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2017-07-25 09:50 am

Please help!

Hi, gang ... not sure how many people are still hanging around here but I'm kind of desperate so I figure it can't hurt.

Last Monday, I lost a temp job that was supposed to last another two months. It paid pretty well, but I was only just catching up with my bills when I had to spend about $700 on repairs on my car in the last couple of weeks. Which would have been fine, if the job hadn't suddenly ended out of nowhere.

I don't start my unemployment payments for another two weeks and I'm already behind on rent and my electric bill. I literally have nothing left in my bank account until then. I was going to try and save up or raise some money to take a few months after my temp job ended to try and make writing and podcasting my main job, but this sort of came out of nowhere, and the car stuff didn't help.

Anyway, if you can and would like to help in the short term, my PayPal is here. If you can, thank you SO MUCH.
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2016-12-16 02:22 pm

Rent a researcher for Christmas!

Hi, gang! Just a head's up that I started a Kickstarter for the podcast! I'm hoping to get some new equipment and pay website fees and stuff with it, so please think about tossing a few bucks into the pot. And if you contribute $25 or more I will do an episode on the disaster of your choice! :)

P.S. I'm not getting anything for Christmas so this is the closest thing I may get to a present. If that helps. ;)
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2016-10-31 07:18 pm

Hi, gang!

I just realized I posted to LJ and not here about a few recent things, SO.

-- I quit my job! I didn't have any savings or a new job lined up, but dog camp had become such a detriment to my mental health I couldn't deal anymore and up and walked out on the 8th. I'm starting a new job this week just as soon as my background check pans out, but if anyone wants to help out and toss a few bucks my way to help with rent and bills and whatnot, here's a GoFundMe I set up. And thanks, if you can help. :)

-- I finished another manuscript! It's "The Incubators," a historical YA about the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire. I have an Etsy shop set up where you can get the PDF and I'm selling it on Amazon. If you can, or want to get my other books to help out, please do it through Etsy -- they pay quicker and I could use the money, obvs.

-- My podcast is going swimmingly! If you missed me talking about it before, it's called Disaster Area and it's basically me talking about a disaster every episode. It's on iTunes and other podcast sites, and it's downloadable on SoundCloud.

Aaaaand now I'm going to go do more research for the next episode. :)
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2016-03-16 09:09 am

In case anyone is wondering what I've been up to ...

I made a podcast!

It's called "Disaster Area" and it's about disasters (surprise!), with an occasional episode on disaster movies. The link is to the blogs, where you can find notes on disasters, ways to support the podcast, and links to the episodes on Soundcloud. If you want, you can also subscribe on iTunes. :)
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2015-11-09 03:02 pm

Heroine Addiction's back up on Amazon!

And for free until Wednesday!

Please feel free to spread the word. I'm hoping to get it onto the top 100 free ebooks on Amazon by the time this promotion ends. :)

(Just a head's up - this is a new edit with some changes suggested by my agent.)
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2015-05-08 11:28 am

So a few things ...

-- I just finished my very last college class yesterday. So I've basically graduated ... I just need to get the paper degree. But yaaaaaaay. :D

-- Here is my Patreon for the two projects I'm working on this summer before I move on to the Heroine Addiction sequel. Oh, man, free time again. *flappyhands*

-- Here is the link to "The Monsters of Moosic", which is free today on Amazon.

-- Aaaaaaand here is the link to that gay shapeshifter-type erotica I've been sitting on for a while. Yeah, it's a pen name, but that's just to keep the fun stuff separate from the serious stuff.
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2015-04-28 01:09 am

(no subject)

Hi, gang, I just figured I'd pop my head in and link to my Patreon. Right now, I'm working part-time at a dog camp (puppies!) and I'm hoping to stay that way a little while after I graduate in ... jeez, three weeks because I have two major projects I desperately want to finish ASAP. Details are listed on the Patreon, if you're interested. :)

If anyone wants to help, I'd be really grateful. I've only got two more papers to finish for school and then I'm basically done. Like, completely. Thursday's my last day of classes. Yaaaaaaaay.
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2015-04-19 07:30 am

Long time, no see!

I know it's been a while and all, but I figured that I'd give a holler and mention that I posted The Monsters of Moosic to Amazon last night. Go buy a copy for a poor starving artist who's got college loan payments coming up in six months. :)
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2014-11-10 08:07 pm

A quick update

Okay, so I thought I'd give you guys a quick update about what's going on with me just in case you're not following me on Tumblr, in which case you've missed a bunch since the last time I posted before my Dear Yuletide Santa letter. The highlights:

-- I got a new agent-shaped person! His name is Mike and he's with the literary agency I interned for last summer. Apparently, that internship came in handy in more ways than one.

Also, because he had me do some editing and whatnot so he can try to sell it, I took it off Amazon. You know, just in case anyone's been looking for it.

... oh, I also rewrote stuff and now there's at least one different thing that didn't happen in the original version. So, hey, if I do get it published, that's one more reason to buy it again. :)

-- I'm in my senior year! Which means I'm working on the first part of my Capstone (senior project). The fall semester is the planning stage, the spring semester is the execution. This year, it seems I'm the only one writing a novel. I planned out my schedule for next semester and I figured I can send out 10,000 words a week to my committee members in January and February. So, you know, the fact that I've already had to put aside my NaNo project because school swallowed my time is something I can make up for when I'm pounding out an entire YA novel in a two-and-a-half month stretch. (I'm going to work on it during the break. PLEASE SEND HELP.)

I'm hoping I can replace my tablet, though. I have a little one that's good for writing notes (I've got a handwriting-to-text app that works wonderfully), but not so much for writing for a long time, and my laptop's too heavy to be lugged around. Soooooo I'm either going to have to juggle my financial aid or work my ass off or sell a few things so I can get a damn tablet with an accompanying detachable keyboard so I can be ready to type at a moment's notice.

But in any event, I've got three more classes in the spring (one of which is Capstone II) and then I'm done, done, DONE. \o/

-- I'm down to the cat, the tarantula, and the chinchilla. No more snake, no more rat. The rat, Abe, died last week, sadly, especially considering what a snuggler he was.

-- Uh, I'm still not talking to my dad. Or the rest of my family, really, because I'm pissed at nearly every single one of them except for my brother. This Thanksgiving, I may actually do what I've always wanted and just make a big bowl of candied sweet potatoes and eat them all myself while catching up on all of the TV shows I'm behind on.

-- I'm up to eight tattoos! I've got Storm and Jubilee on my right arm and "My feelings are valid" on my left arm. I'd really like to get some more, but alas ... no money.

-- My hair is purple! The general consensus is that this was an excellent decision and I should never, ever change it.
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2014-10-20 11:10 am

Dear Yuletide Santa letter


So ... yeah. I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I'm usually over on Tumblr these days (and more recently Twitter as well) at everythingsbetterwithbisexuals. But first off, quick summary of the year so far:

Still not talking to my dad; not talking to my mom either; not talking to a lot of my family, actually; my great-aunt's dying of lung cancer; I'm in my senior year at Keystone and doing great; my snake died; I still have the same work-from-home job; I bought a Beetle a few months ago; and I've got an agent again!

Also, my hair is currently dark purple. So there's that.

ANYWAY. It's Yuletide again, and I whipped up a few requests pretty quickly, so I'm throwing together a Dear Santa letter for my prospective writer.

Dear Yuletide Santa ... )
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2014-01-16 12:08 pm

Uh, help please?

If anybody's around right now, I literally need five bucks for gas money. Sounds stupid, I know, but the gift card I saved for just such a reason is all fucked up and the customer service person said it would take a while to fix. Meanwhile, my classes at school start in two hours.

If anybody could spare five bucks to Paypal me ASAP, I would really appreciate it. I honestly just need to get to campus. There are gas station gift cards in the bookstore I can buy with my student ID to get me through the rest of the week.
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2014-01-01 11:13 am

What I wrote for Yuletide

I wrote four fics this year, which was a good kick in the ass in my writer’s block, quite frankly.

Swing was my original assignment. My recipient asked for a “Poseidon Adventure” fic about Nonnie Parry and James Martin after the end of the movie, which I was thrilled to write because it was one of the prompts I was most hoping to get when I chose to write for that fandom. It’s a bit shorter than I was hoping to write — I think I got a bit overwhelmed with my options — but I quite liked how it turned out.

Flotsam was possibly my favorite story which I got to write. I liked all of them, but honestly, when I saw a request for “Psycho” fic, I pounced. Since it’s one of my favorite movies, I couldn’t resist, and after watching it twice I wanted to follow Lila after the movie and see how she was getting on. It just struck me that we don’t see her cry after everything that’s gone on, when she has plenty of reason to.

Leaving the Nest is the one which got the most attention and whatnot. I saw a “Lilo and Stitch” request on the pinch hit list and grabbed it, and I was pleased that it got the response that it did because it was probably the piece I was most worried about when I posted it. I think I just wished I had longer to write it because there was so much more to explore in Lilo and Nani’s future, and I only had a few short hours in which to write it. I loved my original prompt, but I also would have adored getting this one at the beginning.

And Bookshelves was the last pinch hit I took for “Frances Ha,” so the only reason I didn’t write a ten-thousand-word epic was because I was literally tossing the thing together in the last couple of hours. I did have ideas for femmeslash when I picked the prompt, but because of the timing I kept it simple and went with a short slice-of-life piece instead. And I totally pretended to watch the film later than I did, because I didn’t want anyone to guess what I wrote and I’m a dork like that. :)
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2013-12-25 05:24 pm


I still have to sit down and read my gift, so if my Santa is reading this, I swear I will review it just as soon as I get done with overtime work today. (I got a Galaxy Quest story about Guy, so I'm bouncing up and down in my seat because I can't WAIT to read it.)

As for me, I wrote four stories this year in four different fandoms. If you can guess any of them, I'll write a story for you. :)
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2013-12-24 01:03 pm

I am impressed with myself.

Last year, I defaulted on Yuletide.

This year, I completed my assignment and did three pinch hits beside that. And I have time tonight to do stocking stuffers if I want. \o/
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2013-12-22 11:58 pm

Guess who's spending Christmas alone?

That would be me, by choice, because my family is full of assholes.

Well, that's not entirely true. See, at Thanksgiving I found out that one of my aunts apparently never got the memo that you don't discuss religion or politics with family unless you want to get into a fight, as she decided to go off on Obamacare (and told me I needed to watch more Fox News when I protested, which made me want to gag). Which, hey, I happen to like, even though I'd like universal healthcare a hell of a lot better. But anyway, she, one of my cousins, my dad, and my grandfather then decided to patronize and condescend to me, treat me like a moron for the next twenty minutes, and tell me to shut up repeatedly when I tried to question the "facts" they brought up or the bullshit anecdotes about shifty poor people they knew.

Needless to say, I had a breakdown and yelled at them all. I think my favorite part may have been when I brought up my depression and anxiety and said that their racist comments were a trigger. At which point my aunt said, "What, so I'm supposed to walk on eggshells around you now?" At which point *I* asked if that meant she didn't care about my mental health.

As if she already hadn't literally done everything wrong, she proceeded to say, "You think I don't love you?", accused me of not being who she thought I was, and burst into tears, successfully making my admission about my depression all about her.

... yeah, I kinda left right after that.

So I haven't talked to anybody from my family except for a few texts to my brother since then, and I'm staying home for Christmas for the first time ever. (I've also been bombing my Facebook with every Republicans-being-douchebags news story I can find, because half of the people on my Facebook are my relatives.) In a toss-up between my family and my pets, my pets win right now, because at least they seem to like me.

But I'm more cool with that than I thought I would be. Honestly, I just want to stay home the next couple of days and work and write and snap up Yuletide pinch hits and eat junk food. My weight's held steady at about 150-145 pounds for a while now (depending on which scale you use at my house), which I'm also happy with. Oh, and guess who got straight As again this semester? ;)

In any event, if anybody wants to do anything for me for Christmas, the only thing I really want right now is new glasses. Well, specifically, Harry Potter glasses. (I've already ordered a pair of pretty purple glasses from my optometrist, but her selection is pretty narrow.) And I found frames on Zenni Optical, which I plan to splurge on with all the extras. I plan on ordering them when I get paid this week, but if anyone wants to chip in for Christmas, a gift card for Zenni or a few bucks in my Paypal would help out. I also have to start in on Oscarwatch, so some extra money for popcorn would be nice. :)

Oh, and a couple of people messaged me about Apocalyptothon, which ... erm, I still have to talk with soundingsea about. I'm a little busy for it in the spring, but we may open it up for other people to help so that we can actually have one this year. We'll see.
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2013-11-29 01:49 pm

Just so everyone knows ...

If you friended me on Facebook, I just deleted it. Family holiday drama finally drove me to do what I've been wanting to do for a while.

Still, I do plan to start a professional Facebook, so when I do I'll give a head's up what name it's under.
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2013-11-19 10:16 pm

A few things, while I'm cleaning

-- If anybody's looking for me on Tumblr, I changed my username to everythingsbetterwithbisexuals. Just because everything I seem to be writing right now has a bisexual character in it. Apparently, somebody already pounced on my previous username, so ... you know, whatever.

-- I may have found a way to write my personal ethics code for business ethics class not as an academic paper, but as a short story about the garment worker strikes in the early 20th century and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Hey, whatever works.

-- Still nothing heard from the agent I sent "Heroine Addiction" to. It's been about three months, but I've already sent him an "Uh, hi! You still alive?" email (but more polite and professional) so it's just sitting and waiting right now.
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2013-11-15 01:35 am

A quick update as to what I've been up to (Hint: it involves making the face in my icon).

-- I'm so broke. I'm sooooooo broke. I mean, I'm okay, I'm not going to starve to death or anything, and it helps that Thanksgiving is coming up so I get a bit of a break, but still. I've been routinely paying my rent two weeks late for months now, but thankfully my landlord is understanding. Still, I'm so sick of being behind on bills and stuff, and I'm not looking forward to another Christmas where I can't give anyone anything. (Although my brother did offer to let me go 80/20 on gifts until I get bonuses and financial aid and taxes in January, since he's got a ton of money thanks to his job.)

-- On the plus side, my uncle got married on Saturday! He lives in New Jersey and he and his partner have been together something like forty years. They got a civil union a few years ago for the legal coverage, but once the marriage stuff went through and Chris Christie stopped being a douchebag, he pretty much ran out and got them a marriage license. We didn't get to go -- it was a VERY small ceremony because Werner wanted to keep things pretty low-key and private -- but I'm just really happy for the both of them. My uncle Bobby is a lovely person and so is Werner.

-- I still haven't heard back from the agent about "Heroine Addiction" yet. I did send him a short email to say hi and remind him that I'm alive, and he was really nice when he replied. He apologized and said he'd send me something more "substantial" later, so I'm hoping that's a good sign.

-- I've sort of given up on NaNo just because I have a couple of really big papers to get done with and I'm understandably more concerned about getting them done and done well. So I doubt I would be able to get that amount of work done this month on any story.

That said, once finals are over, I'm going to be all over this story like crazy. Not being able to write it means I've been able to brainstorm and plot and basically play around with ideas more, and I've got a couple of solid ideas that I'm itching to write.

Oh, and it's the HA sequel, if anybody's interested. ;)

-- I just wanted to share that I wore four-inch heels to a scholarship luncheon at school today and afterward on the way to class I fell down four stairs onto my butt because I was trying to walk in them and talk to a friend at the same time, and that's why I should learn to stick with boots and ballet flats and sneakers as per usual.

-- I bought new bedding about a month and a half ago, and I have never had bedding that wasn't a hand-me-down from a relative, and it's warm and snuggly and is orange microsuede-ish material underneath it, and it's possible I'm way more in love with it than a normal person should be.

-- Fandoms! Elementary's having a bit of a sophomore slump but I still love it, I'm behind on the Tomorrow People and I can't say I'm as enthusiastic as I would like to catch up, Arrow has become total crack for me, I started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and with the exception of Andy Samburg I'm in love, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally growing on me even though I still think Ward is being played by a blandly handsome block of wood, and I adore Sleepy Hollow with every fiber of my being.
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2013-10-18 10:31 pm