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I decided I'm kind of just going to write these in little snippets, in no particular order, whenever they come to me. Which I guess means that I'm just going to have to end up making a master list of stories in the right order ... you know, when I finish more than one. ;) (What I really need to do is make a master list of all my damn fic, but that went sooo well the last time. *sigh* I am so horribly lazy.)

Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight

As The World Turns, Luke/Noah, PG
AU futurefic, in which Luke never regains the use of his legs, and the two of them are married with kids and pets and bunches of movies made, and it's all very schmoopy when it's not filled with the usual soap opera woes. :)


Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight )

Hey, you can't say I didn't warn you it was schmoopy. Heh.

And now I have to go and write something else. Uh. *whistles innocently*
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Title: Close Enough
Author: Troll Princess
Fandom: As The World Turns
Pairing: Noah/Luke
Word Count: 2,400 words
Rating: R
Summary: Futurefic at the Oscars, in which Noah is going to end up holding a naked man by the end of the night one way or another.
Author’s Note: *makes happy squeaking noises* Posted without a beta and yet I can't bring myself to care. \o/

Close Enough )
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... before I take a nap and wake back up again to write Heroes crackfic.

Er, yes. Hmm.

Luke/Noah ficlet )


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