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tatty bojangles ([personal profile] apocalypsos) wrote2014-11-10 08:07 pm

A quick update

Okay, so I thought I'd give you guys a quick update about what's going on with me just in case you're not following me on Tumblr, in which case you've missed a bunch since the last time I posted before my Dear Yuletide Santa letter. The highlights:

-- I got a new agent-shaped person! His name is Mike and he's with the literary agency I interned for last summer. Apparently, that internship came in handy in more ways than one.

Also, because he had me do some editing and whatnot so he can try to sell it, I took it off Amazon. You know, just in case anyone's been looking for it.

... oh, I also rewrote stuff and now there's at least one different thing that didn't happen in the original version. So, hey, if I do get it published, that's one more reason to buy it again. :)

-- I'm in my senior year! Which means I'm working on the first part of my Capstone (senior project). The fall semester is the planning stage, the spring semester is the execution. This year, it seems I'm the only one writing a novel. I planned out my schedule for next semester and I figured I can send out 10,000 words a week to my committee members in January and February. So, you know, the fact that I've already had to put aside my NaNo project because school swallowed my time is something I can make up for when I'm pounding out an entire YA novel in a two-and-a-half month stretch. (I'm going to work on it during the break. PLEASE SEND HELP.)

I'm hoping I can replace my tablet, though. I have a little one that's good for writing notes (I've got a handwriting-to-text app that works wonderfully), but not so much for writing for a long time, and my laptop's too heavy to be lugged around. Soooooo I'm either going to have to juggle my financial aid or work my ass off or sell a few things so I can get a damn tablet with an accompanying detachable keyboard so I can be ready to type at a moment's notice.

But in any event, I've got three more classes in the spring (one of which is Capstone II) and then I'm done, done, DONE. \o/

-- I'm down to the cat, the tarantula, and the chinchilla. No more snake, no more rat. The rat, Abe, died last week, sadly, especially considering what a snuggler he was.

-- Uh, I'm still not talking to my dad. Or the rest of my family, really, because I'm pissed at nearly every single one of them except for my brother. This Thanksgiving, I may actually do what I've always wanted and just make a big bowl of candied sweet potatoes and eat them all myself while catching up on all of the TV shows I'm behind on.

-- I'm up to eight tattoos! I've got Storm and Jubilee on my right arm and "My feelings are valid" on my left arm. I'd really like to get some more, but alas ... no money.

-- My hair is purple! The general consensus is that this was an excellent decision and I should never, ever change it.