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I didn't do my GYWO count for March because, uh, I'm a terrible person. But here is my attempt to get some idea of where I'm at in regards to my 2010 word count.

In which I attempt to do basic math. )

Well, I've definitely got a bunch more to go, but Big Bang put a nice old dent in my deficit. That's 25961 words in ... well, technically the last two months, since it's since the last time I tallied for GYWO, but the vast majority of that was in the last week and a half.
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Heroine Addiction:

90140 / 100000

So what I've spent the past week working on is trimming the fat by tossing out excessive scenes, narrowing the timeline down from a week to two or three days, and shuffling a few scenes. The new word count is something like twenty-five thousand words shorter than it started out, but that's with it being completely unedited to fix any of the details. I've gone at it with a machete, now it's time to go at it with a scalpel.

You know what that means. After I come back from Public Drunkenness Day, I get to attempt to get my crappy printer to spit out another editing draft of Heroine Addiction this weekend without having the electronic equivalent of a stroke.
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So what have I been doing today? Well, mostly I did this.

Heroine Addiction:

101016 / 100000

Those of you who've been paying attention will notice that's something like 14,000 words shorter than it was this morning. Which is what happens when you shit-can six whole chapters.

Oh, and also I took an entire action sequence and moved it earlier in the action, like, twenty chapters. Ooo, ooo, and there's bunches of other stuff still to get trashed or moved around.


As for my other stuff ... eh, as it comes, so it comes. :D
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This Way To The Egress:

6909 / 100000

Big Bang:

309 / 20000

Cherry Bomb:

2413 / 100000

Woohoo! I wrote some stuff! Not a lot of stuff, but I wrote it. So there. :)
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So I ran up to help my brother e-file, and when he was done he started playing "Assassin's Creed II", which he just got today after his girlfriend won $3000 at the local casino and bought it for him. (Everybody else has all the luck, I swear to God.)

Anyway, I'm standing there listening to the voice of one character and said, "She sounds familiar." Another sentence later, and I said, "I think that's Kristen Bell." I went over to his computer to check and ding, ding, ding! I was right. :D

I'm telling you guys, I'm fucking accomplished.

I also volunteered to give my great-aunt "internet lessons" when she gets hooked up to it shortly. I have a lot more faith that she'll pick it up than my great-uncle, who spent twenty minutes today staring at me in awe as I torrented Bejeweled 2 Deluxe and set it up on his computer. My great-aunt's a bit more of a tech geek anyway, or at the very least more of a gamer, so I already foresee her becoming totally hooked on it and spending all day playing on Yahoo Games until she completely loses track of time and falls asleep at her computer desk.

Also, is it weird that I'm currently talking more with my old high school boyfriend now on Facebook than with anyone else? And that he changed his default photo to a picture of Johnny Depp with glasses and goatee and I honestly couldn't tell the difference when I first saw it? (To be fair, I think even he would admit he is no Johnny Depp. He is, however, someone who's always been very cute, and broadening up a bit and slapping on some facial hair does him wonders.)

Okay, back to editing. I had a bit of an epiphany before where I was like, "FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE! I'LL JUST EDIT!" Seriously, trying to catch up to my word count expectations for January is just not going to happen tonight, and five chapters -- while daunting considering I've gone back to editing them on paper to make sure I'm catching it all -- is the one major hurdle I really want to get over on my to-do list.

That said:

Cutting word meters for space )

Year-to-date GYWO total:

4487 / 250000

This time last year, I had about 18k already. Another reason to get these five more chapters edited and out of the way, so that I can spend the rest of the week getting into a writing habit again.
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It's day two of [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout and I haven't written a word.

What I've been doing since yesterday is foundation-building. I've got seven different WIPs in my 2010 folder and not one of them is starting the year with more than 10,000 words in it. Three of them don't have any words in them. I have an outline for The Hollow Girl, but the other five stories are basically ideas with no real frames at this point.

So up went the shipping paper, and now I've got spots up on the living room wall for me to sketch out outlines on. Progress!

(Er, of a sort.)

I think what's really bugging me right now is that I'm a bit stir-crazy at the moment. I want to go out and do something, or at the very least go for a walk, but of course it's cold and windy and I'm broke. What I really need to do this week when I get paid is invest in a membership with the gym that just opened up in town -- well, they're calling it a gym, but it used to be the local hardware store and it's kinda small -- because they have treadmills and I just want to be able to go down there and walk, walk, walk to my heart's content. It helps me think when I put on my headphones and just walk like that, and it relieves a ton of stress, but of course I hate going out in the cold so ... well, there's a reason I'm wound up in the winter.

I have to work overtime tomorrow, which kinda sucks because I feel like I'm going to go just in time to have the urge to write something. I just feel like if I build the foundation now, when I do have the time and the urge to work on any of these, I'll ... well, okay, knowing me, I'll get an entirely new idea and pound through it until I crack 50k, at which point I will abandon it and have writer's block for three blocks. Ugh, it's so sad I'm predictable in exactly that way.
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Starting word meters for the current stories in my 2010 WIPs folder )

2010 [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout pledge:

0 / 250000

The only one of those stories which doesn't have one or more women as the lead character or characters is the gay paranormal romance, and that's simply because I really want to write the sort of fun slashy crack I love reading in Big Bangs and snap up from Dreamspinner and Samhain and whatnot.

The others are all ass-kicking chick, ass-kicking chick, ass-kicking twin sisters, ass-kicking Meryl Streep-esque character, lather, rinse, repeat. Not that I'm complaining, mind. Punchy loud-mouthed women, y'all. They're funsies. ;)


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