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Part Two )

He should just drop this whole president thing and become a stand-up comedian already. :D
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This Pundit Kitchen LOL describes my day. So does the song I'm listening to, except for the lack of pot on my end. )

Let's see what else I have lying around:

-- Another mass murder, this time in Binghamton at an immigration center. God, that's awful. This year so far has been ridiculous for mass murders and we're only four months into the damn thing.

-- In more heartening news, Iowa's Supreme Court tossed their gay marriage ban. WOOHOO.

-- 6 Insane Sports Stories That Will Make You Believe In Curses

-- Michelle Obama's awesome toned arms -- aka, Thunder and Lightning -- have their own blog.

-- Oklahoma is about to pass a law that allows pregnant women to claim self-defense if they kill an attacker, even if he's only attacking their pregnancies. It's actually not a bad thing from a pro-choice viewpoint, since they seem to have covered their bases in regards to every uneasy question that might first pop into your head about the law.


Jan. 24th, 2009 07:22 pm
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Say what you will about President Obama (which never stops being fun to say). But never complain about this.

Cut for size. )

That shared look right there?

I want that with someone.
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see more funny political pictures

I now have tags for the girls. God help me.

(I post this because just seeing the link for that news story about the anti-choice nurse who's getting sued for "accidentally" yanking out a patient's IUD is making my blood boil. So ... hey, look, our First Family is cute!)
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The Obama family's activities in the courtyard [giving away food to the needy for Thanksgiving] quickly drew the attention of schoolchildren whose windows overlooked the courtyard. They put up a sign against the glass that read: "We love our prez" and screamed when the president-elect waved to them.

Obama then turned to his wife and suggested they go visit the kids. Secret Service agents, looking surprised, disappeared inside the building to accommodate his request.

Minutes later, hundreds of children were brought down to the school auditorium, and Obama loped onstage as they screamed and cheered.

Awwww. That's awesome.


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