apocalypsos: (i'm just shilling my books)
tatty bojangles ([personal profile] apocalypsos) wrote2013-05-29 10:33 pm

Okay, SO.

I’ve compiled four of my short stories into an ebook so that I can sell it and make a little extra money so that I won’t be as behind as I am right now.

The collection’s about 15k words and is called “In The Red.” All four stories are from my fiction classes from last spring and this past semester, so they’ve been polished within an inch of their lives for competitions and finals and whatnot. All four feature female protagonists. Trigger warning for mass murder, zombies, rape prior to the story, and the apocalypse.

I’m asking for two bucks a copy, but that’s only a suggested price. Basically, Paypal me whatever you want and I’ll send you a copy.