Jul. 24th, 2009

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So everybody's up in arms about that RTD interview about CoE which, as someone who's never been all that keen on Torchwood anyway, elicited more sympathy in me than rage because ... well, if Kripke said something that tone-deaf about the fans -- and I don't doubt he has, I just can't recall anything off the top of my head right now -- I'd want to punch him square in his smug face. So I feel sorry for TW fans because RTD is a douche. (Not that we didn't all know this already, but still.)

Although I will admit to a bit of squee that a showrunner unrelated to the CW made reference to Wincest. Snide and condescending, that comment, but hey, it's not just weirdo SPN fans on the internet! We also attract self-righteous irritating showrunners. Whether we want them or not.

Then I click over to AfterElton this morning, and they have an interview with RTD about CoE, and ... okay, this pissed me off more that the SPN quote, for some fucking reason.

What, is he on some public crusade to prove he hears the complaints of the fans as real-life Charlie-Brown's-parents noises or what? Spoilers for CoE, obvs. )


Jul. 24th, 2009 04:15 pm
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The Book Of Eli trailer:

Dear Denzel Washington,



Jul. 24th, 2009 06:03 pm
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The sky's been rumbling steady but surely for the past twenty minutes or so, but the skies have yet to open up. I love thunderstorms. Stop threatening me with a good time, weather. *shakes fist at sky*

In other news:

-- Almost done with chapter three of GPW. I think I'd be getting these done quicker if I weren't so damn stressed out, but hey, at least I'm doing something.

-- Oh, yeah, no phone call from that one place yet. Still. *sigh*
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Another resume out, and the website claims someone will call back in 24 hours to talk to me.

My mom printed out a dozen copies of my resume today.

*crawls onto my friendslist's collective lap and puts my head on your shoulder*

Can I have a job now? :(
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So you may have noticed that I have been slacking on my Christian/Olli posting duties, which ... sorry about that. They have still been going strong, albeit with a bit of a hiccup the last few days, but today we got this:

See that dreamy smile in response to them kissing? I do that EVERY DAMN TIME.

Aw, puppies. Bless.
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Chapters of Grand Prize Winner that I've edited so far:

A lot of it right now is small continuity errors and sentence structure I hate and whatnot, but the next chapter's right about where I've got to start streamlining. I was really guilty in GPW of doing a lot of throwing-stuff-at-walls-and-seeing-what-sticks, which I have a bad habit of doing, although thankfully I seem to kept from doing too much of it in Heroine Addiction because I had way more figured out for that book at the same stage that I was while writing GPW.

But, yeah. I tend to throw a lot of loose ends into the mix and say, "I'll fix them later!" and that works ... sorta. It obviously wasn't working well with GPW, so the plan is to shave off the majority of the "Hi, I'm a clue!" moments, since so many of them turned out not to be, because I'm stupid and sometimes can't plan for shit. Cue headdesking.

On the bright side, I was only planning on getting to chapter three today, but chapter four snuck in there and out of the way, so that was nice. :)


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