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So as of yesterday morning, I stopped even trying to finish NaNo.

It wasn't going to happen, no matter how much I wanted it to. The one thing that makes me happy about the whole thing, aside from the fact that I like the story and definitely plan to continue to the end as soon as my Yuletide's done, is that it really wasn't my fault in terms of writer's block. I knew as soon as overtime started up at work that it would be a miracle if I finished NaNo, but I was crossing my fingers on that count even though it just wasn't going to work out.

I haven't won since 2004, and I know precisely why not, too -- because I'm basically in customer service. I went from a job in shipping in DC to a job at a factory making CDs and DVDs to my current job answering questions about Medicare prescription plans over the phone. The DHL job picked up hours in November because of the holidays. Overtime started in November at the factory gig before of Christmas. And overtime starts at my current job around the end of October or beginning of November due to the annual enrollment period.

In essence, there could not be a worse time of year for me to try and pound out 50,000 words in a month than in November. I'd probably have a harder time in December due to overtime and Christmas prep, but every other month on the calendar would be a better fit for me than November. It's my one pet peeve about NaNo, really. I just wish it were any other month, or better yet that it were year-round and that we could pick the month that would work best for us. (Take next year. November's going to suck for me, because I'll have school AND overtime to deal with. August, on the other hand, would be PERFECT. It's between semesters, and there usually isn't any overtime to be had in August.)

So ... yeah. NaNo's a bust for me this year.

That said, I did get about 20,000 words out of the deal, and the good thing about only getting this far is that it gives me a chance to actually stop for a bit, step away from the story to work on my Yuletide, then come back and build some freaking structure into the damn thing. I really do like what I've started and where I'm going. It's just a matter of finishing.

So, instead of spending all day yesterday hunched over a laptop, I spent yesterday ... er, hunched over a laptop catching up on Community. ABED! TROY! ABED AND TROY! :D

Today is going to be another calm before the storm for me, as instead of going into work and putting this vacation day aside so that I can beef up my overtime for this upcoming paycheck I think I'm just going to take advantage of the day off and relax. What I really want to do is head down to the new IMAX theater and see a movie, but I have something like $87 in my checking account after paying my bills and rent and stuff this week, and that eighty-seven bucks has to last me until next Thursday night. So I think I'm just going to dye my hair, straighten up my apartment, hit the cafe, and then spend the rest of the day screwing around.

Today is so totally a mental health day for me, honestly, because after today I'll be working every single day until Christmas. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for my Android, that's all I've got to say. Otherwise I would miss out on emails and LJ and current events and pretty much everything that happens in the world for the next twenty-five days.

In completely unrelated news, Anne Hathaway and James Franco are hosting the Oscars this year. That is going to be delightfully charming and cracktastically weird with a side of questionable sexuality, respectively.
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I figured I'd get this out of the way now, because it's highly unlikely that I'll post much in the next couple of days if everything goes to plan.

My current writing projects look like this:

-- Work on NaNo tomorrow
-- If I hit the halfway point in the amount of words I would need to win NaNo by midnight tomorrow night, work on NaNo Tuesday as well.
-- If I don't get that far by midnight tomorrow night, I'm going to officially give up and move onto my Yuletide.
-- Once Yuletide is done, move onto completely frivolous just-for-fun gay romance
-- Once completely frivolous just-for-fun gay romance is done, go back to NaNo project

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get to the point I want to get to tonight for NaNo, because not getting to that point makes reaching 50k by the deadline a little more terrifying. It's not impossible for me to reach 50k by Tuesday night, God knows, but it requires me to write a metric fuckton of absolute bullshit in the next two days. It's almost freeing, because it means I have to stop thinking so hard about stuff and just write.

Then there's Yuletide. I'm working on getting my grubby paws on the source material again, and the plan is to refresh my memory before the weekend and get it done Saturday and Sunday night after I get back from work. I'm really hoping I can pull this off if only because I wasn't joking when I said I'd considered this particular prompt for this particular fandom once and it fills me with all sorts of glee just contemplating it.

Then there's the gay romance. Damn it, I can totally write one, and God knows I read enough of them anymore, and I think I just want to get it out of my system. Granted, the idea I have is sort of all my slash kinks getting together and making a porny love child, so it's a bit cracktastic, but I've never had a problem writing crack. ;)

Okay, okay. Time to go beef up my NaNo word count for tomorrow.
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At this rate, I will probably not finish NaNo. And if I wanted to win so badly, I should skip overtime today rather than throwing away nine hours of writing time. But I do have the next two days off, and nowhere to go and nothing to do in those two days other than write, and write, and write some more.

All of that said, apparently what my brain really wants to listen to to spur it to write is classical Christmas music. Considering my usual stance on Christmas music of any kind, I can only imagine this is the NaNo version of when the military plays incredibly loud rock music 24/7 to get foreign dictators to leave their compounds.
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

15146 / 50000 (30.29%)

Okay, if I could pull this off at the point where I am now, I will be really, really ridiculously impressed with myself.

... I won't, of course, but I'm sure as hell not going to stop trying. I'm just having the worst time getting my brain to want to write because all it keeps thinking is, "DAY OFF! PUMPKIN PIE! MONEY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT! WHEEEEEEEE!"
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Who wants to read a bit of my NaNo?

Sally's sort of my favoritest ever. )


I'm currently at 11,248 words, which is obviously way behind where I'm supposed to be. That said, I have all day to write, I have the "Melancholia - The Sounds of Indie Sadness" station playing on my computer, and I have Cheetos and Pepsi enough to last me another couple of hours at least. The goal for today is to just get something down for all of the scenes I scribbled down over the past week or so, then print out what I have and get it assembled and outlined. I'm not trying for any specific word count right now, simply because if I don't reach it I'm going to be terribly disappointed, so I'm just going to stick with the "every extra word is one more word towards the goal" outlook.

The good thing -- if you want to look at it like that -- is that I probably won't be taking overtime the first couple of days this week simply because I refuse to take overtime where I know full well I'll simply end up on the phone. The first two or three days this week, my supervisor has pretty much assured all of us in my department that like it or not, we'll be on the phones all day long. I'm okay with it, really, even though my usual job requires me to make the occasional outbound call and that's it. We only need to take inbounds when it's busy, and tomorrow starts the annual enrollment period, so ... phones.

Of course, that means I'll get home at eight p.m. on Monday and Tuesday and I'll have four extra hours to write those days, which'll be nice, because I'll be pushing it to find writing time for the rest of the month. I'm really hoping that I can push and get 50k by the 28th, though. If I can pull that off, I can go to work on November 29th and 30th instead of using them as vacation days, then letting them pay me for the vacation time anyway.

Aaaand it's time to go write again. I'm not allowing myself to watch this week's SPN until I get to 20k or I finish adding all the bits I want to add to the story, whichever comes first.

*buckles down*
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

10894 / 50000 (21.79%)

I'm still behind - I should have a third of what I need done when instead I have a fifth.

That said, I'm currently printing out what I've got done so that I can spend the next three days outlining the crap out of this. *crosses fingers*
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I told the guy who sits across the row from me at work that if I don't crack 13k by the time I have to go to work tomorrow, he can feel free to punch me in the face.

I only found out an hour later that he thought I said I was going to punch HIM in the face. Which is clearly a load of bollocks, as he's roughly the size of the Jolly Green Giant, and me attempting to punch him in the face would require me to get my hands on a low-flying airplane to actually reach his face.

In other news, I miss television, wish my face would stop breaking out, have Cheetos and Pepsi, and am starting to get the impression that the only way I'm ever going to publish the growing and festering pile of urban-fantasy snark that is my NaNo novel is just throwing my hands in the air and going straight-out ebook with this bastard.

Oh, and I bought tape. So now I can outline! You know, after I get around to that 13k. Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to go write my grumpy cardigan-wearing unshaven chain-smoking archivist into some situations she is clearly not prepared for, like zombie-killing and bestowing polite compliments.
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

9140 / 50000 (18.28%)

Ugh, I have something like 6,000 words to write to catch up, and I have to wait until tomorrow night before I have the extra bucks to sketch out my outline the way I want to. It's really depressing when you've worked two jobs including a bucketload of overtime over the past two weeks and you're desperately waiting for your paycheck because you currently don't even have a buck to buy a roll of scotch tape.

Can't I just fast-forward today past all of the answering-the-phones bullshit and get straight to the writing portion of the day?

In other news, I watched Polytechnique this morning, and now I sorta want a hug. Gorgeous movie, but understandably upsetting.
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

8714 / 50000 (17.43%)

I feel like this is going to be like it was the year I won, where I was behind for most of the month, skipping around writing whatever scenes popped into my head, and then one day I printed them all out and constructed the outline around them, and then I sat down on Thanksgiving and pounded out ten thousand words in one day and caught up and then some.

That said, I really wish I could focus a bit more, but I figure that if I can get my Lexapro dosage up, that'll help out.

Now I have about thirteen minutes until I have to leave for work and I spent a few of those minutes uploading Chuck Palahniuk's Diary onto my MP3 player, which would be fine except that I'm pretty sure I am never, EVER getting off the phones again. Or at the very least, that I won't get off the phones this week unless I take a fuckton of overtime. Which I will if they offer it, although I already told more than a few people that I'm not taking overtime if it means I have to be on the phones and I meant it. I'm already on the phones enough, thank you very much.

I can't wait until the ridiculous overtime kicks in already, seriously, because I'm pretty sure as soon as it does I'm giving my two weeks at Wegmans. Not that I don't like it -- hell, I'd quit my day job if Wegmans offered full-time and paid as much -- but it's ridiculous for me to throw away fifteen hours a week working there when I could work overtime at my day job for twice what Wegmans pays me. I may need two jobs again once the enrollment period ends, but ... well, fuck, maybe I'll get lucky and the magical book contract fairy will flutter down from on high and ...

... yeah, I didn't think so, either. *sigh*
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The named female characters:

Opal, Mrs. Okeke-Katz, Sally, Polly, Johnnie, Tully, Maggie, Jane, Daisy, Loretta, Dr. Kline, Kate, Coral, Ginger, Raven, Mrs. Book, Mrs. Edelstein

The named male characters:

Wyatt, Dean

... I honestly didn't do that on purpose.
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

7595 / 50000 (15.19%)

I have to write four thousand words tomorrow (or today, considering the time) to catch up, but I'm hoping I can get ahead for a change since I'm going to need to with the week I have coming up. If they offer overtime at my day job I'm taking it -- the way our supervisor made it sound during our overtime shift today, most of us will probably be spending every scheduled hour we have until the end of the year on the phones taking calls, UGH -- so every minute of free time counts.
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

6500 / 50000 (13.00%)

A few thoughts:

1. Yes, I am a bit behind, but I'm still basically even for yesterday's goal anyway, which is pretty surprising since I did absolutely no plotting before I started and barely any character work at all. The sad thing is that I won't be able to work on adding more words today mostly because I have both my day job and Wegmans today, but I do have all weekend to work on upping my word count, so there's that.

2. I'm still a bit amazed I'm writing anything at all, quite frankly. :D

3. I haven't been writing in order, but that's nothing new. I keep writing down scenes I want to see or things I want the characters to do and then writing that way. What I'm hoping to do this weekend is bulk up the scenes I've written to the point where I can do what I normally do in these situations, which is print out everything I've written, cut each scene out onto separate slips of paper, tape them all into a notebook, and write the outline for the book around them sometime next week. Oddly, that way of writing usually works really well for me.

4. No, I really do dislike my main character. But she's not a very likable person so much as she's an interesting read.

5. I still have something like only two named male characters in the whole thing. Meanwhile, I've got something like twenty named female characters. Well, if I ever did finish this and manage to pound it with a stick into a publishable draft, the one thing I can say about the damn thing is that if it did develop a fandom, it would spawn a metric fuckton of femmeslash if only out of a lack of available penises.

6. Okay, off to go write another 168 words so I can at least be at yesterday's goal.
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... apparently putting up a Paypal button to save your fanfic site is much, MUCH more difficult than, say, fighting worthy charities for grant money to pay for your servers.

I don't know which I find more appalling right now: that, or Rand Paul winning in Kentucky. (... oh, FFS.)

As for NaNo, I am behind where I was hoping to be at this point. But then again I didn't plot a damn thing and I'm basically just throwing plot points at the wall to see if they stick, and they all seem to be sticking no matter how freaking ludicrous. For added fun I've been skipping around writing bits and pieces and between all of them scattered across the length of the entire book, I've still only written two named male characters out of a current list of about twenty or so characters. And one of them is a transvestite. Do with that info what you will.

That said, as of right now ...

Cigarettes And Shambles:

4270 / 50000 (8.54%)

I'll be happy if I can go to work on Thursday morning with 15k. Even if it's a scattered mess, 15k is still a good chunk of the way to my goal right there. :)
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

2572 / 50000 (5.14%)

I was hoping to have more, but five percent of the goal is marvelous as far as I'm concerned.

I haven't really been writing in a linear fashion, for the record. I did write the first five hundred words or so, but then I just started skipping around and writing whatever came to mind, which worked as well as it always does for me.

Still have only a vague idea of what the actual plot is, but whatever. I've got a hopelessly optimistic former child genius with a shaven head and two-inch-wide gauges in her ears bouncing around a bar like a goofball to a Scissor Sisters song, so clearly I'm doing something right.
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

764 / 50000 (1.53%)

I got most of that done last night before bed, and this morning has been a round of bill-paying and hair-styling and generally savoring the fact that I normally would be at work right now, and very possibly would be on the phones talking to angry and/or confused elderly people at this very moment.

Instead I am at my computer desk with my story open in one window and a QI episode open in another, huddled under my electric blanket, eating Cheetos and Pepsi and trying to up my word count before I have to go into work at Wegmans tonight. Why I can't do this every day is a goddamn crime.

*happy sigh*

(I'm also still trying to decide if I want to leave a little early for work and go get my hair cut super-short. On the one hand, I like my hair long and it took a long time to get it this long. On the other hand, between overtime, two jobs, school and trying to write it's a bitch to get my hair under control for a half-hour every day, and I think it's making my skin break out, and i also like it super-short. Urgh.)
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Cigarettes And Shambles:

0 / 50000 (0.00%)

For the record and all that. :)

I am staying up for a little bit to write, though. I'm not going to bed until I get something down, anyway, even if what I end up writing turns out to be a festering pile of elephant afterbirth.


Oct. 24th, 2010 07:44 pm
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How did I not know they're showing an interview the Top Gear guys on 60 Minutes?! Oh, man, it's a good thing they appear to be running a bit late.

So guess what? NANO STARTS A WEEK FROM NOW, THAT'S WHAT. \O/ I still need to work on a lot of it, but I'm really genuinely excited for it, even more so than I was a month ago when I was a little afraid I'd still be all depressed and blocked when NaNo rolled around, but hey, I wrote fic this weekend! Short fic, but still! I CAN STILL WRITE, Y'ALL.

I've never hooked up with the local NaNo group, but they're having a kick-off party at the Barnes and Noble on Saturday afternoon and I'm seriously thinking about going. It'll be the start of my long weekend anyway, and it'll be nice to meet up with other writers in the area. It'll dig a few hours out of my plans to plot next weekend, but I'm hoping to make up for it during the week anyway.


By the way, if you've never wallowed into the depths of Design*Sponge's Living In series, you are missing out.
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So, yeah, I think I'm skipping the Rally.

It's mostly a matter of time management. Last weekend, Wegmans wanted me to come in and do training, and I went out with my best friend for her birthday, which wasted a day. This weekend, my day job has me coming in for more training, which I could theoretically do during normal business hours but since it's overtime this way I can't turn it down. That leaves the rest of the weekend for me to rest and try to get over this cold, because I'll be damned if it carries over into next week. I'm working both jobs all week next week, although I'm scheduled to leave early on Friday just in case I was going to the rally, and I took Friday and Saturday off from Wegmans.

If I did go to the rally, that would basically only leave next Sunday for me to plot for NaNo. I currently have no title, two characters, and a very vague idea of something involving zombies (maybe). I don't trust myself to be able to plot the whole thing from top to bottom in one day, and I'd rather get it done before I have to start writing to make it that much easier for myself. And the Rally is the one thing I can give up to make time.

Do I want to go to the Rally? Yeah, but I want to win NaNo this year even more than that. And I'm okay with missing the Rally if it means I might win for a change, or even if it just helps me start writing again.

... so if it November first yet? No? How about now? Awww. *pouts*
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For the record, I know that everybody's been asking lately who wants to be on their NaNo filters, and I just wanted to put out the blanket statement that yes, I want to be on all of your NaNo filters. I'll be doing NaNo myself and it helps to know other people are putting themselves through the same sort of hell.

Those of you who've been around for a while know I don't have a NaNo filter. You're here, you're reading, you get to suffer along with me. Or laugh at me as I suffer, in any event. ;)

I cannot WAIT for NaNo, by the way. I had something like seven or eight vacation days from work and no reason to use them, so I took the first two days of November off and I'm pretty much off for the last week and a half of the month as well, interrupted only by the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving and possibly Black Friday (we still don't know if we're getting that off yet).

As for my NaNo idea itself, I'm still worldbuilding. I still haven't figured out if I'm going AU or post-apocalyptic future or how this is going to work, but there are a LOT of rules to go over and I've got a month to work on it.


Aaaaaand then there's Yuletide.

I think I know what I'm asking for:

Cutting for those who'd like to avoid my probable prompts. )


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then there's fic. Which I am writing. Er, right now.

We'll see if I actually get it finished today.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then there's my original stuff.

Aside from NaNo I've got a couple of short stories I want to work on and some other novel ideas I've put aside for a rainy day. Writing the fanfic that I've got open right now is part of that, because I seriously need to stretch my writing muscles.

Here's hoping I can get something done this weekend, though. I could use the pick-me-up, quite frankly. (My mom's taking me clothes-shopping for my birthday, which is nice and I appreciate it and I could certainly use new jeans, but at the same time I'm disappointed I won't be getting an eReader. I can't really afford to buy one for myself, especially with Christmas coming up, and I'd rather have a new netbook for Christmas because I need one with school coming up since the one I currently have hasn't been working right for a while. And I certainly don't expect my parents to splurge on more than one expensive piece of electronic equipment at a time, nor will they. Sooooo, no eReader for the girl with three paperbacks in her purse at any given time then. Ugh, me and my First World problems. *sigh*)
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I'm stopping the novel I started for NaNo.

I'm going to try to finish The Grand Prize Winner by the end of the month instead.

I only have half of the book to finish, it's all sketched out and every chapter has already been set out. All I have to do is settle in the next three weeks, get at least one chapter finished every day I have off, and I can finish the damn thing.

So why the fuck not?

I still have a page and a half to type up and then I have to take a nap before work.

Oh, good.

Nov. 11th, 2008 09:17 am
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Only four thousand words of The Grand Prize Winner to retype today and at least five thousand words of my NaNo to write today if I want to have any hope of catching up today and tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention I barely slept last night?

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I think where I'm having a problem right now is that I just don't know where it's going. I'm sure once I get past the bits where I know what comes next I'll come up with something, but until then I'm just stressing myself out. And I know everything with NaNo is all, "Plot? What plot?" but seriously, I'm all set-up and no plot as of yet. I think it'll be a lot better when my main character stops fighting zombies and talks to her kid, but for right now? Yikes.

So now it's time for a break and then I'm going to maybe pack up the laptop and the printouts of the missing stuff from The Grand Prize Winner and head down to the gas station cafe to type it all up. *sigh*


Nov. 8th, 2008 11:14 pm
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Oh, you guys, Write or Die is exactly what I needed to rebuild my NaNo word count. WOOT.

Well, that, and I need the cat to get off me so I can run to the bathroom. I'm curled up under an afghan on the couch and he keeps either wiggling underneath to fall asleep on my legs or he falls asleep on my arms while I'm trying to type. Yeah, thanks, Otis. That's real helpful. *eyeroll*
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I just rewrote the first sentence of my NaNo in a new file. But it's a start. And there's no way I can take overtime on Saturday, so.
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The upside is that I didn't take overtime for tomorrow, so I've got all day to beef up my numbers. And since I've finished Eclipse and can't get Breaking Dawn until tomorrow, my only option for tonight is working on coming up with stuff to write tomorrow. I think I'll do a lot better word-count-wise if I skip around like I usually do, so the plan for tonight is just cherry-picking scenes out of my brain that I like and making myself write them tomorrow.

In summation, TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

I have chai and a nice warm afghan, so I'm totally prepared to curl up and get comfy and fucking write all day Monday.

Stupid overtime. Why do we have to have so much of it NOW? I could have gotten so much more written the last two days. *sigh*
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Nearly Departed:

I'd like to write more, but I have to leave for work in about fifteen minutes. On the plus side, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing right now so at least with thirteen hours to kill I'll have plenty of time to come up with something.

I'm really close to having my main character just shoot someone for no reason. Or get shot for no reason. Huh.
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funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

SO. NaNo. I only have 310 words so far, but that's mostly because the first opening I wrote made me stall, and then I thought maybe I should try writing a new story, and THEN I went back to the zombie apocalypse and started somewhere completely different and it's working out much better. I think my main character hasn't been nearly bitchy enough yet, though. Hmm.
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I'm usually really strict when it comes to NaNo. I don't start until midnight. I don't even plot out much most of the time. And I always work on an original novel.

I took overtime on Saturday and Sunday. I know I need money, but man, that's going to make a dent in my writing time.

Fifty thousand words. Thirty days. Half of those, I probably won't get anything written due to work.

Oh, and also I'm going to sign up for Yuletide and want to make dents in the other two novels I'm working on.

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I need two thousand dollars worth of dental work. Two thousand dollars.

I'm not freaking out, surprisingly enough, possibly because two thousand bucks keels right over the line from "OMG WTF *CRIES*" territory into a number that mostly just makes my eyes bug out and then I giggle because ... seriously. Two thousand dollars. It's so sad that I'm like, "Oh, come ON. I'm never going to make THAT. Bwahahaha!" about two thousand bucks. It might as well be a million. Sheesh.

But, yes. I've got the cracked tooth and apparently the cavity I thought was in one tooth is in two, and I've got to call the oral surgeon to get my two wisdom teeth out. Meh. I'm really going to have to look for a part-time job, like, washing dishes in a restaurant or something. Just something monotonous I don't really have to think about.

*sigh* I'm not getting rich and famous nearly quickly enough for my liking.


Still haven't watched last night's Supernatural or this week's Gossip Girl. SPN can hold until tomorrow, and as for Gossip Girl ... well, hell, I think it's the Jenny stuff that's turning me off. Right now, I'm watching the 100 Scariest Movie Moments. (GAH. They just got to Poltergeist. Fuck, that movie scares the crap out of me. GYAAAH.) And then possibly T2 in preparation for NaNo at midnight.


I need to come up with kickass chick music so I can have something vaguely resembling a soundtrack. Hmm.


I'm most of the way through Eclipse. In regards to Bella, I'd just like to express my complete disinterest and confusion over her personality or lack thereof in the immortal words of the great philosopher Heath Ledger, who said, "What is it with this chick? She got beer-flavored nipples?"

Seriously, y'all. WHAT THE FUCK. I not only don't get why either one of these guys is so freaking attractive (well, Jacob was for a minute, but that ended quick), I don't get what's the least bit interesting about her that five million boys are salivating over her. New hotness only lasts so long, presumably until the five hundredth offscreen gym-class faceplant.

And the studious avoiding of ever mentioning anything that might date it! Aw, it's so cute. I mean, I know there's a fine line between dropping so many pop culture references you'll be out of date in five minutes (House of Night books, anyone?) and being able to hang out in the spotlight longer but for crying out loud, people.

EDIT: I should probably add that I could see where the books could have been really great. I don't know if Smeyer thought having Jacob crack wise about Bella being in an abusive relationship meant it wasn't really uncomfortable and weird reading about Edward and Bella interacting after that (or before, really), but ... yeah.
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I'm downloading Merlin episodes. Are you people happy now?!

(Kidding! I kept forgetting to, seriously, but two or three Merlin posts in a row on ye olde friends list ... I believe that's a hint. ;))


So, um. This is the list of stuff I'll be working on as of November first:

1. The Grand Prize Winner
2. The Hollow Girl
3. Nearly Departed (NaNo novel)
4. Heroine Chic (previous NaNo option, now simply up for worldbuilding, title totally stolen from another novel idea)
5. Yuletide story (whenever I get my assignment)

And also one of these days I'm going to have to look at the Books of Boggs sequels, since I don't think I've opened some of those files in, um, a year. *wince*

Who's got two thumbs and a masochistic streak? THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE.


I've got to stop following stories about the Jennifer Hudson tragedy, if only because the longer they go without finding that little boy, the more depressed I get.


Oct. 26th, 2008 03:28 pm
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I think I picked out a title for my zombie-apocalypse NaNo novel: Nearly Departed.

I should probably not be allowed to name anything ever. Heh.


I'm watching The Birds. Yay for scary movies all over the place the week of Halloween! \o/
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So this is where I talk about my writing, I guess.

The Hollow Girl )


The Grand Prize Winner )


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Also, Otis has spent the entire day stretched out across my arms as I try to type. I'd like to say it's me, but I've been wearing the soft fuzzy robe all day, so it's probably just that sleeping on me today is like curling up on a Muppet.

And why am I watching the top episodes of Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments in a dark apartment by myself? *covers eyes with hands*


Oct. 22nd, 2008 03:02 pm
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So, this is my preparatory NaNoWriMo post. It comes in four parts.

1. What I'm doing for NaNo: I'm deciding right now between the OH TP NO story I didn't get to work on the other weekend, which is actually turning into something fun in my head, and the superhero gossip columnist. But they're both the kind of stories I don't really have to plot out so much as trip through. Heh.

2. What you're doing for NaNo: Are you doing NaNo? Tell meeeeeee. *curls up next to you and beams* Whatcha writin'? :)

3. Wait, what do you mean you're not doing NaNo?!: Say, those of you who write fic but aren't doing NaNo ... why not? Aw, come on, you guys, join in. If I'm doing it, and I won't be able to write during my four-day stretches of work so I'm pretty much only working with two weeks of writing time when you think of it, then you can do it too. And if you've never done it before, it's the fun kind of stress, trust me. Yes, even you, the one who just writes butt-tons of slashy fiction but never anything original.

4. You should do NaNo because Dean Winchester did NaNo: Trufax. If only in fanon.


Oct. 3rd, 2008 02:54 pm
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I'm exhausted and it's my first night of work. Oh, yay, another week of frustration as I try to make up for the fact that the other person working on my line is slower than molasses.

I do have two somewhat negative things to say about SPN stuff I spotted after last night's episode:

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I picked up a really nice leatherbound quad-ruled journal at Target yesterday so that I could make notes over the next month for the stories I've narrowed it down to for NaNoWriMo. Right now, it's between the superhero gossip columnist (which should be easy to write if I sketch everything out and let myself be as snarky as I want) and the big gay demon fighters (which I started once but am completely restarting so a lot of it is already in my brain). I'm just really hoping I don't suddenly sprout another story idea between now and November and end up with something else to worry about.

As for the novels I'm currently attempting to work on, I think I may be able to finish chapter three of The Hollow Girl either today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow). I want to try to get another one finished and then go over the first few chapters another time before sending them off to the agent-shaped person for perusal. Then again, at the rate I'm going, I'll keep telling myself, "Oh, one more chapter, and THEN I'll send it off," until I've got the whole damn thing finished. Not that that would be a bad thing, per se, but still.

Still no movement on The Grand Prize Winner. I think I have to reread the finished chapters for a refresher course or something. Ugh.

I was also horribly tempted to pick up this at Target yesterday to replace my Fly pen. On one hand, it's more like the adult version of it and if you're using it to record notes during classes it'd come in handy. On the other hand, it apparently doesn't have translation programming yet, which is really what I want it for. And considering it's from the same company that makes the Fly pen and the Fly's translations to text files need translating themselves, I'm wondering just how well they'll work out anyway. Hmm.
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I'm still trying to decide which story I actually want to work on. I've got a month to decide, I suppose, and I want to use October to make a dent in The Hollow Girl and The Grand Prize Winner. Of course, I've said that before and look how that's turned out so far. *sigh*

On the plus side, I went grocery shopping. I splurged on stuff I normally don't waste money on, like the makings for beef chow mein and lobster bisque, because I had that fifty-dollar gift certificate from my parents and ... well, fuck, it's not like I get to splurge on anything else anymore, right? Can't go to Wincon, can't get a new laptop, might not even be able to get a new tat. But hey, there's always those six free months of Netflix I have absolutely no desire to use.

Yeah, I might not be in the best of moods right now. BLARGH.


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