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If this is really Colin's fault, I would like to borrow him for a while. He couldn't possibly hit more of my kinks if he tried, and I'd like to reward him for that.

A Knight's Tale is on. Nothing like starting the day with a naked Paul Bettany.

I bought this for my mom for Mother's Day. I showed it to her yesterday while I was killing time scamming off the wireless at the Mini Cooper place and she was all, "OOO, awesome!", so I ordered it for her right then and there and that's one less thing I have to worry about. :)

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that little boy in the Nintendo DSi commercials with Beyonce is the same kid who plays Micah on Heroes.

It's supposed to be sunny and 90 here tomorrow. YES PLEASE. I don't know why the temperature has to drop again on Tuesday. I'm not happy with the temperature unless everybody's five seconds from bursting into flames.

My entire family found out about Bea Arthur passing away right before we went to dinner yesterday and every time they showed clips of Maude and Golden Girls on the TVs at the restaurant the conversation steered directly back to her for a good long while. Also, I spent fifteen minutes talking about American Idol with my uncle. I don't even watch the damn thing, which gives you some idea of just how well I can engage in conversation about a show I dislike just based on friendslist osmosis.
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-- Aw, Colin. I want to keep him. Or share him with Kerryn.
-- Brandon is hitting my lovable douche kink SO HARD.
-- Yeah, the whole "what?" stuff out of Salome is getting to me, too. I'm starting to get that impression that Laury's getting, how she's all sheltered innocence most of the time and then she busts out with, say, "He's not nearly as sexual as we are," when she and Laury took that photo with Colin.
-- I find it amusing that Bravo seems to believe that the audience is rooting for Colin. I mean, *I* am, but still.
-- Words cannot describe how sick and tired I am of the everybody-hates-Amanda show. Shut up and model. SHEESH.
-- I think this runway may in fact be ON CRACK.


Mar. 29th, 2009 11:15 am
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I finally got a chance to see the scene in last week's Make Me A Supermodel where Kerryn put her hand on Colin's package.

I need a GIF and an animated icon of Colin's shifty eyes afterwards. I neeeeeeeeeeeed. *fidgets*
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I just saw a promo for this week's Make Me A Supermodel where Kerryn declares Colin is her new pet project, nibbles on his ear, and then puts her hand right on his package in front of everyone.

I think I want to be Kerryn when I grow up.
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Marry me, Stick Figure Clark Kent.

He hits EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE of my real life kinks. He's tall, he's dark-haired, he's brilliant, he's shy. And the thing is, guys who look like Jensen and Jared and Thore? I clam up around guys like that. Stick Figure Clark Kent is the sort of guy I cannot stop talking around. I go full dork around them.

I want one. Someone please get me one for Easter.


EDIT: Huh. According to a couple of people in the F!S comments who've caught a few interviews with Hosea and Leah, they both got dumped by their SOs after the show. So ... there's that, I guess.


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