Apr. 16th, 2013

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So I didn't move to the semifinals in the Amazon contest, which I'm cool with. Why? Because my Publisher’s Weekly review from the contest is really, really good. :D

Supervillainy mixes with soap opera in this imaginative and entertaining adventure tale of doughty heroes, dastardly plots, and dark family secrets. Teleporter Vera Noble — daughter of super-strong Paladin (aka: Ivy Noble) and mind-reader Wavelength (aka: Everett Noble), the world’s favorite super couple — hung up her cape five years ago to build a normal life. As the owner of a coffeehouse in a quiet small town, the worst she faces is occasionally bumping into her tattoo artist ex, and finding notorious supervillain Morris Kemp, aka: the Quiz Master, sitting in booth five. The truth is that her dad left her mom to shack up with Morris, a secret her parents have hidden for years now. But now Dad is leaving Morris and coming home. Whatever caused the change — robot, clone, brainwashing, amnesia, or something more insidious, Everett Noble isn’t himself. Then Morris turns up dead and Vera’s brother Graham (aka: Fortress) is arrested for the murder. Determined to learn the truth, Vera starts to dig, only to find herself stuffed in another superhero’s body with no idea who to trust. This action-packed mystery, along the lines of The Incredibles, reminds readers that being “super” doesn’t make you immune from being human.


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