Jul. 23rd, 2013

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So the agent I'm working with for my internship is all kinds of awesome, and I'm loving the hell out of almost everything (pitching books during conference calls is the worst part just because, ugh, talking on the phone AND public speaking rolled into one), and the cool part is that my advisor has been dorking out over my journal entries that I have to keep sending in.

Anyway, part of the internship is those conference calls for the interns where we talk about imprints and subrights and editing and a whole bunch of things that I already usually know pretty well before we even start. In any event, a couple of weeks ago, we had a conference call on book pitches, and our "homework" was to write up a book pitch for any book we wanted and send it to the agent we're working under to be critiqued.

So, since I needed to practice writing it up for query letters, I used "Heroine Addiction."

Which, I know, is probably a little tacky, but whatever. So I sent the agent I'm working with the book pitch and went back to working on whatever else I had to.

A few days later, she emailed me back and asked if she could give the manuscript to someone else at the agency.

So after I stopped flailing, I sent her the manuscript. I didn't figure I'd hear anything anytime soon, but I got bored the other day and started looking through the bios on the agency's website, because she didn't say who it was she gave it to. I found one who said he usually did non-fiction, but that he worked with pop culture, loves comics, and likes things with a quirky sense of humor and unique subcultures.

When she emailed me today, it turned out I guessed right and that's the guy she gave the book to. Heh. I'm smaaaaaart.

I hope something comes out of it, but I'm realistic enough to just be happy that apparently I can write a good book pitch. :)


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