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... after today's "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" episode, Cut for spoilery comments )
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I have two flash fiction pieces due for my fiction class this weekend, and I've been starting and not finishing stuff since last weekend. But I finished one! So, you know, yaaaaaaaaay.


It's not titled yet, or edited. But guess what it is? FINISHED. \o/ )
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I changed my Tumblr username just because I wanted a change, so if you're looking for me over there, my Tumblr username is shickalenia.

(It's a word I stole my great-uncle, who uses it in public situations where he can't get away with cursing. I'm not exactly sure what "shickalenia" really means, but knowing my great-uncle, it's some absolutely vile sexual act. That's my family. We're all pigs. :))
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Okay, I think I have reached the point of regularly checking the Lizzie Bennet Diaries tag on Tumblr where I'm equally as annoyed as I am at the hardcore Lyckham shippers as I am completely skeeved by almost every little thing Wickham does or says.

Seriously, there was someone on there yesterday going, "He said she was wonderful and she shouldn't listen to anyone who tells her otherwise! Would someone who's being manipulative say that?!" Uh, YES. That's how manipulation works. You say something nice now because you just said something utterly dickish and the person you're manipulating stops thinking, "Uh ..." and switches to swooning. Someone who's being emotionally manipulative isn't a total jackass 24/7, or else his attempt to manipulate you wouldn't work because you would run the fuck AWAY.

And don't even get me started on the "You just hate him because you hate book!Wickham!" shit going around. I literally had to sit down yesterday and post a list on Tumblr of every creepy, manipulative, lying thing George has done in the videos to show that no, actually, contrary to Wes Aderhold's very pretty face, LBD!George has done some appalling things in-canon. And we don't even know yet what he did to Gigi, whom -- I can only imagine -- the Lyckham fan will probably claim is lying when she finally reveals what he did. (Which I say as I suspect she's going to do so in tomorrow's video. The preview kinda looks that way.)

Ugh. I'm at the point where I want whatever big bad thing is going to happen TO happen because I'm really fucking curious to see how the Lyckham fans will explain it away.
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I had my first fiction class of the semester with my creative writing teacher from last spring (who's really great, and I completely forgot to tell him about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which I think he'd like), and he mentioned that we had the option of volunteering for the literary magazine's editorial board this spring. When he explained the way the decision process is made, he mentioned that the piece with the best score as voted by the editorial board is listed first in the literary magazine.

I went back and checked the literary magazine from last semester. The dystopian short story I wrote in my creative writing class? It's the first story in the fiction section.

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I am just really, REALLY stressed out right now.

I wish I could just quit my job. It just doesn't pay enough and I can't afford to keep doing this. The job itself is fine, but the paychecks suck. And for all the resumes I've sent out for the past two months, I have gotten one call, unprompted, by one of those places that's an insurance sales scam. The whole situation is so stressful that I am having one of the worst low times regarding my depression that I've had in, like, a year. I've been struggling a LOT, not the least of which is with my writing, so that's part of the reason I haven't been able to send out "Monsters of Moosic" yet. I had to focus on getting close to quota and keeping my job through December, but now that I seem to be okay on that front, I've been pissed that I had to work my ass off to keep a job which is just making me feel awful.

School starts this week, which is making me feel somewhat better, but it's a small 'somewhat'. (Let's not even get into the fact that my online Health class teacher is very much "Let's start an exercise program and fight the obesity epidemic!". My depression-spawned fatigue and increased sleep patterns think your "obesity epidemic" can bite me.)

Oh, and I got a form rejection email from Harper Voyager the other day. Which is okay, really, because I've gotten rejection emails before, but I submitted two manuscripts and it didn't mention which one got rejected or if it's just supposed to be for both, so ... yeah, thanks, Harper. That helped. :|

I've been sitting here for the past twenty minutes trying to keep myself from having a panic attack -- it turns out reading the comments on a gun control article don't help with that; who knew? -- so I'm kind of drained. But I just needed to vent for a moment because if I didn't, I felt like I would fry a synapse or something.

Running away and joining the circus only works if you're Robert Pattinson, right? *sigh*
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So it's not in the theaters anymore, the DVD doesn't come out until two days after the awards ceremony, you apparently can't buy it on Amazon Instant Video, and there isn't a DVD screener to be found on the torrent sites.

You're killing me, Joaquin Phoenix, you're goddamn killing me here.
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Oh, hey, that's what I've been missing from every other theatrical slave-whipping I've ever seen! A good pop song on the soundtrack!

(Why, yes, I *did* make the face in my icon.)

EDIT: On the other hand, Christoph Waltz is earning the HELL out of his Oscar nomination.

Still, I just sat through a waaaaaaay too long scene mocking the KKK's hoods, so. There was that.
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My mom shot me a text this morning and asked me if I wanted to go see this with her, so even though I already have it on my computer (heh), I said yes.

That said, I thought it was really great. The acting was superb across the board, and I don't think I disagreed with a single one of the acting nominations. I kind of want to single Robert DeNiro out if only because I've questioned his taste in scripts the last ten years or so, but I think he showed why he is the legend that he is in this movie. Jacki Weaver does great supporting work as the mom, and it's hard to argue against Bradley Cooper's nomination after watching this. I am really not the biggest Bradley Cooper fan in the world, or at all, but I thought he really showed that he's got some acting chops.

I do think Jennifer Lawrence was the heavy hitter here, though. I stand by my assertion after watching "Beasts of the Southern Wild" that while I want Quvenzhane Wallis to win, if Jennifer Lawrence wins I will be thrilled and I wouldn't argue against it. I saw one review before I saw the movie which called her a Manic Pixie Dream Girl and after seeing the movie I heartily disagree. Manic Pixie Dream Girls are weird, but it's not a genuine medical diagnosis. Like, if she were a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, she would like the Smiths and dresses with weird prints and wearing jelly shoes unironically. This girl has honest-to-goodness mental illness. I don't know if I would call it manic depression or just depression, but she's not doing to be cute, which is usually the impression I get from Manic Pixie Dream Girls. She's just as ill as Bradley Cooper's character.

I think that's why my main issue with the movie is the ending. Cut for spoilery comments. )

Still, I did like the movie for the most part. And hey, that's a good chunk of my Oscar checklist taken care of. \o/
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I didn't write about this the last time I watched it because I stopped about a half an hour before it ended, and then for some reason I deleted it, and so I had to download it again so I could finish watching it.

That said, I'm crossing my fingers for Quvenzhane Wallis to win Best Actress. I expect Jennifer Lawrence to win, and I wouldn't be upset if she did because while I haven't yet watched "Silver Linings Playbook" (I'm going to later today) I know from what I've heard that she deserves the recognition. That said, I think there's a decided difference between Jennifer Lawrence (who I think is an amazing actress, don't get me wrong) and a six-year-old first-time actress deftly carrying an entire goddamn movie. She's only a little girl, and she does better work in this movie than a lot of adult actresses do in their entire careers. Besides, I think Jennifer Lawrence will have plenty of other opportunities to win.

I'm also a little disappointed that the actor who played her father in the movie didn't get nominated for best supporting actor. He's another first-time actor and he also turns out a performance that's miles above what most other actors did last year. I always feel like I'm more impressed by the acting nominees who come from a less professional start because they're got farther to go.

I think what helps Quvenzhane Wallis is that the movie plays really well on the small screen. It's really intimate and rough, and I think the people who are watching screeners in their home theaters are going to have an easier time connecting with it than they would in the theater given that.

I just really, REALLY want Quvenzhane Wallis to win. If I can have one happy surprise on Oscar night, I want it to be that.
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Okay, that was incredibly cute. It was kinda like an animated version of "Monster Squad". I enjoyed the style of the animation and I thought the voice casting was really interesting, especially since I couldn't recall who half of them were until the credits rolled. (Which is a surprise -- I'm usually scary-good at identifying voice actors.)

I also forgot this was the movie where the big brother that Norman's sister keeps flirting with turns out to have a boyfriend. So that was a nice surprise. :)
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I am a half an hour into "The Impossible" and it's making me so fucking angry. Not because it's about the whitest family to ever white, but because if it weren't a great festering pile of racefail it would be amazing.

I'll write up a proper review when I finish, though.
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Best Motion Picture of the Year

Amour (2012)
Argo (2012)
Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)
Django Unchained (2012)
Les Misérables (2012)
Life of Pi (2012)
Lincoln (2012)
Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln (2012)
Hugh Jackman for Les Misérables (2012)
Joaquin Phoenix for The Master (2012)
Denzel Washington for Flight (2012/I)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Emmanuelle Riva for Amour (2012)
Quvenzhané Wallis for Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)
Naomi Watts for The Impossible (2012)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Alan Arkin for Argo (2012)
Robert De Niro for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Philip Seymour Hoffman for The Master (2012)
Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln (2012)
Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained (2012)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

Amy Adams for The Master (2012)
Sally Field for Lincoln (2012)
Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables (2012)
Helen Hunt for The Sessions (2012)
Jacki Weaver for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Best Achievement in Directing

Michael Haneke for Amour (2012)
Ang Lee for Life of Pi (2012)
David O. Russell for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Steven Spielberg for Lincoln (2012)
Benh Zeitlin for Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

Brave (2012)
Frankenweenie (2012)
ParaNorman (2012)

The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012)
Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
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Gigi Darcy is my hero.

That is all.
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So I started watching this a while ago and stopped halfway through because it's kind of "Leaving Las Vegas" with a different cast and a strangely happier ending, if that even makes sense. There's certain genres of movies that generally do nothing for me -- mob movies, James Bond, etc. -- and substance-abusing leads in a downward spiral is one of them. It usually doesn't do much for me unless everyone hits all the right notes.

I'm completely unsurprised by Denzel getting nominated, and I know he's kind of the guy who can get nominated for reading the phone book, but this performance is one of the best ones I've ever seen him pull out. He's completely fucked up, he's a complete asshole, and yet you *still* somehow manage to find sympathy for him. I'm always impressed by the lengths that he'll go to, and while I'm always a little "eh" when it comes to drunks in film confronting their demons, I really got the character thanks to Denzel's work.

I kinda wish John Goodman had been nominated for a Best Supporting Actor for this. He's only in a few scenes but he steals every scene he's in. He's one of those actors I really wish would get recognition from the Academy for his film work. (I hear he also did great in "Argo", which doesn't surprise me, but ... well, I still have to see that one, too.)

I think my only problem with the movie is that the religious references do feel a bit heavy-handed at times to the point where I was afraid the end would be him having a literal come-to-Jesus moment. In the end, I was okay with it even though I sort of cringe away from a lot of the bang-you-on-the-head religious stuff in the movie, but I think they presented the religious characters in the right ways. You were supposed to feel a certain way in response to the characters -- as in, you were supposed to respond to them the way he does -- and you do. I felt for the people who were at the crash scene even though I don't agree with them, I thought the stewardess was very nice but I think if I knew her in real life she and I would both know I'm never going to her church, I sat there while he was visiting the co-pilot and his wife thinking, "Oh, man, these people make me want to drink."

I liked it, though. I did kind of laugh at myself, though, if only because as soon as the plane screwed up and started going down, I knew why. I think I may have watched too many episodes of "Air Crash Investigation", you guys. ;)


Okay, seriously, I can already see the screeners on the torrent sites. That was quick. :)


Jan. 10th, 2013 09:08 am
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  • Only nine Best Film nominations? Huh. Says a lot about the movies eligible, that is. That said, “Amour” and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” made it in, which makes me so happy, because those were two I thought probably not going to make it.
  • I was hoping Suraj Sharma would get a nom for “Life of Pi” because he carries the movie for, like, an hour an a half straight, but alas. *sigh*
  • OMG QUVENZHANE WALLIS!!! I’m so happy, because she was phenomenal in that movie. I was going to type “for a six-year-old”, but no, screw that, she was phenomenal for an actress of any age.
  • It’s times like this that I’m glad for torrented screeners, because if I had to pay money to watch “Django Unchained” and “The Impossible”, I would be so very pissed off.
  • Oh, look, hardly any people of color. Other than Quvenzhane Wallis and Denzel, it’s all white people. Urgh.
  • I’m so glad for Emmanuelle Riva! I still have to watch “Amour”, but I thought Marion Cotilliard was going to take the “foreign film actress sneaking into the acting nominations” slot, so good for Riva.
  • Yay, Hugh Jackman got his first Oscar nomination! I’m incredibly happy he got it for a musical, because he’s been so good when it comes to the theater community.
  • I just realized Ben Affleck and Quentin Tarantino didn’t get nominated for directing. I’m upset about Affleck (who really needs to be recognized for his directing prowess, honestly), but not about Tarantino.
  • Aw, it just hit me that “Moonrise Kingdom” didn’t get nominated for Best Picture. Damn it, I loved that movie.
  • Oh, and “Rise of the Guardians” didn’t get a nom for Best Animated Picture. I guess “Pirates!” took its spot. 
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Either Wes Anderson's art director is the happiest person alive or he gets drunk a LOT. )


I started watching "Lincoln" but I don't think I was in the right frame of mind for three hours of debating about politics -- yeah, I know, I must be sick or something -- because I switched over to "Frankenweenie" about an hour into it. Still, though, from what I've seen so far Daniel Day-Lewis is doing his usual phenomenal job in it, and Sally Field was actually making me like Mary Todd, which is impressive, because reading historical accounts of her always make me feel a bit iffy on her. (I'm inevitably torn between saying "Okay, that's kind of awesome" and "Oh, my God, are you serious, woman?" every time I read something about her.)

Aaaaaand I still have "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" to go for today, which has to be the most incredibly Oscar-baity movie title I've ever seen.

(Ugh, I just remembered looking over the Golden Globe nominations that Naomi Watts got nominated for "The Impossible", or as I've been calling it, "Wait, weren't there any Asian people affected by the Asian tsunami?")
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1. Merry Christmas! Or happy Tuesday. Whatever floats your boat.

2. I'm still working on "Monsters of Moosic", but it's just taking a bit mostly because of the holidays and because I'm an awful perfectionist. I'm going to work my ass off the next few days to get my work hours done ASAP, however, because my plan is to get it posted before the end of the year. Which, as you might have noticed, is on Monday.

3. I just got done watching the Doctor Who Christmas special!

Spoilery commentary )


Dec. 20th, 2012 04:42 pm
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How to end up saying, "Wait, what?" over and over again for, like, five minutes:

1. Watch today's "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" ep.
2. Make a Tumblr post which only says, "Oh, my God, Lizzie, say 'I'm sorry' already before I reach through the computer screen and throttle you."
3. Check later on.
4. Notice the post got liked by one person -- the actress who plays Lizzie.

Well, at least SHE agrees with me. *snerk*

(Seriously, you should have heard me yelling GODDAMN IT LIZZIE at my computer screen this morning. I'm siding with Lydia Bennet, webseries. Look what you did, LBD. You BROKE me.)
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So I knew I wasn't going to get an A in Math Throughout History. I just had too many problems this semester to get an A. That said, the worst I figured I'd get would be a B, and if that was the worst grade I got so far at Keystone and the grade that made me lose my 4.0, I was okay with that.

I just checked my final grades. My other grades were both A's, but I didn't get a B in Math Throughout History. I got an A-.

A-?! Aw, COME ON. You couldn't nudge it up just a smidge?

Heh. :)

(I'm pretty impressed, since that means I aced my final. Like, literally got not a single thing wrong. Granted, all of her tests were open book, but there's also plenty of math to do, soooooo.)
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... which, seriously, I barely even noticed until right after the Golden Globe nominations came out. I am asleep at the wheel this year, I swear to God.

That said, I'm going to try and start my yearly Oscarwatch early this year, because quite frankly it's a pain to try and cram in as many of the nominated movies as possible right before the ceremony, and also I don't like going into the Golden Globes blind if I can help it.

I'm currently in the middle of screener hunting, but until I can dig up some, I did hit Netflix to watch one of the nominated performances, Jack Black in "Bernie".

Okay, in all honesty, I am not a huge Jack Black fan. My grandfather, who is the other big movie fan in my family, absolutely loathes him, but I've been trying to get him to at least watch "High Fidelity" and "School of Rock" because, while I don't like him in nearly everything else he's been in, I like him in those two. Granted, "High Fidelity" only uses him as a supporting actor and it works, but still.

"Bernie" is the best thing he's ever done, full stop. The movie itself is not perfect -- the gossiping-townies conceit did get a bit tiresome for me after an hour and a half of movie time -- but Jack Black is, and is supposed to be, incredibly likable in the movie. He's sweet, he's generous, he gives you a taste of possibly-closeted-gay-guy without being offensive about it (God knows he could have been in some of his other movies), and even after he does something thoroughly horrific, you sympathize with him and almost don't want him to get caught. The scariest thing about the movie is that I think if he didn't have the filmography he has of acting in all these awful comedies, he might have a shot at an Oscar nom. Hell, he might even still have a chance, because God knows some recent winners have had some terrible movies to their credit.

I'd recommend watching it even if it doesn't get Jack Black nominated for an Oscar, because I feel like it may be a turning point in his career. It's streaming on Netflix, so it's worth a look if you have an account.
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I convinced my Math Throughout History professor to let my class watch an episode of “School of Hard Sums” — i.e., “The Dara-O’Briain-Does-Math-Problems-Against-Students-And-Other-Comedians-For-Funsies Show” — before we took our final tonight.

I feel as though I should get an A for that alone.
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Here's the link, for anyone who's interested.

There are two of my poems and a short story I never did post on here. It's post-apocalyptic. (Surprise!)
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So yesterday I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, and this morning I got the very nice check I've been waiting for since last week. (I got a letter last week from my DHL job from six years ago saying, "Hey, you've got a retirement plan with us that you haven't touched! What do you want to do with it?" and I could not call them up to say, "OMG I NEED TO CASH IT OUT!" fast enough.)

So I deposited the check this morning and since then:

-- I haven't been able to get in touch with the doctor or the dentist, both of whom I need to schedule appointments with
-- The cat spent the entire morning puking in every room
-- My deposit isn't registering as deposited into my account just yet according to every bill website I've tried to pay towards
-- Oh, and after stopping at the local grocery store, I hit one of the many, MANY potholes the guys currently doing roadwork and replacing our sewer system have left around town and broke my transmission pan.
-- Because of that, I now have no car either today or tomorrow, both of which I have finals during.

I'm really lucky I'm going to be able to afford to get it fixed and my brother's going to let me borrow his car for school, or else I'd probably be in tears right now.

(By the way, the car problem made telling my mother an "I told you so" moment, because she's on the town council and I complained to her not long ago that the roads were awful, since they're fixing the sewer system and then going back and paving the entire town at the end. You may have noticed that it's December, and that by the time they get finished with the sewers, it'll be January at least. You know, when it tends to SNOW. At which point, my mother informed me, they will put off paving the roads until spring. Because that's SMART.)
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Earlier this week I had one of THOSE calls with my supervisor, where I got issued write-ups for not getting anywhere near quota. Whatever I may feel about my job right now, my supervisor is sort of awesome, so it wasn't so bad. I basically got asked to a.) get 200 more claims than I've been getting for the next two weeks, at least, and b.) get my hours in earlier in the week than I've been getting them in (i.e., not spending, like twenty hours working every Saturday, and no, I wish I were joking).

So, I've been trying. I still have about thirteen hours of work to go, but at least I won't be working a million hours tomorrow, which is really great. I'm also already about 150 claims over where I've been hitting the past few weeks on average, so with those thirteen more hours I should hit where I'm supposed to hit. So, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :)

That said, to make sure I get my hours in, I put "Monsters of Moosic" on the side until the weekend. At which point I get to work on it at the same time I study for finals. So, yaaaaaaaaaaay (except slightly more sarcastic).

I think I should do okay on my finals, even though I definitely won't be keeping my 4.0 after the end of the semester. I've got an A in History of Jazz without a problem (even if I do terribly on my final, every other test and paper I've done has gotten an A, so ...), and I should get an A in Law unless I get whacked over the head before I take my final. Math Throughout History is the problem, although when I say it's a problem, it's not like I'm going to flunk. I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a B, which -- as the worst grade I've gotten since I came back to school -- is far from being tragic.

On the other hand, I made it into the school's literary magazine this semester! \o/ I submitted two poems ("First Visit To The Gay Bar" and "Half-Life") and two pieces of fiction I wrote in my creative writing class in the spring. They decided to take both poems, but the fiction decisions aren't until next week. Still, woohoo! \o/

Also, I am now hooked on "Elementary", I'm really happy with the eliminations this season on "Top Chef" even if I'm not completely thrilled with the contestants, and "Project Runway" needs to stop annoying me.
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The book's still coming -- I swear!

Before I get into it, I just wanted to thank anybody who was able to help with my rent. I was lucky enough to get the money into my checking account before my landlord could cash the check, so I'm cool on that front. And tomorrow, thanks to my dad (who nearly popped a gasket when he saw just how bald my front tire is), I'm getting my stupid tire replaced.

In any event, I planned to hunker down and get "Monsters of Moosic" editing completed today, but considering I spent the last two whole days on the computer trying to get my hours in, I desperately needed a breather. I spent most of the morning working on it, but I took a break at lunchtime to go help my mom pick out a Christmas tree, and then went with my parents to my cousin's house to let her new puppy -- half shepherd, half Burmese mountain dog -- fall asleep on me (you know, now, while she's still small enough to do it without smothering me).

And now I am going to bake for a while, because baking is relaxing, and also because it'll give me something to eat this week while I'm finishing up finalizing the book. I don't have finals until next week, so it's literally all I have to do other than get my work hours in.

Er, let's not think about that last part. *makes face*
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I’ve been trying to scrape together extra cash by prepping my book to self-publish, due to the fact that my current job is not working out the way it should. For one thing, my current position hasn’t paid more than minimum wage in a few months. I’m trying to get a new job but it’s tough.

I wrote my last rent check with the understanding that my biweekly paycheck would be in my account by the time my landlord (who luckily is cool) would cash it. However, work changed up the pay schedule, and when he went to cash it, it bounced.

No problem - my landlord is cool, and he took a new check to be cashed tomorrow as my paycheck goes in tonight. Between my paycheck and what’s already in there, it should have been enough to pay my rent. Not much more, but as I’m self-pubbing on Sunday come hell or high water, I shouldn’t have to worry.

I just checked my account and I’m $130 short. I’m not sure how my paycheck is so small, but it is.

If anyone can help, I’d be grateful. I’ve been only able to pay for my car and rent for the past few months, and now apparently I can’t even pay that. If you have a few bucks to spare, my Paypal is jennifer DOT matarese AT Gmail. I’m desperately trying to get a new job but aside from a call from an insurance company that turned out to be a scam, I’ve had nothing. I haven’t been able to refill my antidepressants in weeks. I’ve been sharing what’s left of my people food with my rodents and am close to taking cat food from my mom.

I just … I really need help. A lot.
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I'm still on track to finish the editing within the next few days, but I do have to get my work hours in for this week and, as per usual, I'm WAY behind. (Ugh.) So I'm setting the date when I will be finished and sending the book out (and posting it to Amazon, Kobo, and hopefully iPad, if Apple gets back to me sometime this century) as Sunday. I have my last major assignment for school tonight (my Japanese mathematics presentation -- cross your fingers and hope that not being able to stop yammering in front of an audience will make up for me being all, "Holy crap, HOW do I explain this problem again?!" last night when I looked at my Powerpoint), so as of 6:50 pm tonight, the only thing I have left to worry about school-wise are my finals.


Thanks to those of you who pre-ordered, because I'm broke as hell and that really, really helped with putting gas in my car and picking up a few groceries. If anyone else wants to pre-order:

I'm asking three bucks a copy, but if anyone would like to chip in for more, I'd appreciate it.

Here's the blurb I'm putting on Amazon:

My name is Sean Patrick Boggs, and people try to kill me all of the time. So do dragons, wizards, necromancers, werewolves, vampires, and every other conceivable creature in existence. See, I'm a latent. I'm just waiting for some traumatic event to trigger my repressed magic and give me control over the abilities I've been waiting my entire life to fully access. Until then, I'm a walking bag of very expensive spell ingredients and a future threat wrapped up in one poor tortured body. Now, one huge secret is about to make my life a whole lot more dangerous.

It's very snarky. Also, there is Scarlett. You will like Scarlett. Scarlett is adorable. And pointy. But mostly adorable, so it evens out.
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It should be done on Friday, so it won't be too long a wait. If I do have an issue where it may take me a little longer, I'll definitely announce it, but I'm broke right now, sooooo.

I'm asking for three bucks a copy, although if anyone wants to chip in more, I'd be grateful. Also, if anyone still wants "Heroine Addiction" and hasn't picked up a copy yet, I can send those out, too.
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1. I should be done with it on Friday, barring any unforeseen problems. I still have to do my stupid job and I've got a presentation in math class on Thursday, but I should be okay to publish by then.

2. I'm getting a cover! Which is good because I downloaded Photoshop, looked at it for about two minutes, maybe whimpered a little bit, then finally said, "FUCK IT," and almost flipped my laptop.

3. If you want to buy it and would like to pay for it early, that would be very nice and I would be eternally grateful, because I have quite literally no gas in my car and very little food in my house. Um. (One good thing about living in Pennsylvania is that I somehow made it to class last night because I pretty much coasted half of the way there and half of the way back. Yay for big hills, I guess.)
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Hey, who wants to buy a book?

I'm currently halfway through a harsh-and-dirty final edit of "Monsters of Moosic" with the intent of sending it out this week because I really, really need money. I'm still working from home but I've sent out resumes to pretty much everyone who sits still long enough, so hopefully I won't be doing this at-home stuff much longer (which is good, because I'm only making minimum wage right now and everything is ridiculous and nothing hurts, mostly because I can't afford for anything to hurt).


If anyone wants a copy of "The Monsters of Moosic", it will be finished by the end of the week, at the worst. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get it done by Wednesday, but at worst (between school and getting my work hours in) I may not be able to get it ready until Friday or Saturday. However, I'm broke now, SO.

I'm asking for three bucks a copy (and I'm selling copies of "Heroine Addiction", too, if you didn't get a copy the first time around), but if you wanted to chip in more for a copy I'd be really grateful. And tell other people! It's Feed-A-Starving-Artist Day! Books for everybody, wheeeeeee!

(FYI, my Paypal address is apocalypsos AT livejournal DOT com or jennifer DOT matarese AT gmail DOT com. Either one works fine.)

*smishes everybody*

*bounces off*
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I think it's safe to say at this point I'm failing at NaNoWriMo this year, although I am unsurprised since I didn't do NaNo last year because precisely for the same reason I'm having troubles this year -- school + work + writing = AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So basically, I'm holding onto "Heroine Withdrawal" until after finals. I can work on getting a good base started, and then when spring rolls around, two of my classes are weekender (and therefore every other weekend), one of online, and another is a Monday night class that doesn't start until the end of February anyway. Also, I've got my advanced creative writing class next semester anyway, and that perked my muse up this last spring, so that's probably a better idea anyway.


I'm currently trying to get "The Monsters of Moosic" edited ASAP to get it ready to self-pub by the end of the month. Firstly, I told myself I was going to self-pub again this year if I couldn't find a publisher or an agent (not that I've had the time to breathe, much less look for either) and I've got a perfectly acceptable manuscript to publish, so I'm publishing it. And also, I'm having a difficult time finding a new job and this one isn't getting any better, so ... you know, sell a book.

So I've got to get it edited and get it ready to post and dig up a cover and generally work my ass off for the next week or so. And I get to do it while finishing my paper on Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's new album for my jazz class which is due Tuesday and tidying up my Math Throughout History presentation for next week's class.

... kill me now?
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So I went and read the spoiler for that twist in "Breaking Dawn", and then I spent a few minutes being pissed because that twist made ME pissed on behalf of people who actually LIKE "Twilight", and then I thought about how am I going to explain this to my brother, who hates the "Twilight" movies but loves being snarky about them:

This is how I picture the conversation going. BRING TISSUES. )
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If they could make it just a little more difficult to find a new episode of a TV show on that website that's not a "Real Housewives" episode, that would be really fucking great.

So I ended up watching the first episode of this season of "Top Chef" on Amazon. Sheesh.

Spoilery comments )
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So you know how Victoria Jackson was on Twitter saying, "I can't stop crying. America died." after Obama was reelected?

Well, I retweeted and added a sarcastic, "OMG, @AmericaFerrera died?! Where the hell was I when that happened?", and then America fucking Ferrera retweeted it and now her and her followers are all, "... what?"

Is it wrong that I can't stop laughing?
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This is my small hometown’s local newspaper office. Last week, the editor/owner posted this ginormous Romney/Ryan sign over all of his other signs, which has led to mockery in my own family.

In the next edition of the local paper, this same newspaper guy has to report that in the fairly red county in which we live, we were one of the few towns to go pretty decisively for Obama.

I may have giggled hysterically when I realized that last night.
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Admittedly late, since I'm just watching it online instead, but still.

Spoilers! )
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I pass the time while working watching TV shows on Netflix. I just finished off CSI Miami the other day (god, I love how hilariously awful that show is), so I started in on a Buffy rewatch, to be followed by an Angel rewatch, to be followed by a Supernatural rewatch/catch-up.

OMG, it's hysterical rewatching Buffy when I haven't watched an episode in years.

-- OH THEIR LITTLE FACES. I want to pinch all of their cheeks. David Boreanaz looks SO YOUNG.

-- That said, the one thing that hasn't changed since when I used to watch it was that I would have been perfectly happy if Buffy had died in the first episode and everybody else spent the next seven years of the show learning to kick ass and fight vampires without her. Out of everybody on the show, she's the only one I rarely liked.

-- I love watching shows that started in the '90s where people are juuuuust on the verge on getting halfway decent technology but they're not quite there. I mean, seriously, in season one, Buffy has a beeper. There's some kid in one episode working off an enormous portable word processor.

-- I just reached "School Hard". Yay, Spike! :D
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So as of the halfway point of the semester I have As in Constitutional and Criminal Law (which is turning out to be a really fun class with lots of talking about government and politics and whatnot) and History of Jazz (which I'm loving to pieces, and which has led me to load up the far-too-small micro SD card in my tablet with tons of jazz, big band, and swing), and a B in Math Throughout History.

I'm not worried about if I hold onto that B until the end of the semester, since God knows I have to lose my 4.0 eventually. I think I'm more bothered by the fact that math is already difficult enough without factoring in that my teacher is Chinese and English is her second language. I'm not sure if that's the reason why it's impossible to understand her when she's explaining how to work out specific problems, or if she's just bad at it in general. I get the impression it's the latter. I'm probably the only one in that class who's not a math education major, and from conversations I've heard as we're leaving class, they're all used to the way she loses her place in the middle of a problem or gets her math wrong all the time. Which all sucks, because she's a very nice teacher, but still.

I think I may be able to pick my grade up a notch or two, but as long as it doesn't drop down, I'll be fine.

Meanwhile, I got to sign up for my spring classes this week: the advanced creative writing class my teacher from last spring put me on his short list of definitely-have-to-take-whether-I-like-it-or-not, and of course I do, heeeeee; communication theory, which is the last required class for my major before I do my capstone assignment next fall and spring semesters; my health and wellness requirement; and since that class is only two credits, I signed up for a one credit yoga class on Monday nights just for the hell of it. It's a bit out of the way for me to drive for an exercise class, but it's financial aid's dime and the college credit means I won't be able to talk myself out of it because I just don't feel like it.
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I got my Yuletide assignment, and I'm VERY happy about it. It's a fandom I've asked for before and never gotten, so that's awesome, and it's also asking for characters I'd never thought about writing for, which is great, because God knows I love the "challenge" part of "fanfic challenge".

And now, before I forget, my Dear Santa letter:

Dear Yuletide Santa )


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