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So ... yeah. I haven't posted in a while, mostly because I'm usually over on Tumblr these days (and more recently Twitter as well) at everythingsbetterwithbisexuals. But first off, quick summary of the year so far:

Still not talking to my dad; not talking to my mom either; not talking to a lot of my family, actually; my great-aunt's dying of lung cancer; I'm in my senior year at Keystone and doing great; my snake died; I still have the same work-from-home job; I bought a Beetle a few months ago; and I've got an agent again!

Also, my hair is currently dark purple. So there's that.

ANYWAY. It's Yuletide again, and I whipped up a few requests pretty quickly, so I'm throwing together a Dear Santa letter for my prospective writer.


Dear Yuletide Santa,

Hi! *hugs* Before I say anything else, let me just thank you very much for whatever you write for me. I really appreciate whoever puts in the time and effort to try and write something for me for any ficathon, so thanks. :)

Okay, SO. As for my prompts ...

Howl -- Florence and the Machine

Basically, the one thing I'm NOT looking for is werewolves. I know, I know, it's kind of an obvious jump with this song, but that's sort of why I'd like something which steers away from that. Things I am hoping for -- ladies, ladies, and more ladies, and Gothic horror, or at least that sense of Gothic horror and ghost stories and whatnot.


I want Simon/Alisha fic like crazy. I'd adore an AU where they get a happy ending, but I'll take anything where they're just happy. Cute date fic or smutty fic or anything where the two of them are being their amazing perfect in-love selves. Also, I am perfectly happy with Nathan being as big a jackass as he usually is.

Indiana Jones series

Granted, I don't think anyone was a fan of Shia LaBeouf in that last movie, but you know what I do like about that? The thought of Grandpa Indy and Grandma Marion. I don't care if the grandkids don't know the sorts of adventures their grandparents had or if they do and they always want to hear those stories, but how cool must it be to have Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood as your grandparents?

How To Get Away With Murder

Okay, this can go one of two ways for me, but I have two things that I'd really like to see. First, I would LOVE some unapologetic Wes/Annalise smut. Unf, those two. The other option I'd love to see is Connor/Wes, with Connor seeing Wes as a challenge and trying to seduce him, and Wes being the big adorable puppy that he is.

I am not a huge fan of Asher, so the less he's in the story, the better.

Practical Magic

I'd really like some post-movie domestic fic with Sally and Gary, where Gary is just surrounded by witches and fascinated by every minute of it. And if Gillian could finally find the right person for her, whoever that may be, I would be absolutely thrilled.

Basically, when it comes to all of these fics, I'm fine with whatever leeway you may need to get your story to work. When it comes to what I don't like to see in fics, in general I'm fine with all pairings of any gender or number of people involved, as long as everyone involved is of age and consenting. In regards to kinks I'm not into reading: anything involving urine or feces, dub-con or non-con, anything with kids. I can't really think of anything else I would be against reading. I'm usually pretty okay with most things, really, and a good story can get me to go along with any ride you want to take me on.

Again, thanks a bunch! I hope you have fun! :)
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