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For the record, this may not actually be an accurate telling of the events in this movie. Which … well, hell, is pretty fair, don’t you think?

A Complete Play-By-Play of My Viewing of 'The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising'. )
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Is it really bad that I kind of missed Mayhem during that last section of the movie? It is? Yeah, I thought so.

Also, it turns out I'm only a third of the way through the movie. Thank God for booze. *liquors up*

House of Wax -- Part Four )

Next: Someone explains the concept of "personal space" to Paddywhack and Elisha, resulting in the movie's first real casualties as they die from shock and embarrassment.
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You know, so far the scariest thing about this DVD is that it opens with an ad for the first two seasons of Tales from the Crypt on DVD, which used to scare me far more than it probably should have. Well, that's the scariest thing, right after contemplating the amount of bleach it must have taken to make Paris Hilton's hair look that fried.

House of Wax -- Part Three )

Next up: Mayhem and his stupid buzz cut return. Paddywhack's helmet hair develops an inferiority complex.
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I'm supposed to be going to bed because my brother's graduation is in less than twelve hours. Instead, I'm watching more of this. I'm trying to excuse myself by saying I'm giving myself time so I don't go to bed with wet hair, but I ain't buyin' that any more than you people are.

House of Wax -- Part Two )

Next up: Theoretically, someone dies. Preferably someone not a pony. THIS MEANS YOU, MAYHEM.
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Seeing as how my recaps always turn out really long, here's part one. And I'd just like to state for the record before I even start the first part of the recap that I have never seen this movie before and have been saving the DVD for a while like some sort of precious treasure. Yeah, I don't get it, either.

House of Wax -- Part One )

Next up: Hey, I hear there's hot wax in our future. And that Paddywhack might get some on him. And that somewhere out there, SANDYWHACK will be earning her awesomeness by rolling her eyes and calling him a weenie.


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