apocalypsos: (i am surprised by you)
tatty bojangles ([personal profile] apocalypsos) wrote2013-11-19 10:16 pm

A few things, while I'm cleaning

-- If anybody's looking for me on Tumblr, I changed my username to everythingsbetterwithbisexuals. Just because everything I seem to be writing right now has a bisexual character in it. Apparently, somebody already pounced on my previous username, so ... you know, whatever.

-- I may have found a way to write my personal ethics code for business ethics class not as an academic paper, but as a short story about the garment worker strikes in the early 20th century and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Hey, whatever works.

-- Still nothing heard from the agent I sent "Heroine Addiction" to. It's been about three months, but I've already sent him an "Uh, hi! You still alive?" email (but more polite and professional) so it's just sitting and waiting right now.