Feb. 3rd, 2013


Feb. 3rd, 2013 04:09 pm
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So I did my tax return last week and it was about $1500, which is on the upper end of what I normally get, which made me happy. But then I got the paperwork for my college tuition the other day, which somehow slipped my mind. (Probably because thanks to my online health class, I'm now apparently on an exercise program I didn't ask for. Not that I didn't expect to work out, since it's kind of why I signed up for the class in the first place since I've gained some weight from working at home, but my teacher's got some annoying rules about where we're supposed to run that requires going outside. Which, as someone who owns a treadmill, means I keep putting off exercising. So, you know, that's a big help. :| )

Anyway, I looked into adding it into the tax info I've already filed, and it means I now get something like $1700 more back.


Granted, I have to file an amended tax return seeing as how the first one was already accepted, and I have to wait until I get the first refund (which if I'm profoundly lucky will be this Friday) before sending it in, so I will probably not see the rest of it until March.


Oh, and working from home finally came in handy. La la la, writing off everything from rent to garbage tags, la la la.

Speaking of working from home, I *finally* reached quota this week! I think I figured out that I was too fixated on getting hours in, when what I really should be fixating on is my numbers. So instead of watching the clock last week, I basically sat down and worked until I reached 50 claims. Then I could take a little break, and then come back and do it all over again. And it works! I just put on QI episodes on YouTube or TV shows I haven't watched before on Netflix and the time flies by. :)

But, yeah. My refund's big enough that I can pay off my bills and still splurge on myself, so I'm getting two things I've been wanting for a while -- a new tattoo, and a pet snake. I'm actually thinking about getting two new tattoos, because one of the tats I want is "write something" in my own handwriting on the inside of my right wrist and that's not going to put much of a dent in my refund at all. I think this is my chance to finally get "this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper, which I will probably get on my back near my right shoulder.

Also ... yes, a snake. Because there will be a rat, a tarantula, and a snake, and now no one will ever come over my house again. MWAHAHAHAHA!

I've been wanting a ball python for the longest time, so if anyone's got any advice I'm all ears. I haven't had reptiles since I was a teenager and I've never had a snake, so I'll take all the advice I can get. God knows it came in handy with the tarantula. :) (Who is somehow still alive, to my tremendous surprise. Not because I'm a bad pet owner or anything, but ... c'mon, it's my first pet spider. Even though I know better, I'm still surprised I've had it over two years by now.)


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