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Guys, you don't even KNOW. It is exactly what I was hoping it would be when I signed up for that particular fandom. (I actually had two prompt ideas that I was hoping it would be, but one slightly more than the other simply because there was less research to do with this one.) I so cannot wait to write this.

*claps hands in glee*

Anyway. My letter to my Yuletide Santa:

Hi! As always, I'm so glad you're going to write me something, and I want to thank you in advance not only because I'm grateful you'd take the time to write me a story, but also because ... well, I can get a bit forgetful and do stupid stuff like not tell you how awesome I think your story is after it's posted, and better to prepare ahead of time.

A basic idea of my likes and dislikes:

I'm game for anything, really. My prompts don't exactly involve a lot of possibilities for sex, I suppose, but if you want to write it, go nuts. I'm open to het, slash, femmeslash, poly ... whatever. I'm open to anything sexually except for watersports and whatnot, because ... ew, but again, I doubt that'll come up.

Content-wise, I like a good sense of humor, sharp dialogue, and a good grasp on the characters. Honestly, if you think your story is taking off in a good direction that might not be exactly what I asked for, go for it. I'd rather a well-written story which wavers from what I asked for than a less-well-written story that sticks to my requests. The fandoms I asked for I all adore, so I can safely say that you'll find plenty of leeway with me.

So, request-specific stuff:

"The Tomorrow People (2013)": So I just started watching this show and I'm already totally hooked on Stephen. I just, you know, want him to be able to go have a little fun for a change, especially with everything that's gone on in just a few short episodes. I like Cara well enough, but Stephen/Cara is not my ship. I like her just fine with John and I prefer Stephen with Astrid (or John, when I'm feeling slashy). But yes, fun times all around. Maybe after they find their promised land?

"Now You See Me": I just really, really, really, really want to see Dylan do magic. I found Mark Ruffalo insanely hot at the end of that movie, and I want to see more. How did he get in the Eye? Has he been doing magic while in the FBI? If you're not into that, I'm also love Jack Wilder, and wouldn't mind reading a story about how he became so good at fighting the way he did.

"Galaxy Quest": Oh, man, I just want Guy getting to go to his very first con after the reboot airs, and he's not just there as some extra but as a genuine member of the cast. I want him getting to have fun signing autographs, and connecting with fans who come up to the table genuinely emotional about his journey from extra to cast member, and little friendly moments with the rest of the cast. I want Guy living the dream, you know?

"Elementary": Okay, so you know how last week Joan looked as though she was starting to write a book on Sherlock so that others would know him the way she does? I want to see what happens when that book becomes published. Would Sherlock be annoyed or proud? Would it help them solve cases, or would it get in the way of investigations? Feel free to write either friendship or Joanlock, because I am equally game for both.

Again, thank you SO MUCH. I hope you have fun writing! :)

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