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Okay, here's season three.

I don't know, I feel like I should add somewhere in here that most of the reason I'm doing this is because I'm putting my own curiosity to rest. It's one thing to hear both sides of an argument, it's another thing to look at the facts and judge accordingly, I guess. Most of the time that this wank's been going on, I keep sitting here thinking, "Well, maybe I'm just looking back at things through rose- colored glasses," and, "Maybe Dean's just always been a dick."

Here's the thing. After looking at season three, even if Dean's always been a dick, he's gotten WAY worse this season.

Bitchwatch, part three )


Okay, done. Now where the hell is that happy squishy porn I was writing? AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY BOOZE?
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Okay, here's season two.

Bitchwatch, season two )

Now it's off to suffer through the finale once again. The Ruby scenes alone should be a trip. *eyeroll*
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(Oh, man, my internet picked a fine time to want to go out. *headdesk*)

So with all of the feminist outcry over this season's misogynistic bend, and the response of some people that ... well, it's not, I wanted to go back and double-check something. Most of the focus of this outcry has been on Dean, since his attitudes towards women have -- at least to some of us -- changed in the last season. So I went back through transcripts and (now that I've run out of them) the actual episodes looking for every instance in which the words bitch, slut, skank, and whore are used by anyone, but with a focus on Dean.

Bitchwatch, season one )

I'll get season two up just as soon as I finish rewatching "Heart" and "Hollywood Babylon." After that, I'm going to have to either find season three scripts somewhere or go on a downloading spree. (Unless anybody wants to help out by documenting the times the words turn up in the episodes I don't have, which would be fabulous.)


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