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1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

[livejournal.com profile] dragonsinger gave me N. Which it turned out was really damn hard. :)

1. Nathan Petrelli, Heroes -- Yeah, I know the Petrellis get a lot of play. Yeah, I know Nathan's a grade-A fucked-up douchenozzle. But don't I always fall a little bit in love with the douchenozzle in whichever show I'm watching? (Not that sort of falling in love. Just, you know, as a character.) I totally get why people hate him because yes, total bastard, but I love watching bastards in my fandoms. Go figure. Plus ... hey, maybe we'll luck out and get Nathan and Claire daddy-daughter time this season. I just adore how it's completely freaking awkward. Heh.

2. Nina Garcia, Project Runway -- Okay, I love all of the judges on PR, even Heidi when she's at her most lost in translation, but I love the fact that Nina is the one most likely to argue with the contestants or make them cry. Some of them really need that blow to their ego.

3. Ned, Pushing Daisies -- Aw, Ned. I could just listen to him talk all day long. He's not the only one on the show with fantastic dialogue, but ... damn. DAMN. He's an amazing character. He's all uptight, and he's got two awesome women in his life (four if you count the aunts, which I most definitely think is worthwhile) even if he's in a really awkward situation there, and he's got Emerson which pretty much means he wins at life.

4. Nicole Wallace, Law and Order: CI -- Seriously, Nicole Wallace is maybe my favorite character to ever come out of the Law and Order 'verse, or at least a tight second to Lennie Briscoe. They're two very different extremes. Nicole is like a hundred and twenty pounds of crack soap opera stuffed into a legal drama. She's one of the reasons that CI is my favorite version of L&O, 'cause every time she shows up the entire case just goes all kerflooey.

5. Narrator, Arrested Development -- The show was already awesome. Having Ron Howard narrate was a stroke of genius. Especially when he made cracks about The Andy Griffith Show.


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