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Some of the people in the YouTube comments were all, "Christian looks so offended by Olli going over the top!" or whatever, but honestly, if Christian hasn't figured out by now what an enormous soppy goober Olli can be, then he's clearly never met the man. (But basically ... *dolphin noises*)


So, yeah, this week's Leverage.

My reaction basically boils down to two points. )


I have to work eighteen hours straight tomorrow. Okay, well, I don't HAVE to, but there's overtime to be had and two jobs to be worked and more money to be put into my bank account, so here we are.

I'm already guessing that I'm not going to have a day off until the end of the month and it is not going to be pretty, let me tell you.
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I know I haven't mentioned Christian and Olli in quite a long while, but lately that's mostly been because the spoiler pics make me incapable of doing anything but make dolphin noises for hours on end.
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I planned to write a very deep and meaningful post full of intelligent thoughts and well-developed musings on life, love, and a dozen other important topics, but I couldn't fit them and the hot half-naked German boys about to have make-up sex into my brain at the same time. Unsurprisingly, the porn won.
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If you haven't already heard, HBO bought the rights to Olli and Christian. Not the rest of VL, just Christian and Olli's storyline. And they're going to turn it into a TV show.

At first, I was like, "I might like it. If, you know, they get Thore and Jo and set it in Germany and everybody speaks German." Because it's already been done, and quite well at that.

But then I let it settle a bit, and now I'm a little bit more cautiously optimistic about it. Because on the face of it, yes, we already have a Christian and Olli, and they're wonderful. There's a reason they're so popular. But VL does not center around them. There's a reason Nana can only compile a handful of minutes here or there -- because they're not the main characters nor the main storyline.

This would be a television show with a main couple consisting of two men, featured on a network which more often than not turns out quality original programming. So I'm hesitantly being positive about it. Let's just see who they cast and work from there.

(Jensen as Christian, Jared as Olli? Heh, in my dreams. Hey, we know they have chemistry! And somebody suggested Eddie Cahill as Olli, and now it won't leave my head because Eddie Cahill and Jo actually look a LOT alike.)
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So I've been catching up on Christian and Olli while I write and as those of you who follow it might know, Andi (who was in the first couple of YouTube clips before leaving) has come back. Anyway, they're celebrating his return with a party at the apartment the other day and his reaction to Olli greeting Christian upon his arrival is priceless:

I just can't even imagine being THAT guy, all, "Christian and Olli are kissing?!" Way to be out of the loop, dude. Heeeee.
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Okay, that last scene made me happy in my pants. *smishes them both*
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Three things:

1. That was a lovely wedding and I very much like the dress.
2. I heard the Miami Vice theme song in my head over those last few seconds.
3. Oh, Constantin, what is that THING on your head?
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I've missed a few episodes, God knows, but if you're following this storyline at all you know where to find the rest anyway. ;)

Mopey Christian is one of my favorite Christians. Thore makes the BEST puppy dog faces.
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Oh, Christian. You're adorable. I just want to pat you on your wee little head.
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So you may have noticed that I have been slacking on my Christian/Olli posting duties, which ... sorry about that. They have still been going strong, albeit with a bit of a hiccup the last few days, but today we got this:

See that dreamy smile in response to them kissing? I do that EVERY DAMN TIME.

Aw, puppies. Bless.
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I ... I don't know what to DO with those two. *smishes them*
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... I'm sorry, all of the coherent thoughts in my head seem to have just fluttered away.

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I wonder if they practice that headturn stuff when the three of them are alone. :D

Also, I really wish I could get my hair to act like Lydia's hair as it's growing out. *pouts*
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I love it when they're all snuggly. Particularly when they're all touchy and PDA in public like that. Remember last year, when Christian was all, "WHAT I DON'T LIKE GUYS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I'M GOING TO GO HAVE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SEX WITH MY GIRLFRIEND NOW"? Heh. Good times.
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Making out on couches ... that's all I need. :)
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Aw, their little behind-the-bar snuggling.

"Hot stuff coming through!" That was so unbearably cheesily Christian I laughed my goddamn ass off. Heh.
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It's the delivery of "I just needed a little time" that makes me want to smish him.

Also, BWAHAHA at the boys jumping at the chance for free food.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:54 pm
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Judith's back! Everybody smish Judith! Oh, I see Olli and Christian are already on that. HEE. :)
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Oh, Olli, if only we could all put our hands there. I approve!

Gregor, though ... sheesh, hotass, you sure know how to pick 'em, don't you?


Apr. 1st, 2009 12:41 pm
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I cannot maintain my calm when they keep up this ludicrously adorable crap, I really can't. *flappyhands*

Also for your VL amusement, Jo Weil and some of the ladies of VL holding bunnies. OMG, the cuteness. *dies*

Aw, boys.

Mar. 29th, 2009 10:36 am
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They're dorks and I love them. Christian looks so damn pretty lately. :D

And Gregor's mechanic girl is adorable.
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Why a helicopter, sweetie? WHY. Why couldn't you develop an unhealthy obsession with never wearing a shirt instead? Matthew McConaughey has that problem and it's the entire basis of his career.

Don't make me mad at you, Gregor. You're already upsetting Olli, which is irritating Christian, and I owe you two huge smacks upside the head for both of those. RAWR.
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I kid, I kid. I'm still not sure this is a good idea for Olli, though.

Also, I don't like the chick who plays Stella. Well, okay, I don't like Stella as is, but I spend most of her scenes staring at her mouth and thinking about how much I hate flesh-toned lipstick.
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... if it would be entirely tacky of me to wearing a German drinking shirt when we go bar-hopping on St. Patrick's Day. I mean, I'm more German than I am anything else, and I like Germany (they give me hot gay boys on their soap operas, a kink for guys who speak with a German accent, and at least a quarter if not half of my DNA!), and I'd get more out of a German drinking shirt than the Irish drinking team shirt I only really want to wear on Parade Day.

Hey, speaking of gay German boys ...

Aw, Olli. You mean well, but that's ... not gonna work for Schneider's, I think.
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Olli, no more leaving! Your boyfriend missed you and so did I. Hmph. Now, more kissing!


Jan. 26th, 2009 01:47 pm
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Look who's coming back, you guys!

Oh, I've missed you, VL tag!
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Well, okay, there was another one the other day but I forgot to post it. You'll get the gist when you watch this.

Oh, Christian. You and your foot-in-mouth disease. *snickers*


Oct. 23rd, 2008 05:42 pm
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Oh, Judith. Why do they keep putting Constantin next to boys you think you're in love with? He manages to make them all look twice as ugly and three times as dumb.

Also, Christian's FACE. The end. \o/
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... the most recent Christian and Olli clip. Which, okay, they don't share screen time, but they are giving out love advice, which is adorable. And Judith in that white getup? GUH. And that's why she's on one of my Get Out Of Heterosexuality Free Cards, ladies and gentlemen. Mmm-hmm.


Oct. 13th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Bwahahahahahaha, Christian's so not getting laid tonight.

Also ... oh, Olivia. It didn't occur to you that your nude pictures might go against your morals clause? I'm not the least bit surprised, bless your heart.

Oh, and Constantin? I beg you to stop popping your collars.
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I find it hilariously adorable that when Gregor wants to talk about his Rebecca troubles, he goes to his brother and his brother's boyfriend for advice.
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McCain wins debate! I'm sorry, but I'd prefer spoiler cuts in my political ads, thank you very much.

Now he gets more press just for showing up. Nice move. *is buried under sudden avalanche of sarcasm*


My birthday's in three days! \o/

Um, I think the only thing I'm getting is drunk. BUT STILL.


I ordered a winter coat last week and I still haven't gotten it. No, I have no idea why I'm so desperate to get a winter coat in the mail in September. But I needed a new one and it was cheap, so. *shrugs*


The subtitled version of yesterday's Olli and Christian clip:

It's the "That's us" that kills me.
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LOOK at the two of them looking at each other!

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Oh, that's just awesome right there. Aw, that ending. Yay for Olli and Christian!


Sep. 22nd, 2008 10:07 pm
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Aw, Christian!

And I really, REALLY don't want him to have amnesia, but at the same time, OMGYES, have amnesia and make it so Christian has to win him this time instead. *bounces in my seat*
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And he's still as adorable as when he left. :)

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... but then again Christian is away for a while so it's just Olli and the gang and I keep forgetting.

Aw, Judith. This one's cute! He appears to flirt with everyone who comes near him, but STILL.
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Okay, it isnt the subtitled version but it's too good to miss and you can pretty much figure out what they're saying if you know the storylines.

I have discovered my new favorite thing in the world. It is Christian, throwing Olli down on the couch and straddling his groin. *could watch hours and hours and HOURS of that*

Also, if Judith doesn't do a little throwing Constantin on the couch and straddling HIS groin after this, I may have to hurt her.
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Well, at least Gregor's paying attention to girls. Heh.


Aug. 21st, 2008 07:41 pm
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Oh, God, Olivia's so repugnant. If she goes anywhere near Gregor, I volunteer to go to his house and rub him down with disinfectant.
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1. Yesterday's Christian and Olli )

Love the storyline. Kinda want to punch a boxing fan now, though.

2. The good news! The bonus checks are available this Friday. The bad news! Oh, wait, did I say this Friday? I meant that if you're working, you get them handed out there, but if you're not working (see: me), they're getting dropped in the mail on Friday, which means we won't get them until Monday or Tuesday.

My place of employment -- still piloting the failboat down the mighty Lackawanna.

(Of course, there's still the possibility I won't get anything, which ... ugh, I'm trying not to think about that.)

3. This article makes me want to watch Stick It again. And not just because Nastia Liukin actually wins on the uneven bars in that movie.

4. Need to take a shower, eat something, and start writing. I really want to try and finish chapter two of The Hollow Girl, because as soon as I get three or four chapters finished I'm going to polish the hell out of it and see what someone who's not me makes of it.

In other news, I'm horribly tempted to write a story about a girl who's the Zeppo. You know, her roommate's a hot ass-kicking demon hunter, the guy the roommate's got major sexual chemistry with is a vampire king, there's a love triangle with ... I don't know, a minor Greek god or something goofy like that, the roommate's best frend is a witch, and my girl is just ... you know, a girl. The one who's NOT a special and unique snowflake or a raging angst monkey. Hmm.


Aug. 15th, 2008 02:20 pm
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A really fucking hot picture of the guys who play Christian and Oliver. )

You know what's the best thing about that picture? I can look at it and think, "Aaaaand then they made out." Aaaaand then they will. SCORE.
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Might I suggest a shot of something before watching this? God knows I needed something alcoholic. Although putting Olli and Christian in their underwear in that last scene sort of makes up for the rest. Sort of.

I hate people. Urgh.


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