Sep. 8th, 2013

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So for anybody who's been wondering what's going on with me:

-- I finished my internship a couple of weeks ago and got an A, which ... yay! I didn't get a chance to meet my mentor face to face, but she was really great, and I'm sort of hoping I can do my second internship with her next summer. (Maybe. I'm still debating if I even want to do summer classes again next summer. Not having a break this year was brutal.)

-- I also finished my social diversity class and got an A in that, too. My final project was to participate in an ethnic or cultural event which I've never been to before, so I attended morning services at Temple Israel in Scranton. I don't know if you can say you had fun at a prayer service, but everyone was so lovely and helped tell me what page we were on in the prayer book since everything was in Hebrew (which I expected, but still). Being raised Catholic had its advantages and disadvantanges. On one hand, when other people stand, I stand -- I've got that rule ingrained in my head. On the other hand, people were walking around and greeting each other, including me, during prayers, and there's a part of my brain that kept saying, "But ... but you're just supposed to sit there and repeat what the priest says!" I had a great time, though, and the building was gorgeous.

-- Right now, I'm in the first couple of weeks on my new semester. I have business ethics online (which seems pretty laidback so far), technical writing (with the awesome new teacher who used to be a plus-sized model), and web design, a class in which I am sitting next to a girl who put a Deadpool wallpaper on her computer and laughed when I made a Geocities joke on the web page I was writing for class. So either I've made a friend or I've proven I'm an enormous geek. Or both.

-- The agent who's looking at "Heroine Addiction" still hasn't gotten to me to say whether or not he'll take me on. He did tell me he's a slow reader, though, and we spoke on the phone and had a great conversation where we really clicked (especially when we started in on comics and talked about Marvel vs. DC), so I've got my fingers crossed.

-- I scheduled an appointment to get a new tattoo. I was going to get it tomorrow, but a.) I'm more broke than I thought I would be and b.) I've had the flu for the past week and it's still hanging around. So I rescheduled for later this month. My birthday's at the end of the month, so if anybody wanted to chip in for my tat, I'd love you forever and make you cookies. (Just kidding, honestly. I think my brother's going to chip in money for it, and I have an Amazon payment coming up, so I should be cool.)

-- Oh, yeah, the flu. Which I got from my brother last weekend, and spent the rest of the week trying to fight off and failing miserably. I'm still tired and have a sore throat, but I'm not feeling as awful as I did on, say, Wednesday when my fever spiked. Good times. *eye roll*

-- Also, I blame the flu for the fact that I'm still losing weight even though I haven't exercised in a few weeks and I've barely eaten anything. And not in a "I'm just too busy or distracted to eat" sort of way, but in a "I genuinely haven't had any appetite in a week" sort of way, which is just annoying. I've been forcing myself to eat, though, which is good, but it's mostly poking at diet frozen dinners with a fork.

When I weighed myself this morning on the crappy scale I first started weighing myself on in January, I finally cracked the 150-pound line to hit 149 pounds, which puts my weight loss at 46 pounds since the start of the year. Not the best way to do it, obviously, but still. I'm hoping to start back up on the cottage cheese, fruit, and diet bread again tomorrow, because I don't want to get back into bad habits. Still, I'm only nine pounds from the goal I gave myself in January. \o/


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