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Winter's Bone

Three things:

1. This is a fantastic amazing movie that more than deserves every nomination it got. The one thing I will give it tons of credit for is that it could have been really easy to stoop to the redneck hillbilly cliches, but they really do a very good job of avoiding it. These are people first and foremost -- dirt-poor and squirrel-hunting in rundown homes with cluttered yards, yes, but it's the sort of poverty that's neither a joke nor a caricature.

2. It wasn't until halfway through John Hawkes' first scene, when I was trying to distract myself about how fucking creepy he was by checking his IMDb listing, that I realized the reason I thought I knew him from somewhere is because he was the weaselly guy in The Perfect Storm.

3. I've decided that my current idea of the perfect movie would be Jennifer Lawrence and Hailee Steinfeld kicking ass and taking names for two hours. They can play ass-kicking sisters! Helen Mirren can be their ass-kicking grandma!


Jan. 25th, 2011 08:19 am
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The only thing I'm grateful for right now is that I don't have to get up at 5:30 am for this like people in California do.

Also, I forgot how irritating the E! reporters are.

My thoughts on the nominations )
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-- That was awesome. I would have no problem with that winning Best Picture, although it won't. It'll be Avatar (which would disappoint me for a number of reasons like the casual racism, the bad writing, or the fact that doing exceptionally well in one area of filmmaking like visual effects doesn't make up for being hand-wavingly weak in every other area, at least not in a Best Film category) or The Hurt Locker (which I still have to finish watching but enjoyed so far).

-- That said, Christoph Waltz will win the Oscar because he'll have earned it.

-- That said, now I'm bitter Melanie Laurent wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actress. (Or Best Actress, really, considering.)

-- Now I get why my dad loves this movie. It's right up his alley. (My dad's a sucker for Quentin Tarantino movies, and he said this one is his new favorite.)

-- It took me half of that one scene to figure out that was Mike Myers. I suppose I should be impressed by that.

-- I really wish I still remembered how to speak German. *sigh*
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Partly because due to technically being in between being hired as permanent and ending my temp status I can't work overtime this weekend, aaaaand partly because I got all twisted around somewhere along the line and thought the Oscars were this weekend rather than next weekend. Heh.

In any event, I went to the movies to see Avatar today, since all signs pointed toward seeing it on a big screen being the infinitely more appealing option.

This, as it turns out, was exactly what I needed to do. )

So, yeah. I may end up finishing The Hurt Locker later or watching Crazy Heart, but right now I'm going to make myself some dinner, whip up some hot tea, and see if I can't summon up some sort of a word count in the next day and a half towards my yearly goal so that I have something to show for February other than an absurd amount of debt with my mom and a complete lack of a social life.
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It was pretty much exactly what I expected -- it's a good thing I watched it at home, as I spent the entire movie skipping past the stupid Julie parts to get to the much more fun and interesting Julia parts. Seriously, Meryl Streep is a fucking wizard. How does she DO that? "Poof, I'm Julia Child!"

Aaaaand now it's back to what I haven't been able to start doing until now, which is that I need to edit five chapters and write as many words as possible by the end of the day, since I believe I've only written something like 2500 words this month. Ugh.


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