Mar. 15th, 2013

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So, the house that my parents want me to buy?

The asking price is $46,000.

Now, keep in mind that as soon as my mom heard this from the neighbor across the street from the house, who’s apparently been speaking with the owner, my mom said, “Tell him I said he’s fucking nuts.”

For starters, the guy bought it for $23,000 not even a year ago. It is not a big house. It’s big enough for one person or maybe a couple, but that’s it. It’s not the fanciest house in the world, and it still needs work. He replaced the furnace, and he got rid of some of the crap inside it that the last owner left behind. And then he doubled the price.

It’s a small house in a small town. I don’t think the owner quite realizes how stupid he is to ask for that around here, because he sure as hell isn’t likely to get it. The owner’s from New Jersey, so maybe that’s influencing the asking price, but … seriously, come on. My parents bought the house next door to them to tear down last year (the one between their house and the house for sale), and they only paid $20k for it, and it wasn’t all that much worse off than the house for sale. (They mostly bought it because the worst neighbor we ever had lived there and my mom desperately wanted to buy it and tear it down out of spite.)

So for right now, we’re waiting on him to get his head out of his ass and lower the asking price, and hopefully not to get any nibbles by anyone dumb enough to take him up on the asking price until then.


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