May. 15th, 2013

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For starters, work. They're offering unlimited overtime, which would be great, except they're sending up spreadsheets from which we need to complete all of the claims on it and there's at least nine hours worth of claims on it for each weekday. This isn't counting claims we previously sent to other departments and now have to finish, or letters we have to write to providers. If I ended up doing the entire spreadsheet, I would be on the computer for ten hours a day, at least. Just the stress of trying to get it done is frying my brain. If I’m going to have to do overtime, I would rather do an extra eight hours on Saturday, rather than longer days during the week. It’s too much for my nerves when I can barely leave the house or take a break to exercise. I’ve been pretty much forcing myself to go out and walk or take a bike ride at this point because damn it, if I’m going to be stressed out, I need to get out of here once in a while, especially now that the weather’s nice.

It doesn’t help that I can’t drive my car right now. My brakes were fine, not squeaking, and then all of a sudden they started grinding the other day. Even if I do need new routers — I definitely need new brake pads, and I already needed an oil change — I should be able to afford it this week. At least, I hope so. It would be a lot easier if I could use financial aid toward it, but that’s another issue I have to deal with.

I got a remote internship for the summer, which is awesome, and I filled out the paperwork with my advisor to get credit. But she can’t confirm it until I give her a few pieces of information like job duties and learning objectives. But I can’t give her those because while I took notes regarding those things during my first call with the agent I’m going to work with, I can’t find them, and the email I sent to my agent probably won’t get answered until this weekend because she is crazy-busy and it takes her a bit to respond. So my class can’t get confirmed, which means my financial aid can’t get confirmed, which means I can’t use it to fix my car, which means I have to use my paycheck toward that, which I *also* have to use because someone screwed up along the line and I owe $41 for the spring semester. And if I don’t pay that, I also can’t get my financial aid.

Also, I have a buck in my bank account. Which wouldn’t be so bad (I've got plenty of groceries and my utilities and rent are all paid) if it weren’t for the car and the school bill and the need to just take a damn *break.* I’m seriously debating skipping the Heart Walk this Saturday, even though I want to do it, because I just can’t deal with this week anymore.

I wish I could take one night and get drunk and eat a whole bacon cheeseburger pizza and cry a lot.


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