Jan. 23rd, 2013

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Okay, I think I have reached the point of regularly checking the Lizzie Bennet Diaries tag on Tumblr where I'm equally as annoyed as I am at the hardcore Lyckham shippers as I am completely skeeved by almost every little thing Wickham does or says.

Seriously, there was someone on there yesterday going, "He said she was wonderful and she shouldn't listen to anyone who tells her otherwise! Would someone who's being manipulative say that?!" Uh, YES. That's how manipulation works. You say something nice now because you just said something utterly dickish and the person you're manipulating stops thinking, "Uh ..." and switches to swooning. Someone who's being emotionally manipulative isn't a total jackass 24/7, or else his attempt to manipulate you wouldn't work because you would run the fuck AWAY.

And don't even get me started on the "You just hate him because you hate book!Wickham!" shit going around. I literally had to sit down yesterday and post a list on Tumblr of every creepy, manipulative, lying thing George has done in the videos to show that no, actually, contrary to Wes Aderhold's very pretty face, LBD!George has done some appalling things in-canon. And we don't even know yet what he did to Gigi, whom -- I can only imagine -- the Lyckham fan will probably claim is lying when she finally reveals what he did. (Which I say as I suspect she's going to do so in tomorrow's video. The preview kinda looks that way.)

Ugh. I'm at the point where I want whatever big bad thing is going to happen TO happen because I'm really fucking curious to see how the Lyckham fans will explain it away.
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I changed my Tumblr username just because I wanted a change, so if you're looking for me over there, my Tumblr username is shickalenia.

(It's a word I stole my great-uncle, who uses it in public situations where he can't get away with cursing. I'm not exactly sure what "shickalenia" really means, but knowing my great-uncle, it's some absolutely vile sexual act. That's my family. We're all pigs. :))


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