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My glee is all-encompassing. :D

I matched on a fandom I didn't even think would be on the list (how is there not enough fic for it to even be on the list? OMG, that's criminal), wasn't sure I wanted to sign up for, and am still a bit terrified I won't do justice.

However, I ended up getting the prompt I probably would have given myself if I'd noticed the fandom were on the list sooner. It was just the poke I needed to get my butt moving on NaNo, actually, because I am not allowed to start my Yuletide until I finish NaNo and my Yuletide assignment is just that awesome.

EDIT: Oh, and to make it a bit easier for whoever got my assignment, here's my letter. Good luck! :)
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How about a Dear Santa letter? )


I still haven't watched last night's SPN. Or begun to download it yet, really. But I'm getting there! It's early, damn it, and I spent far too long playing with my new phone. *yawns*
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For the record, I know that everybody's been asking lately who wants to be on their NaNo filters, and I just wanted to put out the blanket statement that yes, I want to be on all of your NaNo filters. I'll be doing NaNo myself and it helps to know other people are putting themselves through the same sort of hell.

Those of you who've been around for a while know I don't have a NaNo filter. You're here, you're reading, you get to suffer along with me. Or laugh at me as I suffer, in any event. ;)

I cannot WAIT for NaNo, by the way. I had something like seven or eight vacation days from work and no reason to use them, so I took the first two days of November off and I'm pretty much off for the last week and a half of the month as well, interrupted only by the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving and possibly Black Friday (we still don't know if we're getting that off yet).

As for my NaNo idea itself, I'm still worldbuilding. I still haven't figured out if I'm going AU or post-apocalyptic future or how this is going to work, but there are a LOT of rules to go over and I've got a month to work on it.


Aaaaaand then there's Yuletide.

I think I know what I'm asking for:

Cutting for those who'd like to avoid my probable prompts. )


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then there's fic. Which I am writing. Er, right now.

We'll see if I actually get it finished today.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then there's my original stuff.

Aside from NaNo I've got a couple of short stories I want to work on and some other novel ideas I've put aside for a rainy day. Writing the fanfic that I've got open right now is part of that, because I seriously need to stretch my writing muscles.

Here's hoping I can get something done this weekend, though. I could use the pick-me-up, quite frankly. (My mom's taking me clothes-shopping for my birthday, which is nice and I appreciate it and I could certainly use new jeans, but at the same time I'm disappointed I won't be getting an eReader. I can't really afford to buy one for myself, especially with Christmas coming up, and I'd rather have a new netbook for Christmas because I need one with school coming up since the one I currently have hasn't been working right for a while. And I certainly don't expect my parents to splurge on more than one expensive piece of electronic equipment at a time, nor will they. Sooooo, no eReader for the girl with three paperbacks in her purse at any given time then. Ugh, me and my First World problems. *sigh*)
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The Yuletide authors have been revealed and, no, I didn't write the Glee zombie apocalypse. Heh.

My assignment was:

The Secret Diary of Timothy M. Gunn (Project Runway RPF)

... I mean, REALLY. You can understand why my reaction to receiving that prompt was two days of being all, NO WAI! *flappyhands*

I took forever to decide which season to secret-diary (that was basically the prompt ... "The secret diary of Tim Gunn: Any season, any challenge, whichever you'd like to write about"), but I finally figured out that based on pure lameness, the most recent season won out. So I sat down the weekend before the story was due and took notes on the whole damn season to get the timeline right. It took me three bottles of Smirnoff and twenty-one handwritten pages of snarky notes, but I made it through the whole thing. ;)

I also wrote two other stories, both of them in fandoms I usually look to for prompts every year as soon as the stocking stuffers open up just because I feel I can write fic in both fandoms in a hurry without reviewing the source material (I didn't have the time to review source materials thanks to work):

Snips and Snails, Shelter

I darted right over to the Shelter prompts first, and while I was tempted to write a regular old Shaun/Zach fic, one prompt requesting grown-Cody fic made me muse flail. I've thought every once in a while about writing grown-up Cody fic, since my mental image of him is a very open-minded warm-hearted and creative guy grateful to have the two dads he ends up with, and I latched onto that one and spawned 1,700 words or so in a day.

Blaphemy In D Minor, The Shawshank Redemption

I just found it a bit hilarious that there were five or six requests for Shawshank fic this year (including my own) and all of them were requests for post-movie fic in Mexico. So I pretty much picked one at random that wasn't mine and went with the first idea that popped into mind, which is that I doubted Red knew Spanish and yet would have had to make it two-thirds of the way through Mexico like that. And then I got a kick out of the fact that apparently somebody else got the same idea and wrote another take on the same angle in Speaking In Tongues, which was lovely and I encourage all of you to read it.

EDIT: It goes to show I just woke up from a nap, since I almost forgot to thank [livejournal.com profile] metaphoracle, who wrote my fantastic Yuletide Lost In Austen story, The First Duty Of An Officer. It was EXACTLY what I wanted when I requested Wickham fic and I was really happy to get it. :)
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I wrote three stories for Yuletide.

If you can figure out which ones they are -- [livejournal.com profile] insidian and [livejournal.com profile] keepaofthecheez, you are of course both not allowed to guess, since you know my original assignment and all -- I'll write you a story.

The only clue I can give is that if you know me, and you know me during Yuletide, you can probably guess at least one if not all three stories.
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... because my damn Yuletide is done, done, dunzo. WOOHOO!

I contemplated doing the "Guess my Yuletide story" meme this year, but usually hardly anyone guesses and the ones that do are WAY off, and besides, this year I feel like there's a huge neon sign over my Yuletide that says "[livejournal.com profile] apocalypsos wrote this!" anyway.

I noticed more than a few people saying, "If you're done and would like to write stocking stuffers, here's my Dear Santa letter!", so here's mine, and if anybody wants to link theirs in the comments I'll take a peek and see if there's anything that turns my muse's head. I've got the Heroine Addiction edit to finish ASAP and then I can devote all of my time until the new year to the GPW edit, but in the meantime between now and Friday I still want to be writing so, you know, gimme something to do.

There's also [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking to be had, if anybody would like to kill some time between now and Christmas. :)

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A few prompts I really want to ask for next year. )

Can you tell I'm impatiently waiting for a Yuletide assignment? Heh. :)
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I am continually impressed by everybody who puts just as much time and effort into deciding which fandoms they can write for Yuletide as they do into the prompts they'd like to have written for them.

I sign up for everything. Or at least it feels that way. The vast majority of the fandoms I volunteer to write are movies, ones that I love and have watched more than a few times and only believe I need a quick refresher to write. You guys know me. That covers a LOT of ground.

I signed up for 57 fandoms this year.

See, this is why every time I get my assignment I'm always both amused and confused: amused, because I love a challenge, and confused, because there's always a moment where I go, "Wait, I signed up for that? Oh, okay, I guess I did."

And that would be how I end up writing Frequency, Drop Dead Fred, and Footloose fic for Yuletide. Hee.
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What I wrote:

The Door In The Mountain-side Shut Fast (Footloose) was my assignment and I really loved what I got to do with it. The request was for Ren/Willard slash and God knows I tried, but the boys would just not cooperate past hints of slash to come. The idea of what happens in a small town after graduation stuck in my head (boy, I wonder why, it couldn't possibly be because I live in one ... heh). It's just this slow bleed until August and September come around and people you're used to seeing all the time are just gone, and I thought watching the movie five million times to get the feel of it (the DVD was still in my computer two weeks after I uploaded just 'cause it had already been in there for a month straight anyway) that as bad as it was when I graduated in a town not much bigger than Bomont, I imagine it would be twice as bad with a town that outlawed dancing and music and had Ren to entice them.

This Is It, This Is My Thesis (Sky High) was the second story I uploaded, slapped together on Christmas Eve while I was busy running around helping my mom with dinner. It's probably my least favorite of the stories I wrote, although I did end up liking it. I just felt like I was so distracted that I pretty much just slapped an ending on it and called it a day. *shrugs*

And Breathe (The Shawshank Redemption) was the last story I wrote and uploaded, written in a little less than an hour about an hour before the archive opened. It's only about six hundred words and yet it's gotten the best reception of any story I've ever written for Yuletide. Go figure. I'm sure that's partly to do with the length (it's a quick read, after all) and the fandom (I don't think I've ever seen Shawshank fanfic other than I Seek A Silent Fortress, and that's a little depressing considering the movie's popularity). I'm happy with the way it turned, although writing it made me wish I'd ended up with the prompt in the first place. I could have easily written a 10k Shawshank story in my sleep.

So ... is it next year's Yuletide yet? ;)
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I'm getting quite a nice reception for the stories I wrote for Yuletide, so that's great. And I'm going to have to wait until I get home to post comments on the stories I received so if you wrote one of them for me and you're wondering where my comment is, it's coming. :)

So, yes, the usual Yuletide meme. I wrote three Yuletide stories this year. If you guess any of them I'll write you a drabble or a fic or something. (Just, you know, give me a bit of time to get them done, yeah?)

The clues:

1. All three are from different fandoms.
2. I've only written in one of these fandoms before.
3. All of the fandoms share something in common.
4. All of the main relationships (sexual or not) in the stories involve guys.
5. In my personal opinion, one of them is so obviously written by me it's almost embarrassing. (The other two are a little less blatantly me, I think.)


Dec. 25th, 2008 11:46 am
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See, my mom got me the netbook (yay!) and she got my dad a larger computer monitor. He's been using my brother's old (but perfectly acceptable) flatscreen monitor, so I asked if I could have it so that I can only have to buy a tower to have a new computer. And he said yes, which means when the bonuses and tax return roll around for me, I should totally be able to get a new computer. \o/

Also, the netbook is pretty. And I named her Olive, because she is adorable and wee. *nods solemnly*

Oh, I also got clothes, money, an electric toothbrush, an electric chopping machine for my kitchen, lotion that smells like chocolate chip cookies, a bunch of gift cards, and an electric blanket. Score.

Oh! And Yuletide! Yuletide, which is awesome and netted me six, count 'em, SIX freaking fabulous fics:

-- Between One Breath And The Next, which is a wonderful, sweet Hero story with Thom and Goran. Oh, boys.
-- Whether or Not Anyone Is Really At Fault. You guys. You guys. Some magnificent bastard out there wrote me Christian/Olli/Judith smut. I can't describe the giddy flailing look on my face when I read that. It's so fucking HOT. Yay!

And the RPF ...

-- Police Contribution. I don't want to tell you what it's about or who the narrator is, BUT it cracked me the hell up and I couldn't figure out who the narrator was until about halfway through, at which point I flipped my shit, because my brother and I were fanboy/girling him last night at the Christmas party. Heh.
-- The Council of Kick-Ass Women of America. I want to print this out and read it when I need to feel amazing and empowered, at which point I will simply skim this story and proceed to flap my hands in the air like a happy penguin.
-- For You Are Crunchy and Taste Good With Ketchup. OMG, let me put it this way -- if you've ever read or written the Vancouver crowd, you have GOT to read this. It's amazing.
-- David's Devilish, but Bette's Better. *chokesplorfles*


Dec. 21st, 2008 09:30 am
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Yuletide Treats are open!

Aaaand I'm in there. Huh. I'm sure there was a good reason for my writer to default, but ... but one of my prompts was practically, "Pick any random actor you want and give them superhuman abilities." I thought that was a pretty cushy fallback prompt, but ...okay. *scratches head* (There probably is a logical reason it's on there, but I can't help being a little, "Bwuh?" And yeah, okay, now that I think about it, I keep forgetting that some people have a major RPF squick.)

If anybody saw my prompts and squealed, here's my Santa letter.

EDIT: No, seriously, someone go write me fic where Brad and Angelina really adopt all of those kids because they're superheroes and they're training the next generation.

... what? What'd I say?


Dec. 20th, 2008 04:44 pm
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I may have yelped happily when the Yuletide site cracked a thousand.

Aaaaaand then a minute later it went down to three. Aw, poor website. Heh.
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For the last couple of years that I've done Yuletide, I've always made sure I have a back-up.

Last year, my prompt included Dexter (which I signed up for), Smoke Signals (which I'd seen before but hadn't signed up for), and Imagine You And Me (which I'd never seen and hadn't signed up for). I got my hands on the two movies just in case, because the Dexter prompt was femmeslash and I figured I'd probably have trouble with it, which I did, which is how I ended up writing an Imagine You And Me story.

This year I lucked out. The fandom I signed up for had a great prompt and the other two prompts were for sources I either had on hand or could easily get. But this time I didn't wait as long. I had both of the sources for the other prompts on standby juuuuuuust in case from the very beginning.

I know it's probably more difficult if, say, you're more into writing fic for book series or whatever, but I'm just wondering if anybody else does this. I know I've talked to people this year and in previous years who've been having trouble with a week left to go before the deadline and have said, "Oh, it's too late to catch up on a new fandom!" and I know I can't be the only one who prepares for this ahead of time. Now it's gotten to be a habit where next year I'm probably going to get my assignment and immediately see about getting my hands on the sources for all of the other prompts.
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My Yuletide is DONE and POSTED.


I really do like the way it turned out, thank God. There's been some years where I've just been like, "Well, good enough!" and thrown my hands in the air because ... well, sometimes these things are damn hard, you know? I did like this one, though, and I have faith that it's right up my recipient's alley, which is good because that's the important thing. And now I am going to put it aside and completely and totally forget about Yuletide until it's time for Stocking Stuffers.

... is it time to write Stocking Stuffers now? How about now? Okay, then how about now?

DAMN IT. *pouts*

In other news, I'm still waiting on the Merlin finale to download. I'm going to need ice cream and booze for this, I can feel it.


Dec. 12th, 2008 10:06 pm
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... I may have just finished my Yuletide.

*hesitant \o/*
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That was pretty much my reaction to my Yuletide assignment. It wasn't what I was hoping it would be based on the list of needy fandoms, but that's okay. I think I can work with the one I actually signed up for, although quite frankly I'm really lucky this year in that if all else fails I could do any of the other prompts, too, and not just because I have time to bone up on the fandoms. I've signed up for the majority of them before, and the one I haven't was less because I don't like it (I did, really, it's awesome) and more because I've never that keen on writing in that style. I have faith I could pull it off, though. This is a really good assignment for me, I must say. They all have different tones, so they'd all be a good challenge.

I have the source material for at least two of them, and it wouldn't be hard to get my grubby paws on the other one. Hell, maybe I'll make it interesting and do all of them. Oooo.

And Yuletide Santa, just in case you can't find my Yuletide letter, it's right here. :)
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... I should probably write this now, considering how preoccupied I'm going to be with catching up with NaNo the next few days and with work the next few days after that. With my luck, I'll forget about it otherwise and I don't want to leave it hanging if the assignments go out and I'm buried in Open Office.

Dear Yuletide Santa ... )
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1. I voted! I was ninth! But they weren't giving out stickers. *pouts*

Okay, whoever can guess who I voted for for president will get a puppy. But not from me. If I had either of those, I would keep 'em. (Oh, if only that were a really hard question to answer. We're going to run out of puppies at this rate.)

2. I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, which is pretty much my favorite writing challenge of all. I asked for the crack I threatened to and three others (adorable canon gay boy pairings FTW!). Also, there's a LOLcats category this year. I ... I don't even know. Of course, my not knowing didn't stop me from putting it down, 'cause I like a challenge. :)

3. Been profoundly grateful I've got awesome friends. *glomps you all* (And for the record, to those of you who sent me stuff for my teeth ... you guys. YOU GUYS. Thanks. *blushes*)

And now to go to bed, because I want to get some sleep in before I get up and try to rewrite all of the NaNo story I lost. *sigh*


Jun. 3rd, 2008 08:58 pm
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-- Look, I'm rewatching the bits of the first part of The Capture of the Green River Killer and it's kinda bad when I have to stop being a very serious true crime junkie to laugh at the FBI guy using a Zach Morris phone.

-- Okay, so it's June and I've already got things I want for Yuletide. God help us all.

-- Cutting for reaction to Terminator Salvation spoiler. )

-- I made giant Jello shots for later on tonight. Woohoo!
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There's a request on the list that just says, "RPF-Misc. Actors." Nothing else. And while a visit to the Dear Santa letter tells exactly which actors they want, all I could think when I saw it was, "OMG HARDCORE CRACK." I'm going to ask for that category next year and just say, "Pick whoever you want and write the crackiest idea that comes into your head. David Hasselhoff is secretly a magician! Paris, Lindsay and Britney are secretly Charlie's Angels! Ryan Seacrest is a giant chicken! Go nuts! WOOHOO."

And now I'm watching I Love the 80s and they just showed the trailer for Cloverfield and you know what? I've realized that I *adore* the situations JJ Abrams puts his characters in -- plane crash, giant monster attacking New York, soooo my type of shit -- and HAAAAATE the backstories. The more I read about the mythology behind Cloverfield, the more I don't want to go see it, which takes a lot when you're blowing shit up.
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-- I will always be the only one in the bar who knows the words to "I Can't Decide," and yet I still won't stop playing it on the jukebox.

-- Watching a gay guy stick his face between your best friend's breasts and motorboat never stops being funny.

-- I need to wear my glasses to the bar if only to be able to identify the transvestites.

-- I really didn't need to hear the annoying blonde woman standing next to us at the bar stating that she likes gays just fine but tires of dealing with queens. Not so much because of the sentiment, but because I could have been happy to ignore her the rest of the night and instead kept noticing her for the rest of our time in the bar tottering from side to side and pretending that it was really hot dancing.

-- You wouldn't think the lead singer of a band whose music is less music and more screaming could be pretentious, but spending your entire set standing with your back to the audience is pretty fucking pretentious, especially considering you're not singing to the drummer and your "songs" have no discernable lyrics.


Oh, uh ...

Dear Yuletide writer (part two),

You know the Luke/Noah plotbunny I mentioned with the Oscars and the limo and the sex? Er, forget I said that one. *shifty eyes*
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Yay! They're taking nominations for Yuletide fandoms! *twirls*

I really have to make a list for my own personal reminder as to what I want this year. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

What I'm thinking of asking for for Yuletide, with spoilers for the season finale of The 4400 )

Of course, I list all of those knowing full well they'll probably all change tomorrow. Heh.


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