apocalypsos: (i'm just shilling my books)
tatty bojangles ([personal profile] apocalypsos) wrote2013-06-05 07:56 am

Reposting my short story ebook offer

Since I'm still running a little low on funds, here's a link back to my original post about the short story collection I threw together to sell.

I'm maybe like twenty-five bucks short of rent, but I'd much rather get it from selling something than asking my mom or my brother (who's making an absurd amount of money at his new job, which is upsetting me and my piecerate-paycheck-earning ass more than I'd like, because it's not his fault my dad is a sexist idiot who never bothered to let me work with him as a teenager instead of at Burger King so I'd have construction work on my resume instead of customer service experience).