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This Way To The Egress:

6909 / 100000

Big Bang:

309 / 20000

Cherry Bomb:

2413 / 100000

Woohoo! I wrote some stuff! Not a lot of stuff, but I wrote it. So there. :)


Dec. 3rd, 2009 09:07 pm
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It's probably wrong that I'm just happy I broke halfway through my [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout pledge, right?

Word meters ahoy! )

The bad:

1. There's no way in hell I'm going to get my GYWO pledge for this year, but then again I already knew that.
2. I didn't win NaNo even if you just add up everything I wrote last month.
3. I probably won't be writing a lot of new stuff this month anyway, since I'll be editing.

The good:

1. I finished Heroine Addiction, didn't I? \o/
2. That means that I have two first drafts to edit, but I want to have them done before I start writing whatever I'm writing next.
3. ... because I'm pledging again with GYWO for next year. Er, heh. :D

That said, I'm definitely not trying for the Difficult level. I'm probably going to pledge for 200k this time around. I think my problem all boils down to the fact that when I'm working, all I want to do is go home and write, and when I'm not working I get horrendous writer's block. I spent two-thirds of this year unemployed. You do the math.

The plus side of having a full-time job again is that I'm being reminded of sitting at work bouncing in my seat wanting to race home and write. There's also the added advantage that being at work -- where I can't access the internet or be distracted by emails and don't have an MP3 player to listen -- means I've been writing stuff out in notebooks or, as I've been doing the past few days, taking a red pen to a first draft. It's the perfect environment for it.

I have an hour or so before I'm going to bed -- I want to hit the grocery store before work, which means getting up a bit earlier than I'm used to -- so the plan after I'm done writing this up is to see how much of the Heroine Addiction edits I can get in the file before bedtime. Time to pop on an Air Crash Investigation episode and buckle down, I guess. :)
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ONTD_P is entirely too distracting when stuff's getting voted on. So much for the chapters I was supposed to get done yesterday. *sigh*

Okay, for my own reference ...

Heroine Addiction:

92727 / 100000

I still have six chapters to get done today. I want to get at least two out of the way, because one's about three-quarters of the way done and I don't see the other being too long, but I'll just be happy to get any done, considering how distracted I got yesterday by Palin trolls and live posts. *glares at ONTD_P*

This Way To The Egress:

5468 / 50000

Which, obviously, I'm behind on in terms of NaNo word count. The thing I'm counting on is that it does flow very easily once I start writing, and that I've got a bunch of ideas of where to go and what to write. (If anyone's wondering what the plot is, for all intents and purposes, I'm raiding my life for experiences and rewriting them as if I were a fictional character with a medical condition that regularly and briefly gives me different magical and superhuman abilities. So basically a Mary Sue with a horrible temper who spontaneously turns into a vampire. Or gets superhearing. Or becomes telepathic for a week. Craaaaaaack. :D)

But right now the plan is to get Heroine Addiction done first and out of the way before I focus on Egress, because I'm thiiiiiiiis close to the end.

EDIT: Oh, and my representative was one of the Democrats who voted for the bullshit Stupak amendment. I immediately emailed him after the list of who voted appeared on the House website and told him that while I understand he may have voted it in in an attempt to get the health care bill voted in with the hope that it gets tossed later by the Senate, I cannot in good conscience vote for someone who thinks that I don't deserve to get a perfectly legal medical procedure and so he has lost me as a supporter, regardless of how supportive he may be of the public option. Smooth move, jackass.
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... how much I've written this month altogether.

Heroine Addiction:

91711 / 100000

Untitled big silly gay romance:

734 / 100000

This Way To The Egress:

4821 / 50000

Which comes to 9241 words. If it were all in one story, I'd have my NaNo quota right now.

Oh, and I only have six more chapters of Heroine Addiction to go. I just have to, you know, sit down and knock them out. And then this way I can focus on Egress.
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Another line from Egress:

Two weeks ago, this minotaur strides into my support group like he owns the fucking place and sprawls in the chair next to mine. Minotaurs smell like fresh manure no matter what they do, so no, I don't care how massive your enormous bull's testicles are this week, get you and your obnoxious stench to the other side of the room before I puke in your lap.
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A line from This Way To The Egress, describing the main character's college roommate (one of several):

Leslie is the serious cheerleader type, who's blond and fresh-faced and always reminds me of someone doing backflips on a beach in a tampon commercial. She doesn't smile, though, or sneer or frown or laugh. By the time summer rolls around, she will have said a grand total of twenty-seven words to me the entire year and executed three whole facial expressions.

I'm at something like 2900 words, so I'm closing up shop on that one for tonight to work on Heroine Addiction, which just wanted to throw a strop and not go anywhere. I presume that was out of jealousy over the shiny new literary tartlet waving her ta-tas at me and giving me a come-hither-and-write-me smile from the other side of the room.

... I really couldn't tell you when my writing process started looking so much like a lesbian love triangle.
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... it's right here. I never have a problem with it going down, and it's cute and tiny just the way I like it. :)

My plans for today involve three chapters of Heroine Addiction for the agent-shaped person and 3200 words of This Way To The Egress for NaNo. (I've had that title lying around for ages but haven't had anything to use it for where it worked, but when I started writing yesterday I was like, "That ... actually kinda works this time. Huh.") I'm going to sprain something trying to get that much written, honest to God.

I already have something like 4000 words written for this month. It's a little ridiculous, because there's been some months this year where I didn't write that much. Heh.

A few links:

-- "Dad let me upload this. :D" This is fantastic. So there's this kid, Elliott. He's fourteen. He's been out for two years. He decided he wanted to go out for Halloween as Lady Gaga. So his mom did his makeup and per her, "His father accompanied him [to West Hollywood], dressed as his body guard. Elliott drew a crowd as he lip-synched and danced to Lady Gaga's music. He was ecstatic."

Dear bigoted fuckwits: THIS is why you're destined to lose.

-- Cake Wrecks displays some really great Twilight cakes. Yes, Twilight cakes. They're actually very nicely done.

-- It's a cookbook, or something: 14 types of Twilight Zone endings: It's pretty neat to see them boiled down like that.

-- The 6 Best Towns To Live in (If You Have a Death Wish)
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This Way To The Egress:

1482 / 50000

This one. I'm doing this one for NaNo. 'Cause it's working and I know what I'm writing. It's my life story, except on CRACK. I'm not even joking. It makes my NaNo icon more than a little hilarious.

I could easily keep going tonight because the writing flows really well, but at the same time I'm reaching that point where if I keep staring at the computer screen, my eyeballs will threaten to explode.

Untitled gay romance:

734 / 100000

I may completely rewrite what I already wrote for it because I feel like the first sentence is a high point and then it just kinda tumbles downhill on me. Plus, I want to get a bit more of an idea where I'm going with it. However, I'm definitely hoping to finish the damn thing because in a "if everybody else jumped off a bridge" moment, if so many other people on my friends list can get or attempt to get original m/m romance published, then damn it, so can I. :D

EDIT: Oh, and by the by, I blame those 1482 words on Write Or Die. I am going to get sooooo much use out of that this month. *rubs hands together with glee*


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