Dec. 22nd, 2013

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That would be me, by choice, because my family is full of assholes.

Well, that's not entirely true. See, at Thanksgiving I found out that one of my aunts apparently never got the memo that you don't discuss religion or politics with family unless you want to get into a fight, as she decided to go off on Obamacare (and told me I needed to watch more Fox News when I protested, which made me want to gag). Which, hey, I happen to like, even though I'd like universal healthcare a hell of a lot better. But anyway, she, one of my cousins, my dad, and my grandfather then decided to patronize and condescend to me, treat me like a moron for the next twenty minutes, and tell me to shut up repeatedly when I tried to question the "facts" they brought up or the bullshit anecdotes about shifty poor people they knew.

Needless to say, I had a breakdown and yelled at them all. I think my favorite part may have been when I brought up my depression and anxiety and said that their racist comments were a trigger. At which point my aunt said, "What, so I'm supposed to walk on eggshells around you now?" At which point *I* asked if that meant she didn't care about my mental health.

As if she already hadn't literally done everything wrong, she proceeded to say, "You think I don't love you?", accused me of not being who she thought I was, and burst into tears, successfully making my admission about my depression all about her.

... yeah, I kinda left right after that.

So I haven't talked to anybody from my family except for a few texts to my brother since then, and I'm staying home for Christmas for the first time ever. (I've also been bombing my Facebook with every Republicans-being-douchebags news story I can find, because half of the people on my Facebook are my relatives.) In a toss-up between my family and my pets, my pets win right now, because at least they seem to like me.

But I'm more cool with that than I thought I would be. Honestly, I just want to stay home the next couple of days and work and write and snap up Yuletide pinch hits and eat junk food. My weight's held steady at about 150-145 pounds for a while now (depending on which scale you use at my house), which I'm also happy with. Oh, and guess who got straight As again this semester? ;)

In any event, if anybody wants to do anything for me for Christmas, the only thing I really want right now is new glasses. Well, specifically, Harry Potter glasses. (I've already ordered a pair of pretty purple glasses from my optometrist, but her selection is pretty narrow.) And I found frames on Zenni Optical, which I plan to splurge on with all the extras. I plan on ordering them when I get paid this week, but if anyone wants to chip in for Christmas, a gift card for Zenni or a few bucks in my Paypal would help out. I also have to start in on Oscarwatch, so some extra money for popcorn would be nice. :)

Oh, and a couple of people messaged me about Apocalyptothon, which ... erm, I still have to talk with soundingsea about. I'm a little busy for it in the spring, but we may open it up for other people to help so that we can actually have one this year. We'll see.


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