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Yuletide recs

I may get more done before the reveal, but ... well, we'll see.

College First (The Addams Family) – Wednesday returns from college with twin seven-year-old daughters, and tries to balance motherhood, school, and being an Addams. It feels like exactly how Wednesday would be at that point in her life, brittle and harsh, dark and morbid, odd and wonderful all at once.

Gathering Seeds To Throw Wide (The Almighty Johnsons) – You have no idea how happy I was to see Anders/Gaia fic in the collection. No. Idea. Basically it's what Gaia goes through in season three, after she leaves New Zealand and runs off to London, as Anders emails her with updates of what's going on back in Auckland with him and the rest of the gods. Such a wonderful fic which portrays just how screwed-up yet fascinating this particular pairing is.

Ingenue-ity (The Artist) – I have a soft spot for this movie because it was so beautiful and yet I think I am literally the only person I know offline who's seen it because no one else I know will sit through a silent film. So I was delighted to see a fanfic for this movie, and doubly so when it turned out to be fantastic. There is more to the story of what went on on the red carpet in front of the theater that night, and those secrets cause tension between George and Peppy. Considering how little of Peppy and George's dialogue we genuinely see and hear in the film, the dialogue in this story is particularly noteworthy for fitting each character exactly.

If We Dare Expose Our Hearts (The Breakfast Club) – This lovely Brian/John fic catches up with them later on in life, when Brian returns to Illinois for a job interview and reconnects with Allison, and by extension John Bender. Thank God for Yuletide for giving us at least one slashy Breakfast Club fic every year, but I very much enjoyed this one for making Brian and John getting together feel like the friendships did in the first film – fast, but naturally so, and in the end hopeful.

The Coffin Builder (My Boy Builds Coffins – Song) – I made the mistake of reading this late at night in my dark apartment when I was all alone. This is so very creepy. Whoever wrote this, I salute you for making me literally cringe the longer the story went on.

Push Into The Sky (Now You See Me) – All of the stories in the fandom this Yuletide are great, but this one hit on a need that I've wanted to see touched on since I first watched the movie. Not to spoil too much for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, but we get a fully-formed look into Dylan's past which could easily be canon. It not only gives one a good idea of how smart he would have to be, but how well he's learned to hide it.

my heart is a weapon of war (Sharknado) – I didn't know I needed a story about Nova – or about Sharknado, for that matter – until I read this. It's such an amazing portrayal of Nova's backstory, her survival, and what comes next after the events of the movie.

To The Stars (Singin' in the Rain) – Let's be honest. Not too many people come out of this movie liking Lina Lamont. But she's absolutely endearing in this story as she picks up the pieces after the events of the movie and discovers that with no one watching her anymore she doesn't have to hide her smarts anymore. The summary is simply “Lina Lamont: Mad Scientist” and watching her become exactly that is delightful.

The M Word (Titanic RPF) – I'm not going to pretend that I don't see stories about Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio and wish the two of them would just get married already (to each other, I mean), so I may have swooned my way through this story with a dopey smile on my face.