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AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. MEME: four characters [4/4]
     ↳ Antoine Triplett

The only thing wrong with this gifset is that there’s only one where’s he’s using the full-on SMILE. Admittedly, it’s pretty strong stuff, there might be deaths if it were wielded carelessly.

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Oct. 30th, 2014 06:02 pm
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seriously body, seriously?
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so in the hermione/ron/viktor household of which i spake, that’s totally a thing and not a rareship only queenofspooky and i are interested in

just imagine the shit hermione has to deal with when it comes to interaction with muggle life

naturally they have a lot of magic mods inside their apartment, but obviously they live in a muggle area, probably in the city, probably somewhat close to hermione’s family and it’s where hermione is more comfortable and viktor and ron would do anything for hermione

except ron’s complete and total lack of familiarity with muggle stuff is well documented. he couldn’t pronounce electricity until he was 16 ffs.

but viktor is also supposed to be from a fairly closed off wizarding society too, just in eastern europe. durmstrang is supposed to be less tolerant of “mixed” students compared to hogwarts. but, like, what gave viktor an open mind towards understanding muggleborn witches and wizards? was it the collaborative and impacting influence of professional sports? was it his own family? was one side of his family more mixed and he has some 90s era post soviet understanding of the muggle world through some muggle cousins? that potentially involves listening to bootleg tape decks of 80s american pop music and an inexplicable fascination with blue jeans?

but moving on, what all that means is domestic hijinks and hermione frequently having to bail them out.

think about it. neighbors just assume they’re students in a flatshare. if a random neighbor asks maybe “what are you studying?” (in my story) they know enough to say something like law enforcement and not auroring. but any random london resident would know more about muggle policing than either of these two clowns. so any follow up question is going to be met with viktor’s stony silence that’s covering up his panic and internal esl swearing, or ron’s prevaricating “well, it’s, you know, the trouble with it, innit.”

both ron and viktor are both huge quidditch nerds. talking to other guys about sports? or trying to look nonchalant while their landlord rattles off what happened during football in a conversation neither of them has understood for at least four minutes now?

and omg, what if the television stopped working while hermione was at work. they’ve been watching eastenders to figure out the things muggles do it’s important and no amount of charms will make the pictures come back. the television itself is however about three inches bigger and bright purple after that, and the new dvd player now open and closes indiscriminately.

hermione having to tell people all the time that viktor doesn’t know english very well and the reason why ron said no when you asked if he’d ever been vaccinated was because he… had a very strict religious upbringing in a… cult. no it’s fine the deprogramming is going lovely he’s all caught up on shots now.

hermione having to keep track of which explanations they gave to who, so they can bring it up easily whenever they speak to that person next, and to keep ron and viktor from suggesting to use memory charms on all their acquaintances.

ron and viktor trying to make it up to hermione by putting away her books after she’s been doing research and making her favorite dinner and just incredible amounts of massages.

YES all this. But also imagine Ron and Viktor taking Hermione to all the magical libraries of the world. Visiting magical museums and historical sights—because even though it’s not mentioned in the books if the Wizarding World doesn’t have incredible amounts of culture then what is it good for? 

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Oh man that hp story sounds great

Oct. 28th, 2014 01:09 pm
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so re: my hermione/ron/viktor ot3, i always thought of it like this.

hermione and ron live together right away, with no intention to get married or anything. they are just in love and also pretty broke. (as opposed to ginny and harry who get married before they even try living on their own.)

and hermione is doing whatever the wizard equivalent of interning is at the ministry in the misuse of muggle artifacts office so she can one day create ministry-wide overhaul in re wizard and non-wizard relations. and ron is doing auror training, which i would hope is something a little more like fbi training that combines specialized magic and physical training as well as law enforcement theory and technique. 

and there’s a huge hubbub because some this year’s recruits were players in the wizarding war, and there’s huge news because international quidditch star viktor krum is going to study to become an auror.

and omg the only friend he has in england is hermione granger.

so hermione’s very happy and going out of her way to invite viktor over and include him in their lives. she and viktor connected in way she rarely ever has with anyone. as an inordinately talented young quidditch player, viktor was always under a lot of pressure to live a certain kind of life, regardless of his wishes. it’s great he’s doing something he wants, and something for the public good. she rarely has any time for anyone now, working overtime and then some at the ministry. it’s a relief to have one of her only friends in the country, and to have ron at home.

and ron is feeling threatened because he’s ronald weasley. not only does he still have to compete with harry bloody potter and other law enforcement professionals looking to become aurors, but now viktor krum. again. he’s got no more room in his life for perfect, super talented, ridiculously attractive people. how can he possibly continue to convince people he’s worth the trouble, of being an auror, of being a partner, if everyone around him is so much better?

and finally getting to know viktor? is even worse that him being the best seeker of ron’s lifetime. because viktor is freaking nice to him.

viktor doesn’t just tolerate him in order to keep being friends with hermione. he listens to what ron has to say. laughs at his dumb comments. and wants to team up with ron for practicum.

it’s total madness.

so it’s not like ron can be angry with him. he’s just angry he’s not angry with him.

and after a particularly eventful night of field study, when they’re supposed to only be shadowing a real auror, but of course explodes into danger, ron can’t even pretend he’s only tolerating viktor. he’s totally in love.


hermione’s also going through her own silent back and forth between thinking she’s cheating on ron for finding viktor attractive and wondering why she’s giving herself so much grief for nothing—and was she ever really not attracted to viktor?  how can it be cheating or wrong if it’s always been a state of her life. and she is working nearly 80 hours a week around well-meaning wizards who don’t know anything about muggle life and flat out bigots. and she hardly ever gets to see ron anymore who lives with her, let alone her friends and family, so can’t she have just this one weakness, this one little thing, without tearing her hair out over it.

but of course she never stops feeling bad about it. because she can’t stop thinking about viktor like that. it’s not like she loves ron any less. that’s not the case at all. if anything she keeps comparing them and thinking how she doesn’t want to lose either of them. but she’s fairly certain ron’s head would actually spin around like a top and fly off if anything ever happened. but she doesn’t want to lie to him.

and ron has been acting very strange lately. it makes her worried. when she and ron and viktor have dinner together lately the atmosphere is always very strange and awkward, but also like no one ever wants to leave. she had made a habit of introducing them to more muggle things, and they finally got together another time to sit on the couch and watch a movie and it was so quiet and the air was so thick.

the next morning ron looked at her so openly and so sincerely, almost like he was going to cry, and said “i love you” before almost running out of the house.

and hermione, well, hermione did cry. because ron has always been more intuitive than her, even if he could never follow up very well and actually talk about his feelings. so she’s convinced he must know somehow.

so after feeling sick nearly all day, she tells him that night. she tells him that she has not a crush, not just feelings. she’s in love with viktor. but she’s also in love with ron. desperately in love and that’s why she has to tell him. and she would never act on it, but she has to be honest if she ever wants to be true to ron, and to herself.

except ron’s head doesn’t spin off. he doesn’t yell or rave, like she’d thought. he doesn’t crumble or cry. he freezes and for a moment she thinks that portends something much worse, like him leaving her forever.

but instead he just sits and looks like a deer caught in headlights. finally he swallows nervously and says something like “here i thought i was going to make a startling confession but you were always quicker than me.”

so it turns out that ron was in the same boat hermione was in all along, and they both have been making love faces at viktor krum since they were fourteen and never stopped.

then the rest is getting viktor’s temperature and starting a beautiful poly negotiation with viktor krum, wherein probably harry and ginny and some of the more hep weasley sibs find out for funsies.

i didn’t include much from viktor’s pov because i didn’t want to get too involved, but lol missed that train didn’t i.

that’s my hermione/ron/viktor not!fic i never finished in 2006.

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I transferred the money to keep you safe. I was just doing my job.

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favourite character meme » 2/2 emotions: buffy summers + defiance

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i have an idea in my head where thor is just like. painfully incapable of being cissexist.

like some transphobic reporter asks him abt his sexuality and he’s “i have been attracted to many of your midgardian genders” and “what” and “my current paramor is genderqueer” “are they male or female” “they are neither of those two genders, that is what i have just said!” “oh well what were they born as" "oh no, dear friend, u appear to be confusing genderqueer with genderfluid! the lady mystique assures me that these are two very different things, [extremely extended explanation]"


oh  my gosh yes

"but what are they biologically?”

"…they are human."

oh my god

"But what is between their legs?!"

"That is not of your concern, but on a good  day, myself!"


#thor’s the kind of guy who would hear that joke #you know #’who wears the pants in your relationship?’ #’well if we’re doing it the right way #neither of us’ #and he’d just BELLOW with laughter #because yes no pants for both of us #excellent (via tinpanali)


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The room came to be known as Starks Secret Stash of Steve.

Steve was the only one who didn’t know about it.


Fun fact! Tony literally in canon set up a Captain America Room in Avengers Tower

#no but imagine #after bucky has moved into the tower with steve #and he’s getting better but he’s still paranoid #and feels a deep ingrained need to patrol and explore and make sure everything’s okay #so he’s crawling through the duct work late one night #like you do #and he overhears the sound of two men arguing #so he follows it #it’s hard to find #like it’s been hidden away #but after some tricky maneuvering around a laser grid #he finds it #tony and this coulson guy who’s in charge of shield or something now he guesses #sitting at a table in a room full of cap memorabilia #cards and pictures and posters spread out in front of them #and having a really heated discussion about carbon dating #they both jump when bucky drops down from the ceiling #and says #’that ones a fake #steve didn’t start wearing his hair like that until december of 43’ #and that’s how bucky earns the passcode to the secret cap fan club hq (via bewaretheides315​)


Jesus Christ, those tags.

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Oh, Yuletide Writer! It's that time of year! Let's hang all that festive junk in all the right places.

Welcome to my letter. Woah, this is my ninth Yuletide letter. That's a bit scary.

First up, I want to let you know that I will love what you write. I promise! Eight Yuletides down, and I've loved every fic written for me. I love Yuletide, and I love that it's grown into this giant, multifaceted party celebrating fandom.

This letter is mostly optional. If you're the kind of writer who chafes at boundaries, please don't let this letter fence you in. I've thrown together a bunch of possibilities for these fandoms, but they're meant as inspiration, not as concrete requests. I would appreciate if you can veer away from the things that squick me but otherwise, if your muse is pulling you in other directions, that's awesome.

If, like me, you prefer prompts with guidelines (Lots of guidelines! All the guidelines!), then I've talked about each fandom behind the cut. I've nominated specific characters, and I know by Yuletide rules you're meant to include all of them, but I'm fine if you don't. I just wanted to narrow down the field for some of the larger fandoms and to give you an idea of who I find most interesting in the canon.

Here are my general likes and dislikes, c&p'ed from previous letters:

Things that generally tickle my fancy:

People! Gen, slash, femslash, het. Friendship fic, relationship fic, frenemies, enemies, sexy enemies. People putting their differences aside to work with each other. Backstory, AUs (though not the no powers barista kind), crossovers, teamwork.

Plot! Big sweeping plot, small canon-compliant plot, things for the characters to do while they're snarking at each other, things going on around them while they're getting it on. I like stuff to happen.

Competence! I have a huge competence kink. I love seeing people being really, really good at stuff. I love lateral thinkers and characters who follow their instincts and people putting their skills to use in unexpected ways.

Ladies! BAMF female characters who don't have to bring other female characters down to be BAMFs. Mothers and sisters and girlfriends and girlfriends and wives. Women with agency. Women treated with respect.

Representation! People of colour. People outside the gender binary. Queer identities and culture. Non-nuclear families, found families, poly families, family that is family because you get to define it.

Things that I don't like as much (but can handle if the story takes you there):
Sad endings, character death, angst, embarrassment.

Things I'd rather you didn't write:
Cross-gen relationships, incest, teacher/student, employee/employer, non-con.

Death by Silver, Captive Prince, Stigmata, Ms Marvel, Orphan Black, Hawkeye )


As always, I have somehow ended up writing more about some of these fandoms than others – that doesn't mean that I prefer them over the others. I love all of these fandoms and would be delighted with fic for any of them.

If we've matched on a fandom that doesn't suit you, I've got a couple of short canons in my requests this year. Death by Silver is available DRM-free from Smashwords. And Stigmata is a movie that you're most likely going to find in the bargain bin because it's (omg) 13 years old. (It's pretty cheap on iTunes, too, which I know because all my DVDs are still in boxes, and I had to buy it to review canon.)

For stalking purposes, I'm [ profile] st_aurafina and [ profile] st-aurafina. All my previous Dear Author letters are here: Dear Author. If you have any questions, you're welcome to message my partner, [personal profile] lilacsigil. She will keep your secrets!

Yuletide is a happy time for me, I always have a great time, and I always love my gifts. Thank you for volunteering to write for another person this year! I hope you enjoy the writing process, and that you have a great Yuletide too.

Dear Yule Goat 2014

Oct. 26th, 2014 12:29 am
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Dear Yule Goat (And Most Excellent Yuletide Author)

Hi! Congrats (or condolences) on getting assigned me - hope I haven't scared you off yet! Seriously, though, I've loved every story I've received thus far for [community profile] yuletide, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading whatever you choose to write me, as well!

I'm totally going to talk more about my prompts and why I love my sources next, but, first, lets get the general 'things I like in stories' list out of the way. These include: plot, good dialogue, meta-ness, shenanigans, humor, daring escapes, swordplay, singing, AUs, unusual relationships, found families, things that are hinted at but not stated explicitly, epistolary fic, stubbornness/tenaciousness, pining, UST, music, dancing, sport(s), animals, magical realism, tropes turned upside-down (and inside-out), crazy premises taken seriously, strong universes, flexible sexualities . . . and so much more.


1. Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families - Meg Murry | Meg O'Keefe - Charles Wallace describes Meg as being 'not really one thing or the other' in A Wrinkle In Time - I'd love to see this explored as relating to Meg's gender identity or sexuality. Perhaps coming to a late realization of her bisexuality while loving and being married to a man? Or making peace with not feeling like she's good at being a woman, partially because she doesn't feel entirely like being female suits her?

Experience is the mother of knowledge. )


2. A Bag of Hammers - Alan/Ben, Kelsey - Future fic. Or, well, fill in the bit between having to give up Kelsey and sending him off to college fic, really. But Alan and Ben figuring out how to adult enough to raise a kid, dealing with their shit - and getting a pretty awesome family out of it? 8D

We all get a bag of's what we do with these hammers. )


3. Cool Runnings - Junior/Yul - Yul makes Junior want to be his best self. Junior gives Yul something to care about. How does this work out for them after they don't have the Olympics binding them together any longer? If you can write them a romance, that's awesome, but even exploring their platonic effect on each other would be swell.

I see pride. I see power. )


4. The Muppet Show - Beaker, Fonzie, Gonzo, Kermit - I am into seeing fic for any of these guys - or any other Muppet Show characters you might want to drag into things. I'll go into more specifics in my letter, since I could probably prompt forever, here.

It's time to start the music! It's time to light the lights! )

Halloween at work

Oct. 24th, 2014 07:21 pm
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Not allowed to peck Purple with my long, dagger-like loon beak.
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It turns out that I have some unprocessed emotions from the final months of LiveJournal volunteering. I found this out due to a superficially similar thing adjacent to me triggering those emotions last night. Once I identified it as both having tripped off some stored-up trauma, and also (thanks to a timely comment from [personal profile] sithjawa) affecting my man'chi, it was easier to cope.

Easier didn't mean actually easy. I still started out my morning in a right state. I was underslept a bit, so I was a bit woobly, and the main thing keeping me from hiding under somebody's desk with some fairly terrible raspberry vodka was that it would be unseemly. So I didn't do that. And then Fishie said something on Twitter which struck my funny bone, and I laughed a lot about it and then I was basically okay. And then my Overlady called me into her office for some advice and a pep talk, and that was good.

And then it was time for an A-Team training session on some in-house software made by the same team which makes my participant database tool. Of whom I have grown increasingly fond in contrast to the everloving helpdesk software, which is out-house. (Which also explains why I could not find anything online when searching up the name of the tool.) The thing is a front end for the awkward automated coupling of Mailman with arguments against certain fields in the company directory, via a nightly cronjob. The highlight was the awkward attempt to not explain boolean logic when explaining some of the less intuitive settings. The dev also wasn't sure quite what the Bugzilla category was for it.

I did catch the tail end of lunch with Purple, which irrationally pleased me (as he'd put off going to lunch as long as possible in order to possibly overlap with me, as I'd told him my schedule).

After that there was a team meeting. The grandmanager has returned.

Researcher Carmageddon was surprised to see me in early. He wasn't having the greatest of days either, due to having parked the previous evening inside what later became a crime scene due to the discovery of some explosives or something, just in time for him to not be able to drive in search of dinner. This did not start his morning off the best.

Later in the evening, I was poking at the mail tool to see what lists there were in the live version. Within about twenty minutes, I found myself raiding Bugzilla, because I'd discovered a bit of a little UI bug. This touched off a rediscovery of how strong a case of impostor syndrome I actually have, with concurrent pep talk from Purple. It is apparently patently obvious to anyone within looning distance of me how much delight I take in finding these things. The surprise to me this time was how easy the first one was to find. I do this. I'm good at this. I should stop being surprised that I'm good at this. It does help to have someone who knows exactly what kind of pressure cooker filled with dry ice DeVry was.

Tomorrow will be an utter zoo.

Tonight, I'm putting a few more touches on the costume. It's going to be very hot, but I think it's worth it.
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Was worth the money.

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Yuletide Placeholder

Oct. 23rd, 2014 09:40 pm
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Consider this the placeholder for my Yuletide Letter.

adventures in the voice recognition

Oct. 22nd, 2014 02:00 am
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Settings > my device > language and input > google voice typing > settings > uncheck block offensive words.

Mother fucker.
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White Collar  |  5 characters [4/5]     → Artist!Neal

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Taking a break from the serious doom and gloom - how about some of the not so serious kind? Because, as most of the twitter crowd already knows, PRoF is once again hosting its annual Halloween Party (Second Annual [personal profile] ciaan Memorial Edition)!

WHO: You!

WHAT: Wear costumes, talk, eat, drink, play games (Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Encore, Gloom), have lots of geeky fun! Who knows, there might even be some suggestive gourd carving (turnips, dude...)!

WHEN: Saturday, November 1, 5pm - Sunday, November 2, whenever people straggle off after brunch

WHERE: PRoF (directions provided as needed)

WHY: Because Halloween!

Aside from those basics, comment to let me know if you have any new allergen concerns you want to alert me to - or just to let us know you're coming. PRoF will certainly provide a good bit in the way of entree (still under discussion) and dessert stuff (cookies! pies!), but all comers are welcome on that front - and if you have a specific thing you prefer to drink in the way of booze (or non-booze), I recommend supplying it rather than counting on our cupboards to provide (the current population of PRoF aren't particularly big drinkers).

(I meant to get this post up this past weekend, but the last of my laptops decided to have its system board and LCD quit talking to each other, so my computer use is going to be a bit sparse until I can get a new AC adapter for the one that failed next last on account of its power cord being in three pieces instead of two. The one which won't recognize its OS is furthest down the repair list. *sighs*)

harvey/mike + protective harvey

Oct. 20th, 2014 10:15 pm
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harvey/mike + protective harvey

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13 years is a while!

Oct. 20th, 2014 02:02 am
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13 years ago Saturday, I pledged to be the friend who didn't fall off the radar for Darkside. It has worked out rather better than he thought it would so far. :)
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why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 15/25

Phryne & Jack - Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries

#just looking at this stupid flippin’ gifset is making my stomach squirm with feelings#uuuugh#UUUUUGH#JUST KISS ALREADY YOU ASSHOLES#a real kiss not a distraction kiss#my sister literally screamed DAMMIT AUNT PRUDENCE#when she cockblocked them#and she did it TWICE!!!#PRUDEEEEENCE#*shakes angry fists at the sky*#she knew exactly what she was doing too#i love you but WHY#;A;#and the my girl Jane (wonderful Jane) tried to get them to kiss under the mistletoe#and we were like WELL YOU TRIED#at least we know she’s got our backs#miss fisher’s murder mysteries (via unfamiliargroundsquirrel)

Watching unfamiliargroundsquirrel fall like a sack of potatoes for this show is amongst my many joys in life.

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Friday was a special work holiday celebration on account of Diwali. The event invitation said to dress colorfully, so I did -- the sea-blue print skirt, a screaming magenta top, a knit teal mesh scarf paired with a burnout royal blue scarf (both the same size of infinite), and yellow and blue ribbons in my loose hair. The Stage Manager: "It looks like you walked through a rainbow and it exploded."

I went early-ish; Purple also went early-ish; we failed to locate each other until much later. I sat down next to Mr. Sub-tle and chatted a bit while sewing square white buttons on a black shawl. The major challenge is to sew them on in a way that has them retain their orientation. I learned many things about the shenanigans which go into arranging certain events.

At length lb appeared, and then the Other Guy. They had a rousing discussion of events. Eventually things got louder, and lb and I headed over to a quieter side bench, which had the disadvantage of extra reverb. Purple came out to join us after a while, and there was lengthy and hilarious discussion, some of which was more appropriate than others. I got an appreciable amount done on embellishing the shawl. The buttons were sent in a large bulk bag. The manufacturing process involved chips of plastic lodging themselves in the thread tunnels of the buttons, so I had to ream them out. Meanwhile, Purple and lb and Dean Pelton (and Purple points out that our version is *much more* butch than Community's) all thought they looked like chiclets. "Manlets!" Purple declared. Whereupon I said that I was reaming the manlet. Hilarity, etc.

Dinner or something was briefly under debate, but declined on the grounds that Saturday was going to be sort of epic. Purple and I wrapped up, then walked out together. We nearly lost balance when hugging, but recovered. I was reminded of the gif floating around tumblr of the people dancing off a balcony, then demonstrated Tay's tango-punch. Purple had thought of a slightly different way to do that, which delighted me. And then we headed off, intending to have quiet and early nights. I did better at that than he did, as he proved to be coding up a storm on some personal projects, late into the night...

lb invited one of his other work friends back to #adventuresofstnono. Whee!

Big Damn Hangar

Oct. 19th, 2014 12:37 am
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The streams have crossed. I've now met two of Purple's good friends from non-work (tentatively dubbed Catboy and the Antisocial Butterfly) and they now know that I say "As helpful as a ferret in a bowl of packing peanuts" when Purple is being super helpy.

The event: an open house at the NASA Ames Research Center, attended by like fucking half the goddamn sf bay area.

Despite the woeful elements of my day, I'm feeling really pretty damn good about the whole thing, which is great -- the same series of events could have resulted in a really kind of terrible day. Happily, they did not.

long day is long )

vid announcement: bad kids

Oct. 18th, 2014 09:14 pm
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So I made a thing for [personal profile] niqaeli's birthday.

vid: Bad Kids
fandom: The Losers
song: Bad Kids by Lady Gaga
file format: mp4, 28.1MB
runtime: 2:09
link: http:/ (right click to download)
warnings: muzzle flash, explosions, blood etc ala canon, shadowpuppet noncon

Five against the fortress. Team vid. Go Petunias.

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Nine Days of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Day Three: Favorite Male CharacterRay Holt

The NYPD was not ready for an openly gay detective. But then the old guard died out. Suddenly they couldn’t wait to show off the fact that they had a highly-ranking gay officer. I made Captain. But they put me in Public Affairs unit. I was a good soldier, I helped recruitment, but all I ever really wanted was my own command. And now I’ve finally got it, and I’m not gonna screw it up.

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