apocalypsos: (i am surprised by you)
tatty bojangles ([personal profile] apocalypsos) wrote2013-09-23 07:32 pm

I got a new tattoo!

So my birthday is this Sunday, and I've lost a little over forty-five pounds this year. So, as a present to myself for both, I decided to get a new tattoo.

I went with my notebook-lines-on-my-forearm idea for both symbolic and practical reasons. Symbolic, because an empty sheet of paper needs to be filled with stories and poems and whatever else is in my head. Practical, because sometimes I write on my arms and hands and whatnot and I might as well have some lines to write on.

I think I'm in love with it already. :)

(Oh, and my brother's scheduled an appointment for his first tattoo this Saturday. I'll have to take pictures, because he found the design online and it should turn out awesome if it's done right.)