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So everybody's up in arms about that RTD interview about CoE which, as someone who's never been all that keen on Torchwood anyway, elicited more sympathy in me than rage because ... well, if Kripke said something that tone-deaf about the fans -- and I don't doubt he has, I just can't recall anything off the top of my head right now -- I'd want to punch him square in his smug face. So I feel sorry for TW fans because RTD is a douche. (Not that we didn't all know this already, but still.)

Although I will admit to a bit of squee that a showrunner unrelated to the CW made reference to Wincest. Snide and condescending, that comment, but hey, it's not just weirdo SPN fans on the internet! We also attract self-righteous irritating showrunners. Whether we want them or not.

Then I click over to AfterElton this morning, and they have an interview with RTD about CoE, and ... okay, this pissed me off more that the SPN quote, for some fucking reason.

I think their relationship was beautiful. And it lasted as long as any relationship you see in Torchwood. It’s funny because I know a lot of those people complain in the same breath that you get to see Gwen and Rhys being happy. But equally in the same breath, those same people say they don’t like Gwen and Rhys. So clearly they don’t like the happy characters. So why do they even want the gay people to be the happy characters? I don’t know because the happy characters aren’t the ones they are latching on to.

WOW. Way to miss the fucking point.

I say this admittedly as someone who reads a lot of TW episode reactions even though I don't watch just 'cause, it's not happy characters fandom doesn't like, Rusty. It's spoiled characters. And it's not that people dislike happy characters, it's that people dislike WHO'S happy. Also, it's not Gwen and Rhys. Mostly it just seems to be Gwen. A LOT. And not in a all-female-characters-suck kind of a way, but more in a why-are-you-wasting-time-on-her-when-Tosh-and-Suzie-and-Lois-and-all-the-other-women-are-cooler way.

Just saying.
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