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... that:

a.) The Muppets are performing tonight on America's Got Talent.
b.) David Hasselhoff is performing tonight on America's Got Talent.

I'm trying to figure out if the awesomeness of the Muppets and the suckitude of David Hasselhoff cancel each other out at the appropriate level to create a black hole.
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Apparently I still have no shame.

Performing tonight are:

Hairo Torres
Mario and Jenny
G Force
Lawrence Beaman
Dave Johnson
Pixie Mystere
Jeffrey Ou
Marcus Terrell
Jay Mattioli
U4Ria Dance

That's actually a decent lineup, especially compared to last week. That leaves for next week: EriAm, Mia Boostrom, Anthony and Matt, African High Flyers, Barbara Padilla, Chris Allison, Erik and Rickie, Ishaara, Pam Martin and Viva, Recycled Percussion, and Drew Stevyns. Drew is the one we neither saw during the auditions, nor in Las Vegas.

My commentary on the acts )
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Okay, last night's sucked, even for an episode of this show. However, there was one performance that was miles and away the best performance of the night, so here you go.

Aw, man.

Aug. 4th, 2009 08:59 pm
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I got half a chapter of Heroine Addiction and half a chapter of Grand Prize Winner edited today.

URGH. FAIL. *headdesk*

Eh, screw it. God knows I won't be able to do anything during America's Got Talent.

Spoilery commentary )
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Last night was the last night of auditions and those were shortened by the Susan Boyle interview. So there's only a couple of videos today.

Above the cut we've got Ciana Pelekai, who's got a fabulous voice and is adorable as all hell.

And the rest ... )


My plan for today includes the following:

1. Another chapter of GPW edited.
2. The last chapter of DMIDS edited.
3. Trying to get my writing on Heroine Addiction jump-started.

Seriously, right now I'm just all, FUCK THIS NOISE I'LL JUST BE A STARVING ARTIST THEN. As frustrating as editing can be, at least I *like* being frustrated by it.
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The vid post for last night's AGT, that's what. *headdesk*

I'm just going to link to the good ones really quick, because there were so few of them:

This is Charles DeWayne Dorsey, a singer. He's fantastic.

This is Duo Design, a pair of Polish acrobats. While I don't think they can carry an entire show in Vegas, I think they're great performers and I love their accents.

This is Ishaara, a Bollywood dance troupe. I'm thrilled to see them in the competition, and I do think they're talented, but I would have preferred they use music that wasn't from Slumdog Millionaire if only because it's such an easy choice. "Oh, let's pick Jai Ho!" I mean, I love that song, but ... well.

And for those who have no embarrassment squick, this is Heavy Vee, a dancer. She's not really good, but then Nick comes out onstage and ... well, it was the moment of the whole night. :D

For those not following along, the auditions end tonight. Next up -- Vegas, baby!
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Above the cut today, I'm putting Kari Callin, a singer. She's very sweet and her voice is lovely.

And the rest ... )

Maybe it's just me, but this season does seem to be a bit heavy with singers, doesn't it? Not that I'm complaining, but on some level we've had a singer win every year, really. Even Terry Fator sang, at least in part. I just would like someone who's not a singer win for a change, although we have had some fabulous singers this year. Hell, just as long as it's someone who's talented and deserves the break.
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Today above the cut I'm putting Tallan Latz, a kid guitar player. He's amazing, and he's got great taste in music as well.

And the rest ... )
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Above the cut today is Barbara Padilla. She beat cancer and now she's on AGT doing a phenomenal job with an operatic number.

And the rest ... )

There were also a pair of rapping brothers who did okay and got through, but their personalities irritated me, so ... well, it's my recap, damn it, I say who gets in. Hmph. :)
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This is TJ and the Little Mamas and they're so freakin' cute, you'll DIE.

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Luckily -- if you want to call it that -- nearly all of the cast in the first half-hour sucked on whole-wheat toast, so I could switch back and forth between that and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, where a woman having a relapse of her MS had twins. Er, surprise! Heh.

Anyway, this is Lawrence Beaman singing "Old Man River," and it's goddamn amazing. DAMN.

And another one ... )
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I wasn't home last night so I didn't get a chance to watch it as it aired, so here's the good ones I could find on YouTube:

-- Hairo Torres, a breakdancer from Oregon. He's amazing and ridiculously bendy, and easily the best video I saw from last night.

-- Pam and Viva Martin, a dog act. PUPPY!

-- The Lake Houston Performing Arts Center, a kids' dance troupe. They're pretty good, although I doubt they'll get much farther than the semis.

That's ... about it. Apparently last night I didn't miss much.
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This is Thia Megia. Every year we get a young girl with a phenomenal voice and she's the one we get this year. :D

The rest of the videos won't allow embedding, at least not the ones with the best look to them, so here's links:

-- Kevin Skinner, the scruffy guy from the commercials, performing "If Tomorrow Never Comes." I'm not a huge fan of country, but he's fantastic.

-- Jay Mattioli, who's a really good magician. His second illusion's not quite that original, but his first one's really cool and he's got amazing stage presence.

-- The Fab Five, a family dance troupe. They're very good, although they keep shouting as they dance which was throwing me the hell off.

-- Carol Lugo, who's a hilarious dancer. She's not professional, obviously, but she's so much fun to watch it doesn't much matter. :)
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Or as many as have posted to YouTube by now. :)

Above the cut, we've got Arcadian Broad. He's a wonderful dancer. He's like a real-life Billy Elliot. This one, you've GOT to watch. (I'm going to put the must-watch vids above the cut, for the record.)

Other highlights )
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I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! finale. )


Fuck it, I'm skipping the second half of SYTYCD for America's Got Talent.

Cut for running commentary. )
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... I'll be filtering out the goodies from the embarrassingly uncomfortable moments in America's Got Talent this season so you can skip the bad stuff if you'd like. First off, here, have a puppy:

A few more of the highlights from last night's episode. )


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