Jun. 23rd, 2013

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So in addition to my awesome internship (which, seriously, if anyone can think of a great blog which doesn't have a book deal, I could use a few suggestions for an assignment I have due on Tuesday), I also took Social Diversity online to fulfill my social sciences requirement.

It's a pretty small group, and last week three of us and the teacher had dinner together and they were all lovely. There were two other students who couldn't attend, one of whom has seemed quite nice so far. The other is an Afghan war veteran who ... well, let's just say the best thing I can say is that he's completely honest about his totally unapologetic hatred of Muslims.

Last week we discussed discrimination, and our forum assignments included a choice between four questions to answer, one of which was about hate crimes. He chose that question, then proceeded to write a long rant about how much he hates Muslims now, and how it's okay because of what he saw in Afghanistan, and also we give everybody participation awards which is somehow related to how awful Muslims are in an argument I couldn't even follow, and also 9/11!!!, and then he posted a video about a bunch of Muslims throwing stones at Christians in Michigan or something. (He summarized the video before posting it, which was good because I was already feeling the urge to throw up even before I was supposed to watch it so I didn't.)

I would never have seen it if our teacher hadn't told us to go over and respond (he didn't answer the question until the very last day on Friday), presumably -- considering her personality when we met -- for the rest of us to call him on his bullshit. So basically I just spent the past two hours writing a very, VERY carefully worded takedown of everything he said, alternated with short bursts of switching over to Tumblr and cursing out loud so as to avoid calling him an idiotic racist belligerent dipshit in a class-related setting.

I really love this class, but Jesus, I am really glad this is an online course and I never have to meet this bigoted fucker face-to-face.


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