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I wrote four fics this year, which was a good kick in the ass in my writer’s block, quite frankly.

Swing was my original assignment. My recipient asked for a “Poseidon Adventure” fic about Nonnie Parry and James Martin after the end of the movie, which I was thrilled to write because it was one of the prompts I was most hoping to get when I chose to write for that fandom. It’s a bit shorter than I was hoping to write — I think I got a bit overwhelmed with my options — but I quite liked how it turned out.

Flotsam was possibly my favorite story which I got to write. I liked all of them, but honestly, when I saw a request for “Psycho” fic, I pounced. Since it’s one of my favorite movies, I couldn’t resist, and after watching it twice I wanted to follow Lila after the movie and see how she was getting on. It just struck me that we don’t see her cry after everything that’s gone on, when she has plenty of reason to.

Leaving the Nest is the one which got the most attention and whatnot. I saw a “Lilo and Stitch” request on the pinch hit list and grabbed it, and I was pleased that it got the response that it did because it was probably the piece I was most worried about when I posted it. I think I just wished I had longer to write it because there was so much more to explore in Lilo and Nani’s future, and I only had a few short hours in which to write it. I loved my original prompt, but I also would have adored getting this one at the beginning.

And Bookshelves was the last pinch hit I took for “Frances Ha,” so the only reason I didn’t write a ten-thousand-word epic was because I was literally tossing the thing together in the last couple of hours. I did have ideas for femmeslash when I picked the prompt, but because of the timing I kept it simple and went with a short slice-of-life piece instead. And I totally pretended to watch the film later than I did, because I didn’t want anyone to guess what I wrote and I’m a dork like that. :)
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