared, proud and bleeding down his chin); then Oin somehow got his ear trumpet stuck in — well, it was almost a month after she should have left by the time they were all well enough for her to announce she was really leaving this time, and then just as she was packing up, Dori cut one of his fingers off.

"They can put it back on," he said, and sure enough Oin had some linament or other that had Dori’s finger back where it belonged in only a few weeks, although it was a suspicious bright purple color ("that’ll be the linament!" Oin boasted). And then Bombur got stabbed in the stomach by an errant orc they found hidden in the cliffs. And then Balin broke his hip.

"I’m beginning to be highly suspicious,” she declared, marching into Bofur’s room one night. She stopped in the doorway, because he had a hammer in one hand, poised over his knee. “What—” she began, and could think of no way to continue.

"What?" Bofur tried, looking nonchalant — only that meant that he dropped the hammer right onto his bare foot. The cursing went on for a few minutes while Bilbo stood there and stared at him.

"Have you been — injuring yourselves? On purpose? To keep me here longer?” she asked finally.

"Don’t be absurd!" Bofur said, which meant "yes."

"And it never occured to any of you numbnoggins to just ask?” she pressed further.

"Ask what? It’s not as though we need you to stay. You’re free to go as you like," he said, which also meant "yes."

Bilbo shook her head, and finally closed the door and went over to him. “Would you like me to kiss it better?” she asked.

"What a ridiculous notion," he said, and she spoke dwarvish well enough to know that meant "yes," too.

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Spiders are best as outdoor pets.

Sep. 10th, 2014 11:09 am
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Monday: Purple was mentioning some of the weekend shenanigans, including CAH and something where the random draw represented for me, I think something that obscenely involved bees. I mentioned that if they were again hard up for an extra for CAH shenanigans, I might possibly be awake. (Insert discussion about the amount of driving at that hour, just for a little silliness. "I might be awake," I repeated, a placeholder serving handily for "if my presence would be welcomed, I can decide for myself whether the effort involved is worth it." Purple has clearly concluded that I am a lunatic for even considering the concept.)

Tuesday: Poor Lennon Glasses Guy got driven inside to finish his lunch because of the marauding wasp, then came back to finish out the lunch hour with the crew. Purple and I were the last ones at the table, and the wasp came back, buzzing around his mostly empty plate. I watched it narrowly, waiting for it to step wrong.

Cut for arachnophobes. )

I was torn between happily watching Purple gaze fondly at his new outdoor pet, warily watching the yellowjacket lick Purple's plate, and the new Toby book.

I confirmed that the lab equipment seems to be intact. My manager will get the door code tomorrow. I printed up labels: [Department] Research Lab. [Department] Research Observation Room. Manager: [Manager] Scheduling: [Azure Lunatic]. I dropped some chocolate-based diplomacy on the desk of the guy who I felt needed it. (The haulin' stuff guys will also need some, I feel.)

Korman character question

Sep. 9th, 2014 11:36 pm
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I think I'm not imagining this character. At least, I hope I'm not. I think he's from a Gordon Korman book. He's somewhere from his late 40s to very vigorous 60s. He's slender and moderately tall, a white dude with a leathery face full of smile wrinkles, with a Vonnegut-esque head full of curly hair shot through with white, though perhaps not quite as bushy. He keeps his head cocked to the side as if listening to a Call to Adventure that few can hear. At a crucial moment, he is ready to burst forth with some sort of Fuck Tha Man shenanigans.

Is he Gramps?
Is he somebody else?

I hope he exists, because I work with his doppelganger. We traded information on the helpdesk software and just how badly it sucks.

essay the shit of that gifset please

Sep. 9th, 2014 11:48 pm
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I’ve now gotten five asks about this and I only got myself to blame

(I’m referring to this gifset and will only borrow the gifs)

This gifset doesn’t even include Stiles’ reaction when first seeing Derek going down (he stumbles out of the van and looks just as worried as Peter, whom actually does seem concerned about his nephew, who would’ve known) but this part is the most important one.

Because this is Derek telling his uncle to go ahead, to leave him, because neither of them is stupid enough to believe he’ll actually catch up.

And everyone lingers, Liam and Malia looking like they don’t know what to do, Peter hesitating, Stiles just not taking his eyes off Derek.

And Peter leaves.

Malia leaves.

Liam leaves.

And Stiles just doesn’t.

And Derek calls for his attention with the soft “hey… hey” like he’s not even surprised that Stiles is still there, that he has to tell him separately that it’s okay to leave him, that it’s okay to prioritize Scott, that he has to reassure him that it’s okay Stiles.

Then he leaves…glancing back…

But doesn’t get very far before he stops again, turning back.

Because he knows Derek’s name was the third key to the deadpool, that a Banshee predicted his death, and he knows this might be the last time he’ll ever see Derek alive.

Yeah. So. Can I cry now?

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"Tell him he get cookie."

Sep. 9th, 2014 12:41 am
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Got to chat with Darkside on Sunday. Yay! He expressed dubious growliness at the idea that the security guard would be providing advances while on duty, and made various terrible bee-related jokes given the setup of blowing the wasp at Purple. Since Darkside turns out to be one of my more clean-minded friends, this is particularly fun. (He's not actually clean-minded. This is just comparatively.)

I felt a switch in my head go click as I was talking to Purple on Thursday night. I don't know if it's a particularly decisive switch, but it's something different. So I wanted to at least write that down, to see where my brain went after.

One of the things that will eat my brain if I'm not careful, is that Darkside and Purple have the same given name. Darkside is the best $NAME most of the time, but Purple gets to be the best for little bits, about fifteen minutes at a time, generally connected to when he's said something that's a particularly heinous pun. So Darkside asked whether Purple was a good $NAME. "Yes," I said fondly. "Good. Tell him he get cookie." So I emailed Purple, giggling all the while.

Entirely coincidentally, when I came in to work today, there was a small tub of cookies on my desk. I recognized the container, and thanked my Overlady once I saw she was off the phone (much to the surreal confusion of the Hipster Researcher).

There's an ongoing situation at work which I've been keeping my eye on; that seems to be well on its way to resolution today.

Helpdesk shenanigans continue to shenan. I will offer this commentary. How much about email do you know?

Multipart email comes in more than one section. Often there are two sections: text/plain and text/html. The text/html section is the one with the fancy markup and clickable links. The text/plain section is for the benefit of mail readers who don't do all that newfangled stuff.

The text/plain section is supposed to have a copy of any URLs included in the text/html section. That's correct, helpdesk, you aren't generally able to click on them (aside from those plain text mail readers which recognize the http:// or https:// bit and do the smart thing). The expected use case for URLs in the text/plain section is for the user to copy them and paste them into her browser.


My manager is always relieved to note when incidents involving me shouting at helpdesk conclude without me having actually sworn at helpdesk. After all, some people's capslock keys do occasionally get stuck.

The guys (well, R, and then the guys in #cupcake followed suit) decided that it was milkshake o'clock. So they (minus phone) congregated in front of my cube. Mr. Zune noticed the cookies on the collaboration table. Purple suggested that they had been made with poison. I said that I knew the provenance of the cookies, but cannily did not vouch for their safety. Mr. Zune decided against a cookie at that time. The conversation carried us a good portion of the way over to R's cube. She was missing, having gone upstairs to collect her non-broken new computer. (Purple: If I get punched for saying terrible things, I'm going to be pretty sore.) (Good luck that when the fist stays a foot away.)

My Overlady was visible in the secret milkshake dungeon; I invited her to join our party, but she was waiting on a teammate for coffee.

Among the random stories was that time when Mama's best friend was visiting, and the ladies were talking child rearing woes downstairs, while Tay and I played with her best friend's very small (well, five-ish) and autistic son upstairs.

Now, one of the features of the house was that it is mostly two big rooms -- at the time there was the big room downstairs, plus the bathroom and the pantry tucked behind the interior wall of the bathroom -- and then the upstairs, and at some point my little room off in the corner there. The acoustics were fabulous -- if it was said downstairs, it was clearly audible upstairs.

Tay and I, by unspoken agreement, had never mentioned this fact to our parents. Since generally they were the only ones talking quietly downstairs when we were upstairs, and we were rarely trying to be quiet downstairs while they were trying to sleep, they had never cottoned on.

Mama's best friend began to unload her heart about how very hard it was to have a shattering marriage and nearly sole responsibility for an autistic kid.

Tay and I looked at each other. The little guy might have all sorts of things going on, but we knew there was nothing wrong with his hearing, and it was obvious that he was hearing every word. I scrammed downstairs and urgently but quietly informed Mama and her best friend that due to this one weird trick with acoustics, every word they were saying was broadcast upstairs in full clarity. Where the little guy was.

This was news to Mama, and she clearly had many questions about what exactly we had heard over the years of her thinking she was having fully private conversations with FatherSir, but this was not the moment to air these questions. This was the moment to take the tea outside, where they could have a real private talk.

#cupcake is rowdy under the best of circumstances. I'm not sure what our teammate made of us. My Overlady is long accustomed to people around me being loud and weird.

Purple realized that he has not shaved in a while. I mentioned that his moustache was coming in nicely. He's not sure whether he'll be keeping it or not.

I learned a lot more about the various dynamics of Purple's HOA board than I was really intending to learn.

Purple got a cookie out of my little tub. I assured him that it was not poison. He cheerfully accepted the cookie, because he knows that if I've deemed a cookie not poison, it does not have lurking walnuts, which many otherwise sensible people like to put in chocolate chip cookies, rendering them inedible for those of us with walnut allergies.

I had been wrong by an hour about the closing time of Borderlands. Woops. Alas. No The Winter Long for me tonight. Alas. Purple was sympathetic.
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Sometimes it lasts in love but 99.999% of the time it hurts instead: Steve/Peggy

"Steve, you’re alive. You came back."
"Yeah, Peggy."
"It’s been so long. So long.""Well I couldn’t leave my girl. Not when she owes me a dance."

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favorite action sequences↳ captain america: the winter soldier - nick fury is attacked


But you still truly fear for him, because this shit happens right in the middle of a city in broad daylight, where they’re gonna riddle him with bullets and tear him into pieces. And how most people would then regard him simply as a common criminal rightfully pursued by the police, who deserved the very public execution he’s about to get.

There’s a lot to be said about how they chose the “police” machinery to take down Fury, while Steve and company was pursued by nondescript Hydra thugs and the presumably private STRIKE team. They would have absolutely no problem to murder Fury then and there, but with Steve they know they simply cannot do it when there are witnesses around.

Not here, they say for Steve Rogers. But right here and right now for Nick Fury.

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friendly reminder that Harry Potter

at eleven, was described by his teachers as ‘bright’

at the same age, according to the Sorting Hat: “Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, oh my goodness, yes” and “You could be great, you know, it’s all here in your head”

mastered the challenging Patronus Charm at thirteen and proceeded to teach it at fifteen

resisted the Imperius Curse at fourteen and soon learned to throw it off completely, even when cast by the incredibly powerful Voldemort

also at fourteen, learned to cast a powerful Accio Charm

at fifteen, was training other students

at the same age, under extreme stress, tested as ‘exceeds expectations’ or ‘outstanding’ in every subject that required actual magic (including the dreaded Potions)

same age, cast a briefly effective Cruciatus Curse

at sixteen, became a star Potions student simply by following superior instructions

at seventeen, successfully cast the Imperius Curse on his first try, and used it repeatedly

at the same age, cast a successful Cruciatus Curse

Read More

Posted in full at: http://eemilyvr1.tumblr.com/post/96751495030
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Still haven't moved. Send help and reinforcements. The real estate agent has a tenant lined up for our old place; she keeps knocking on the door to ask when we'll be vacating so we can lease the house. IDEK. At least it won't be sitting empty. At least it's rentable without major renovations (and at least this tenant is willing to move in while the not so major renovations are done.)

I survived my major dental appointment by having a panic attack on the Sunday beforehand that was so intense and so horrifying that two hours of crown work was nothing to fear in comparison. The panic attack wasn't even to do with the the dental appointment - it was my mother's birthday on Sunday, and when I went to text her, I had to scroll and scroll to find our last communication, which was in January - hence panic attack and waves of self-loathing that far outweighed my fear of dentistry. I do not recommend this as a method of dealing with dental phobia. I feel like a piece of fruit leather at the bottom of a schoolbag. But the temporary crown is in and the next appointment is not so arduous. OR SO THEY TELL ME. /dire looks

Tinee media review:

- Doctor Who: tentatively enjoying it on the proviso that I read no negative reviews and allow myself to soak in a syrupy non-critical solution of self-care while watching it. A new Doctor is always a treat, in that assorted chocolates way. I don't really know what Twelve is like yet, but I'm pretty sure he's not a soft-centre. (OMG where is this analogy going? I release my grip on sanity! Let it go!)

- Reign: Watched the first two episodes and really, really enjoyed them. It's like, history on crack with fancy dresses and ooooh, boys, and lots of girls hugging.

Tinee linkspam:

- Seriously adorable crochet pattern: Crochet a baby Groot (warning for animated gif)

- Somewhat underbaked science that nonetheless rang true for me and my many hearing problems: Middle ear may hold answers for autism treatment (Warning for discussion of familial abuse)

- H/T to [personal profile] cofax7 for this one: The Most Amazing Lie in History (I feel like I want some kind of Peggy Carter encounter with this guy. Maybe Judy Dench's M can be in it, too. She must have been pretty deadly in WWII.

- Misty Copeland will be performing Swan Lake in Australia - this photo from her instagram is just beautiful. I love the strength and compassion on her face - I usually find Odette a bit mimsy, but this is amazing. (Eeeeeh, using facebook to embed from Instagram to my journal - this is a little too close to crossing the streams, if you ask me.)

Instagram clearly too evil - am hotlinking like a crime lord )

- I wish this scene had been in the Winter Soldier: This Is What Hawkeye Was Going To Do In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

- Speaking of Winter Soldier, [personal profile] famira has made a trillion textless icons from the movie: all under their Captain America tag. Go snaffle them up!

Since my last post, I've mostly been reading comics: re-reading Captain America's Winter Soldier arc, also Young Avengers (omg Miss America! Amerikate foreva!), Ms Marvel (omg the latest team-up killed me with the adorability).

Also made a bunch of icons suddenly and out of the blue: some Doctor Who, some Young Avengers which are, admittedly, 90% America Chavez )

And that's all there is. There isn't any more.
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Imagine a cookbook. A cookbook isn't necessarily the best metaphor to use here, because of US copyright law regarding recipes, but then there are some similar US rulings that apply to computer programs' front ends as well. (Since I'm in the US, those are the laws I'm most familiar with.)

The cookbook might be published, with pictures and extensive written instructions on how to assemble the dishes. Anyone who wants to use the cookbook would have to buy a copy, or borrow a copy from someone who had bought it, or perhaps obtain it illegally.

The cookbook might be posted online by the creators, free to read for anyone who had internet to get to it, and free to use for basically whatever. (Though the creators might take a dim view, and a legally supported dim view, of someone else lifting not only the ingredients list, but also the pictures and the writeup, and claiming that they, and not the originators, created all that.)

The cookbook might not be available anywhere outside the creator's kitchen, not for pay and certainly not for free. Those are family recipes! How dare you! Or perhaps it's just something that the creator whipped together -- for fun, or because it needed to happen and they couldn't find it anywhere else -- and hasn't bothered to publish or put up online because it's all just so much bother.

Imagine a place that serves soup and sandwiches. Soup and sandwiches, created on an industrial scale and not just for the family at home, takes some sort of recipe. Recipes which can be found in a cookbook.

It could be a soup kitchen, serving food to whoever comes along hungry and in need.

It could be a restaurant, serving food to whoever comes along with the required amount of cash.

It could be the soup equivalent of Rupert Grint's ice cream truck -- serving food for free to whoever happens to be around because it pleases the establishment to make soup and sandwiches.

Obviously all these establishments need some sort of a recipe. They may have even created cookbooks. But nothing says that the cash-required restaurant has to sell their cookbook for cash, or that the soup kitchen has to only use found-for-free-online recipes. Nothing says that the soup kitchen can't sell a cookbook to raise money. Nothing says that the cash-required restaurant can't release an ebook of their popular recipes for free in case you want to try your hand at them at home.

Just because a particular group uses and builds open source software says jack-all about whether they are a nonprofit. Just because a particular group is a nonprofit says jack-all about whether they use or create open source software.

If Dreamwidth were a food truck, it would use a few recipes which were freely available online, a few recipes which were painstakingly assembled after one of the new chefs blind-taste-tested stuff from another food truck (does the same general thing, but with that special dw-truck twist), and a whole lot of recipes that the chefs developed the hard way. The dw-truck's website would link to the recipes from elsewhere (other open source software), and have an ebook with the rest of the recipes (dw-free). (dw-nonfree is like the fruity drink the chefs sip from time to time -- part of what makes the truck distinctive, but not required at home to make the same recipes.) The soup of the day is hearty and filling and served for free to whoever walks up and asks for a bowl. The bacon and/or truffle chowder, the really good stuff? For that, they charge. And that's what keeps it going. It pleases the establishment to make soup and sandwiches. And it is delicious.
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Yay, the team flatscreen was moved with basically no problems. I say basically. The moving crew was really sweet and left a note saying that they couldn't move the mac mini that went with the flatscreen because it was locked down. (This was a known factor.) So after lunch I wandered over to the old place, emailed helpdesk with the basic request, and popped into the local helpdesk office. Local helpdesk recognized me on sight, accepted my authority to request the move, and unlocked the cable for me.

I accidentally started a conversation about bee fellatio in #adventuresofstnono. One of our number discovered a wasp in a work bathroom. She flushed it. I mentioned that I'd accidentally blown a wasp at Purple the other day.

<@CatMonk> s/at.*//
<@AzureJaneL> that's what she said.
<@AzureJaneL> specifically, three of my friends started speculating about blowing bees
<@AzureJaneL> and that's when I went to wikipedia and learned way too much about bee reproduction

CatMonk took the opportunity to go on a wikidive, reporting various bee facts back to the channel every now and then. It was great.

In one of my less official functions as the maintainer of the team hummingbird feeder, I wound up with some maple drops (hard, rather than the soft maple sugar). I left one with everybody who was in on the team who sits in our wing.

There was an interruption in Dreamwidth service this morning. The root cause was a problem with the DNS; Dreamwidth has now switched DNS providers. There is more detail and explanation in dw_maintenance. And while I am used to describing Dreamwidth to my tech-y, non-internet-fandom friends as "a little open source project, social blogging, a code fork of the formerly open-source LiveJournal" -- the fact is that while the open source project (the codebase) side of Dreamwidth has had code gone live from 26 people in a July-to-July year span, there are some 55,000-odd active users of the Dreamwidth.org social blogging site currently. (Because it's a common misconception, open source is not the same as non-profit. Open source means that the computer code is visible and freely available. A non-profit organization has a specific legal meaning in the US; Dreamwidth Studios LLC is a for-profit company which happens to believe in reinvesting a lot of its profits back into the business and in support of the open source project, which is awesome.)

Hilariously, I tuned out for some of the evening A-Team call about one of the new procurement/travel/expense things while wrestling with the current procurement tool. Woe. Woe and shenanigans.

Mr. Zune asked if he could use one of my sawed-off pool noodles in context of some of the mildly inexplicable UI decisions of the new travel thing, so I popped upstairs for a bit. On my way, I noticed that helpdesk's door was open, so I popped in there, said hi to the guy who'd been off on another project for a while, and left some candy. It so happens that he particularly likes the peanut butter Lindor balls.

Stories which I have told to Mr. Zune include that time that O walloped F with the frickin' clue bat, that time when F didn't heed his oil change light, the time when I hid in F's closet from his parents, the time I changed the water pump in Mama's car. Also, F as compared to Purple, and why I sometimes think of them in the same metacategories. (And, surprising possibly nobody, I like Purple better, because having a good idea of how the world works and occasionally saying asshole things for the sake of humor is generally less harmful than having no idea how the world works and holding opinions which range from hurtful to harmful because we don't live in the ideal world.)

That dude dropped by Mr. Zune's office to summon him over to look at a thing when he had a minute. He complimented me on the reflector on my work badge. I explained the reflector treatment that my canes usually get, and cautioned the guy about the maniacs in the parking lot. The guy said that he knew of a particular maniac -- him! I alerted him about the big white van that cuts across the rows in a most unsettling and high speed way.

There was a notification of some more inexplicable than usual shenanigans.

Purple is not opposed to maple candy, but a little is enough because it's usually so very sweet. "This is good! Now if only there were a stack of pancakes to go under it..." That resulted in us discussing butter candy, and how you would make it. I pointed out that butterscotch is a thing which exists. Purple waved that off, and the eventual theoretical confection is composed of liquid clarified butter inside solid butter inside butterfinger inside butterscotch. (There was a discussion about the nature of Werther's, in which I exasperatedly laid out the Venn Diagram wherein butterscotch contains Werther's.)

After various discussion of food cravings, I got pho for dinner. It was delicious.

There's a new Seanan book which I must get my hands on. Perhaps this weekend.

I am attempting to reclaim my bachelor pad from the depths of Foul Bachelorette Frog territory. There's some visible progress. Latest has involved some lingerie bags, which should help both with the issue where underwear gets strewn about the bathroom until laundry day, and the issue where bras get twisted and snag on things, and elastic gets unraveled and ties up everything into a really hilarious knot that Noah would be proud of.

DNS change today

Sep. 4th, 2014 02:14 pm
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[staff profile] mark posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance

Hi all,

We had a brief outage this morning. The cause was an (unexpected) policy change by our DNS provider, Dyn, deciding to shut us off. They had to roll back the change for unrelated reasons so we were back online, but it does mean that we need to migrate off of their service.

ETA: The policy change was that, for about 10 years now -- as long as I've been using Dyn! -- they had no usage/quota limits on their DNS service. Given that DNS requests are tiny and easy to serve, this made sense. They made a business decision recently to establish some (rather tiny) quotas. We're ... quite in excess of them (by some 15,000%) and we don't want to pay in excess of $500 USD/month for DNS service. Amazon's price is 10% of that. They probably tried to contact us, but I don't recall seeing any emails. Anyway, that's it; it's nothing particularly nefarious.

We will be moving our DNS service to Amazon's Route53 service. This kind of migration is fairly easy technically, but if there are problems it will probably mean Dreamwidth will be offline until they can be resolved. And, given the nature of how DNS works, it means that any outage will probably be measured in hours rather than minutes.

I've done my best to ensure that the changeover will go smoothly. If anything happens, though, we'll be on our [twitter.com profile] dreamwidth account to keep everybody apprised of the progress.

The switch will be flipped around 3:30pm PDT / 2230 UTC today, this is in about 90 minutes.

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10:52 Wednesday, 03 September, 2014
So one of the local NASA outposts is having their 75th anniversary. Apparently their last open house was nearly two decades ago. So they're having another one. Someone brought it up on [off-topic]. I thought it was a great idea. Since I know that Purple has [off-topic] going straight to a folder, I pinged him. He thought it was a great idea. He pinged the people who he usually hangs out with on Saturdays. They thought it was a great idea. I pinged the Usual Suspects. phone thought it was a great idea. R thought it was a great idea; since the Other Guy is on vacation this week, R reserved him a slot in case he thought it was a great idea too.

I have been feeling fairly smug about this sudden snowball of latent spacegeek activation, and delighted for the chance at meeting some of the greater circle of association within the Usual Suspects network.


In the off chance that anyone was wondering, my reaction to seeing that someone who I haven't seen around for a while posting somewhere is shaped like "yay, signs of life from a friend!" rather than anything touching on the "but I have not been meeting my Various Social Obligations and it has all been Piling Up!" guilt spiral. Life happens. Not Being Able To Even Deal With Any Of That happens too. If you have the Even to poke your head up and say "hi! been ... busy or something, but anyway, hi!" it is always ... um. De-cocooning amnesty? idek! around here.

23:18 Wednesday, 03 September, 2014
Work was a lot of That Damn Program interspersed by other fun stuff. It doesn't put URLs in text/plain. It doesn't show the site services guys the email body when you email [function]@[company-internal], and it's not clear to me whether the problem is that the site services guys are having a hard time with the tool because the tool is crappy and therefore they aren't seeing it, or whether they actually cannot see it because the tool is just that crappy.

I finally did remember to bring the sawed-off pool noodles today.

Purple had lunch elsewhere; I joined the outdoor contingent of my team for a bit. That was fun! Later, the Stage Manager was having trouble with some new computer equipment. I pointed him in the direction of some possible troubleshooting, although I did not have a multimeter on me at the time. I told the story of one of my cousins vs. Tier 1 technical support.

This is the cousin who is the electrician. He'd just moved into the new place, and he didn't have internet. He whipped out his multimeter and stuck it across the coaxial cable. There was voltage, so he knew that it was at least connected, and so he called up the help line and told the poor Tier 1 tech that he had no internet, but there was voltage. "Oh!" she said. "You have digital! You shouldn't have voltage!" Whereupon he hung up and called back, hoping for a tech who wasn't broken.

Did have a fun parking lot conversation with Purple, involving accidental use of the word "ballgame" to describe genital pain ).

Sometimes friends have heart-to-hearts about rape culture and institutionalized sexism, and that's a good thing. With bonus earworming and happyfuntimes dick jokes. )
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Fangirl challenge: [2/10] pairings » Parker and Hardison (Leverage)

So, the thing is, I think that maybe I might be having feelings. Like weird, weird feelings for….. pretzels.

Pretzels. Okay. Well, they’re right here when you want them.

Posted in full at: http://eemilyvr1.tumblr.com/post/96583878520

A few days' worth of snippets

Sep. 3rd, 2014 10:43 am
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19:00 Sunday, 24 August, 2014
I (hope I) short-circuited the inevitable parental worry when SF Bay Area earthquakes are big enough to hear about elsewhere by emailing Mama while her timezone was most likely still asleep.

I'm glad I can do things like set up shelves and do housework.
I'm very not glad that doing this results in being absolutely soaked with sweat.
I do like what happens when I get the periodic urge to re-arrange my place.

23:57 Friday, 29 August, 2014
Yay backpack! My Overlady brought back conference swag for me! Sadly, my tits are not fitting into the associated shirt any time in the next century, probably, so I inquired of Purple whether he wore that size shirt. Which he did. Hooray! Now I have a new backpack, and Purple has another free shirt. (Purple tends to wear sneakers, jeans, a t-shirt, and a button-down when it's chilly. Many of the t-shirts are visibly free.)

One of the people who ought to know better has been epically unhelpful about That Goddamn Program. Instead of locating a sawed-off pool noodle, I grabbed a handful of candy and stomped off to thank one of the guys who had just responded actually helpfully to him for saying what he did. We commiserated and strategized. Then I went 'round to the desk of that nice fellow from the A-Team, and we compared notes and strategies on That Goddamn Program. And there is now a helpful wiki page, and the Stage Manager has made some of the least tactful entries on it. Then I swung around to Purple's office, and ran into lb (one of the other people I'd been looking for) and yet again there was commiseration and strategy.

There was not, however, Happy Hour.

By the time we hit the parking lot, Purple looked sideways at me and held up the orange he'd been carrying. It turned out that this was actually a great idea for my blood sugar, since I'd started to be noticeably Off.

23:38 Tuesday, 02 September, 2014

Oh god, my brain has been leaking out my ears or something. It has been too humid. I did get laundry done, though.

Today was really seriously hard to get out of bed. Then I was trying to organize stuff, with a side of greeting the new teammate. I ordered office supplies in a very timely manner!

Bobcat, in the XKCD sense. )

Purple has started noticing the way my joints pop when I stand after I've been sitting for a while. He usually makes pained little sympathetic noises. Generally it doesn't hurt. The vaguely disturbing-feeling one is when I pop my pelvis. But that generally happens when I'm settling down in bed, not during the day.

It has been three days since the last Edward Scissorpants incident.

I got one of the last Soulbonding Cokes at work. I did not share it with anyone. There are ethics.

Talked to Darkside over the weekend. Yay! Purple points out that if the conversation was only pretty good, then is he really earning his status as BFF? (I may have made a terrible face at him.)

Purple is unsure where he heard the joke about the penguin whose car broke down in the desert (the one with the vanilla ice cream) but he'd definitely heard it before. Though he'd forgotten the punch line.

Due in part to the long weekend, Purple's facial hair has again reached the better-than-accidental point. The Van Dyke beard look does flatter him immensely.

(How was it nearly six years since the previous Edward Scissorpants incident? Time, y0.)

Given that I have been going to The Potter's Field BPAL for the last several days and the thought of trying something new is sort of not at all appealing, perhaps I had better order more.

Various bits of the gaming world a-splode. Keep up the good work, Anita, Zoe, and various other folks.

I keep thinking that one of the things that perhaps the progressive parts of the internet needs is a list of guidelines on behaving while angry as fuck. A lot of it would look straight at some of the terrible things that people do when they're angry at progressives, and say that those things are not okay, and that people who consider themselves progressives shouldn't turn around and do those things in return. Read more... )

In which I yell on tumblr a bit about some social commentary cartoons which I disagree with on a few counts.

Dear internet, do check in with me every now and then as to whether I'm taking my various vitamins and stuff? Often I am! But sometimes I do need the nudge.


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