Mar. 29th, 2013

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  • I've lost twenty pounds so far this year.
  • I am thiiiiiiis close to cracking 180 pounds on my digital scale. (I have a cheap scale I bought years ago and the digital scale I bought about six weeks ago. The digital scale reads six pounds heavier than the cheap scale. The cheap scale read me at the start of the year as 195 pounds. So when the digital scale reads me as 179 pounds, which it'll probably do tomorrow morning, I'll probably do a little dance in my bathroom.)
  • I don't have a coronary when I go up a flight of stairs anymore.
  • My favorite XL yoga pants are now bagging at the waist so much I have to keep yanking them up.
  • I went digging through my closet looking for a top to wear to a family dinner at a nice restaurant tomorrow night and found a cute red sweater I bought a couple of months ago when I got my first tax refund. I made the mistake of not trying it on before I brought it home back then -- it was a large and I figured I wouldn't have to -- and when I got it home I couldn't even button it shut. I tried it on just now, and aside from being a little tight over my boobs, it fits just fine.
I'm not going to lie -- I'm a little giddy about dinner tomorrow night and Easter dinner Sunday. Tomorrow's dinner is for my parents' wedding anniversary, and my grandfather and my cousin, both of whom haven't seen me since I started this whole thing, will be there. Then on Sunday, there'll be more relatives there who haven't seen me since I started this.

Apparently my mom has been telling people I've been working out and dieting and losing a whole bunch of weight, which I get, but I also kinda wish she hadn't, just because I'm finding I like the phrase, "Oh, wow, you've lost weight!" more when people are surprised. Yes ... yes, I have. :D

I signed up for the American Heart Association Heart Walk in Scranton in May, so right now I'm just "training" for that, such as it is. I got my mom to say she'd do the Heart Walk with me so I can't cop out, but it also means I have to be able to walk a few circuits around Nay Aug Park without passing out. 

My goal is to crack 140 pounds. To be honest, I'd be happy to get back below 150 pounds, but I'm aiming for the 130-somethings mostly because my mom's 145 pounds and I kinda want to be skinnier than her. And I'm really, really patient when it comes to this whole thing. I want to be there by Christmas, which is seriously not a huge expectation considering this isn't as difficult to stick to as I was afraid it would be. Normally when I try to drop weight, it works but after a few weeks I miss Cheetos and Pepsi and burgers and pizza and I quit. This time ... not so much. 


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